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Under Hamburg, FDA Cozied Up to Industries It Regulates, Protected Corporations More Than Patients



Dr. Margaret Hamburg was a member of the Board of Henry Schein Associates from 2003 to 2009,one of
the largest international medical supplies companies, and as such has a close relationship with the
business people involved with the FDA. Dr. David Kessler is a well known physician who also was
head of the FDA some years ago, and was very well liked, except by big tobacco and some of the
other large businesses affecting public health. I would like to see him in that post again.


I would almost rather we grandfather the profits of our too big to fail drug firms in an effort to divorce their profits from the patent drug system which seems to be counter-productive. With post-approval surveillance, we should be constantly mining our electronic patient records for information on patient outcomes and correlations between those outcomes and the drugs they are prescribed. It might also be worthwhile to mine the who buys what records of merchants those merchants used to sell to health insurance firms and look for any correlations between other products bought by patients and their outcomes.