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Under Perez, DNC Still Resisting Call to 'Name the Enemy'


"optimistic message of inclusion"????
is he still touting that tired, meaningless vomit?
next he will be saying "empowering" at least 10 times in an hour....

if this is what the demoRATic party means by change, you can just forget it....
I am checking out this : "All of Us" organization....
anything but this old rotting corpse of a party that still seems to be rotting profusely...


Get off it. Greenwald is honest about about the bad acts of Rouseff and her party - something that is almost entirely unseen from, for example, Democrat partisans about their party.


Yes! Progressive individuals multiplying their political kin is what's going to turn DNC away from corporatism. Only great big out loud crowds turning away from mainstream corporatistic politics is going to get anybody's attention at DNC. Give your $$$s, your voice, and your energy to credible Progressive candidates and logically and clearly articulate your perspectives to as many people as will listen. Our positions are logical and support public-spirited politics. Properly articulated we can drown out the muddled corrupt garbage we've been having to swallow. Progressives Rule!


As I said:
my comments seems to have been not published:
He is vomiting forth:
garbage...."message of inclusion"
"hope on the ballot"
next he will be vomiting "Empowerment"...

 Indeed, Bernie., ..this is unbelievable...Perez  did NOT NOT give a straight answer whether they

support SINGLE PAYER...just to include more people on Obamacare..
it is obvious, obvious: the demoRATic party DOES NOT CARE about the issues that are
affecting many of whom then supported Bernie...THEY DO NOT CARE..
Indeed, they are USING BERNIE...
(why doesn't he turn and question Perez' rhetoric??)...Bernie is being used as a sheepdog, indeed.
and Perez has the nerve to mouth "being part of the Resistance"???
I am checking out "All of Us"...or any progressive party other than the demoRATic party...
they are going to lead people back to the Establishment Party, and then cut people's throats...
one little cut at a time...
(is this going to be published)??


I will tell you what he is doing: he is indeed sheepdogging people right back to the party
(demoRATS)...that will then
AND SELL THEM OUT, econmically, environmentally, civil rights (continued surveillance)...
the demoRATS are indeed trying to co-op the "Resistance" ...and using Bernie..
and for Bernie to go along with this, and say and do nothing to stop it...
just like he CAVED IN AND CAPITULATED ...BEFORE. the convention...
this is really disgusting...Perez would not answer supporting single payer just
"enlarging Obamacare"...and Bernie sat there and said NOTHING...
(I guess he wants to keep that new house on the water)


any comments on the Ossoff guy? is he the real deal
or he is being "sold" as a Progressive..???

1 the fact that he is endorsed by John Lewis, who LIED for Clinton, is troubling

2 the fact that he is being touted as another "Obama" is worrisome...

(you mean another fake progessive/Establshment fraud)???
hard to tell what the truth is..
although I sent $3...


The Green Party has wonderful ideas but absolutely no clout and can only win a handful of elections across the entire nation. The best thing they have ever done was to demand a recount of the election and many of their leaders protested against that. Bernie and the main body of progressive activists are focused upon turning the Democrat party inside out and ridding it of the centrist Establishment.


"Donald Trump's vision for America is a vision for the top one percent of the one percent."
The DNC's vision for America is a vision for the entire one percent.


Chris Hayes said Hillary ran a "hopeful" campaign. Seriously, in the primary she turned "yes we can" into " "no we can't" and in the general, she only ran on not being Trump.


Hillary ran mostly on "not being Trump" there was no "hopeful" message. As for inclusion, they certainly didn't include progressives and the working class


Fascinating question.


Sen. Sanders appearing with Mr. Perez is a double-edged sword for centrist Democratic leaders. They need him to GOTV and hold 18-34 year olds and progressive Independents. He needs them in negotiations and passing actual legislation; should the center-left regain Congressional majority.
If you don't like 2 steps forward, 1 step back; try Trump's 3 steps backwards and falling down the stairs, routine. Or, vote Green Party and step into the political abyss in 2018, then onto General Election 2020.
Out of 136-137 million votes cast in 2016, the Greens running under Dr. Stein's banner, got about 1.75-1.8 million votes ( including mine ). Start working with Sen. Sanders, then move to the left, progressively.:wink:


The DNC leadership is beginning to look a lot like the enemy to me. I'm not hearing a hue and cry over the atrocities that our "socalled" president is foisting on Our government. Part of his clam to the office was his management skills and what he has demonstrated exactly why he has had bankruptcy problems. He has absolutely zero skills in choosing people who can effectively run their departments. It is almost like he wants these departments to fail, a notion that has not escaped his detractors. The Party leadership is contributing to the angst of the American public instead of providing a platform that we can stand on. Leave Wall Street to the Republicant's what are we talking? A million voters? Two? To hell with them. It is mainstreet that holds the votes and the people who depend on our government for fair treatment.


Screw the Republican't lite centerists. They are most of our problem. Too timid to demand that jerks like McConnell and Ryan work for the people. Neither one has an accurate vision of the future they are trying to push.


While I shuddered at Clinton's incremental posture because it sounded like cosying up to the status quo which was Not all right I would accept her or a surrogate as a congressman. Especially in a political climate like Atlanta. We need the damn votes in the House and to give DT a big black eye. Just so he doesn't up and nuke N Korea in a fit of peak.


With how much of a warmonger Clinton is she probably would vote for a nuclear war with N Korea.


Nevermind - you don't seem to have been following Brazilian politics....


I know nothing about him until now, so !'ll look into his past, but based on everything I have heard come out of his mouth so far, he appears to definitely be a status quo right wing democrat who is unable to answer a yes or no question with a straight answer! Like the majority of politicians, he can talk in circles for hours and say absolutely nothing intelligent or meaningful. That is one of the main reasons Bernie is so popular with the public; he gives straight, honest answers to all questions, and doesn't try to con anyone.


Another solution is to simply state that corporations---banks,pharma,defense contractors can't pay off politicians----allow free public air time for candidate statements-----wouldn't it be wonderful to have real debates with candidates running for office---and these debates seen as important. I actually changed my vote (did not vote for) for Sen Harris in the Calif senate race after watching the debate--which I got on UTUBE because local stations don't tell people when these debates will happen.

The point here is that real conservatives should support real reform.

Progressives and conservatives should demand that people running for office sign a pledge for real campaign finance reform------have a debate on real issues----how about it Paul Ryan?????


I think Perez's answer was honest because I suspect he sincerely doesn't believe that common leftist view that the enemy is Wall Street, or the 1%, or however, you want to put it. I don't think he buys Sanders view that it all comes down to class economics. I think Perez and Sander's have some serious disagreements on this and it is complex subject that lead to endless debates. Sanders may be right but his view should be challenged and he should not be thought of as some paragon of ultimate truth. He is just a man and may be off base when it comes to analyzing the political situation.