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Under Perez, DNC Still Resisting Call to 'Name the Enemy'


Under Perez, DNC Still Resisting Call to 'Name the Enemy'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Tom Perez on Tuesday seemed to distance himself from the call for the DNC to become more progressive, as he and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes to discuss their national "Come Together and Fight Back" tour.


of course Perez can't 'name the enemy'. He'd have to turn himself in.


Too bad Sanders continues to saddle himself with the Democratic party.


The enemy is without a doubt money in politics. When it costs multi-millions to be elected to the house of representatives, more to be elected a senator and even more to become president then our elected officials are spending 90% of their time groveling for money rather than governing. When corporate lobbyists are the only people with access to our politicians, these are the people they listen too. Corruption today is not just quid pro quo it is based on access and therefor INFLUENCE. I will never meet with my congress people and senators in Washington, and I have no money to give them, all I have is my vote. We all know that ALEC, the biggest and most influential corporate shill, writes many of our laws on both the state and federal level. All of these laws benefit the wealthy oligarchs at your expense and mine. If we do not put a stop to this activity now not only is our civilization at risk but our species continued survival is in question. Our corporatized fossil fuel civilization is now causing the 6th great extinction. We, homo Sapiens can easily go the way of Homo Erectus, the Neanderthal, etc. The continued existence of our species is up to us or not. One solution is to publicly fund ONLY all local, state and federal elections.


Yes, it's sad to see Sanders carry Perez's water and sanitize the war-mongering, neoliberal, austerity-loving Democratic Party. The only spots that Sanders is changing on the DLC/DNC leopard are those that are fogging his glasses.

But actually, this is more than sad. It's part of a successful effort by the status quo, represented by the Duopoly, to confuse, co-opt and disempower the 99%. Nothing new here, time to move on.


Gentlemen, please, no more bullshit.

If you want us to believe you're on the side of the poor and working stiffs, join the Green party.


Then why has Perez worked in labor law enforcement and defending civil rights all his life?


"If you cannot name who stands in the way of a creating a country where all of us have what we need to thrive, then you cannot lead America," the group tweeted. "The only way to win is by telling the truth about our broken system and placing the blame where it belongs... with Wall Street and corporate CEOs, the politicians who use racism to divide us, and a corrupt political establishment in both parties."

And yet there Sanders still sits, glued to the Democrats like a drunk to his bottle.


The enemy is not persons, it is a system. The people who get rich off the system are merely doing what the system compels them to do. Personalizing the conflict into a conspiracy of "the 1%" or "the elites" or the like completely misses the point. You could hang all the "1%" like the Jacobins did and new bosses would slip right into their place. The system that rewards power-seeking and provides the power seekers with influence has to go - and if they rich don't like it, they "can find another job" as they are so fond of saying to us...


Why is an independent politician devoting so much energy to a political party that is numerically only half the size of savvy independent citizens who reject the democratic party?


Bernie Sanders has a philosophy that guides his policy. The DNC has nothing. Sanders inspires and give people a reason and motivation to vote. The DNC just runs off negative fumes hoping people will turn out because they don't like Trump. The DNC strategy is a loser. The Democratic Party is adrift. Until the Democratic Party develops a vision, world view, and sells it's vision to America along with giving the rationale for it's policy positions it will be lost. Perez is the captain of a rudderless ship. Bernie is the captain of a ship that has set sail towards a destination.


Another dig at OWS and with a conspiracy smear! Since when was that powerful message of the 1% anything other than a criticism of the current economic system that IS DOMINATED BY THE ONE PERCENT.

The history of the current Democratic Party's power center having moved squarely into the servitude of corporate interests takes no spooky conspiratorial bent to comprehend.

Al Frum's DLC spawning one corporate servicing Bill Clinton wrote the first substantial chapter in that book, just a few years after the Powell Memo had penned the overarching strategy for corporate governance for the conspiratorial benefit of both Republicans and the shiny new corporate servicing Democrats.

The fact that Sanders and Perez refuse to speak directly to that corporate power within the Democratic Party is evidence that the "movement" they would like to direct is one that is ultimately not a threat to that power center.

How's that for a corn-spiracy.


Looks to me like the Greens should be named the Jill Stein party.


I gave Sanders a lot of credit during his campaign for his message against corporate power.

However, the fact that he NEVER directs that criticism against the corporate power structure of the current Democratic Party takes him down quite a few notches of what is needed in any such leader professing to be fighting against corporate power.

Perez and Sanders ultimately want Daily Kos style Democrats that ultimately ignore the reality of the decades long and accelerating move toward complete corporate governance.

For to not ignore that reality would upset that Democratic Party apple cart more than that current corporate power structure within the Party would allow.

But according to some, I would be a corn-spiracy theorist or something.


Sanders has been involved in that sanitation for many years.


Let's be clear what the real agenda is here.

It's UNITY, being INDIVISIBLE, COMING TOGETHER, or some other euphemism.

No matter how much Perez echoes Sanders on this "Come Together" Tour or how much Sanders spouts this is to adopt a progressive platform, the very name of the tour gives away what it's about.

It's about Berniecrats and other progressives in the Democratic Party 'uniting' to support the establishment Democrats in 2018. It's about cutting out any challenges from the left in the primaries before they can even begin.

Oh, they'll let Bernie's people work to run their kind in races already owned by the GOP with little chance of flipping. But they are doing their damnest right now to make any idea of primarying a Neo-Con, Neo-Liberal, corrupt, Wall Street owned sitting Democrat totally verboten, unthinkable, an act of 'not fighting Trump.'

The party will not move left, no matter what these folk say on tours, unless there is revolt in the party in primaries, not 'unity.' Until that happens I won't even begin to consider returning to the fold.


Perez on Monday declared that people tell him they simply "don't know what the Democratic Party stands for anymore." I don't see how he can say that and, at the same time, remain a lackey of the wealthy few. Let's do what we can to encourage him to fully buy in to the Sanders Revolution.


I and some other libertarian-socialist types from my city's former large anarchist community, spent a goodly amount of time at my local Occupy camp, and an occupy camp in Toronto, mostly as quiet observers of the meetings. And we conclude that, indeed, Occupy was deeply flawed in that it refused to advocate a system-level critique of capitalism. It even had it's share of US/Canada-style capitalist "libertarians". The 1%/99% meme may have originally been a metaphoric slogan, but it quickly became an actual framing of the problem. The main thrust of Occupy ultimately became "get rid of the bad guys and capitalism will then be OK". Then there was the way Occupy became a total cluster-fuck of non-organization - ultimately it amounted to an emotional outburst with nothing more durable coming out of it. This is why Occupy went to the dustbin of history faster than any activist movement in history. And it had its real victims. It's failure and wasted energy probably contributed to a good skilled traditional Marxist organizer in my city, Nathaniel Glosser, to commit suicide this last December.


Can you provide some actual biographical documentation of Tom Peres' being a "lackey of the wealthy few". Do you actually know anything about Tom Perez at all? Ask some wealthy people what they think of him when he was Secretary of Labor and presided of record numbers of unfair labor practice citations and reinstatements of fired worker's jobs.

Do you embrace such "fake facts" just because it makes you feel good 'n-self-righteous?


It does give him the chance, though, to get a standing ovation from coal mining country when talking about single payer. It gives him the "most popular politician" in America. And he inspires people all over the world. I'd like to see him run as an Indie with Nina or Turner, but I like most of what he's doing and absolutely see a lot of people starting to agree with his policies, which is awesome in itself.