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Under 'Media-Bashing' Trump, US Falls Even Further in Global Press Freedom Index


Under 'Media-Bashing' Trump, US Falls Even Further in Global Press Freedom Index

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Despite constitutional protections, press freedom in the United States is declining under the reign of "media-bashing enthusiast" President Donald Trump, which seems to have global repercussions, according to an international watchdog's new analysis.


The main problem I’ve had with reporters without borders has been that it focuses strictly on overt government oppression of press freedom. However, the more effective suppression of reporting is by private media corporations who suppress any diversity of any critical views that go beyond the narrow range of consensus of the business interests of their owners, advertisers, and the politicians who that constantly fear “losing access” to. To be sure, at least the oppression is done through firing and blacklisting rather than death threats, imprisonment, or killing of reporters. But the result is even more effective than those crude violent methods.


Perhaps the “international watchdog” itself needs to be watched.


Trump’s bashing of the press should be taken very seriously. He has the Evangelicals on his side and that is tens of millions of people. Millions of Americans have given up on democracy and are looking toward authoritarian government as an answer. The free press in this country needs to be strongly supported to counter this.


All mainsteam news is scripted these days . Alot of people like MSNBC , FOX or CNN are not going to give you the truth on alot of subjects. The anchors that work for those stations are told what to say. Follow the $$$.


The local or evening news is a farce, police blotter BS, talking heads laughing among themselves, completely controlled propaganda. That Lester Holt robot gives me the ultimate creeps.


Imo, anything like this where the Washington Post is involved is likely at least 50% BS. No mention here about the U.S. Congress’s moves against RT or Facebook’s, Google’s, and YouTube’s political censorship.

Reporters Without Borders appears to be another western construct meant to push the west’s agenda. The Wikipedia entry for Reporters Without Borders states the following: “Robert Menard, the Secretary General of RSF, was forced to confess that RSF’s budget was primarily provided by “US organizations strictly linked with US foreign policy” (Thibodeau, La Presse).”

Plus, Reporters Without Borders has honored “reporters” aligned with al-Qaida.

Syrian media activist wins Reporters Without Borders award – Nov 8, 2016 – FoxNewsWorld

BEIRUT – Syrian media activist Hadi Abdallah has won a prestigious international reporting award for covering his country’s war from its shattered, opposition-held areas.

Abdallah, who publishes on social media networks such as Facebook and Telegram, is known for his harrowing, on-the-spot reporting about government airstrikes and artillery attacks.

…Abdallah has travelled to some of the war’s fiercest fronts with rebel factions. His detractors say his ease with the groups is evidence of his affiliation with al-Qaida, an accusation commonly leveled by government supporters against opposition-minded Syrians.

But Abdallah is unapologetic about his association with “revolutionaries” fighting to topple President Bashar Assad.