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Under Perez, DNC Still Resisting Call to 'Name the Enemy'


Democrats will never win if they can't even come up with simple things to make lives better for average people.
-lower the age to join medicare to 55
-raise the limit paying into social security-and increase payments to people on social security.
-support very low interest refinancing of collage loans.
-support raising the national min wage to 12

I would support a far more radical agenda but here are four simple things one would think all democrats could rally around.

And do note that Perez stated that healthcare is a right.
I would like to see reporters ask politicians this question---Is healthcare a right--this would be a great issue to debate-----its a real issue.


Just nonsense. Hillary won the working class, just not the white working class in specific areas of the country. Sadly, you are just reflecting the popular media myth effectuated by the NYTimes continuing white Trump voter who-they-are type coverage. She won the Latino and African American working class and a decent portion of the white working class too. And, arguably, her campaign was all about inclusion, a message that a lot of pollsters actually think hurt her since it's clear Trump's nativism is what sold him in white rural areas. In essence, race was a big factor in her loss, whether you want to accept it or not. White people responded to the they-are-taking-our-stuff message of DJT.

More to the point, what's clear is the biggest swing in the election happened after the Comey letter. This is unequivocal in the polling. This is not to say she was an awesome candidate, but they are two points that have to be acknowledged.


You have a point...
it is sad....
I fear the demoRATs are hoping that Trash a/k/a Trump & fellow thugs
will coast them right back into Senate & Reps in 2018,
and they will carry on the same neoliberal, moving ever right =
status quo/warmonging/fracking environment party.
sinking ever down the rabbit hole....just slowly, instead of quickly...
I could be wrong, but that is what I fear is the best that will happen...


Perez and the DNC seem to think that if at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again. Bernie needs to disassociate himself from them ASAP. Joining those that worked against him achieves disunity. They are still in control and trying to ride his coattails back into voters good graces. Bernie could be trying to get their economic support by playing their losing game but could run again as an Independent and win. His greatest, most vote getting issue could be to take the money and revolving doors out of politics, the root causes of all the political corruption.

Direct Democracy


"I think Perez's answer was honest because I suspect he sincerely doesn't believe that common leftist view that the enemy is Wall Street, or the 1%, or however, you want to put it."

Dismissing or disparaging a leftist or any other view doesn't make it false.


Sanders - "I'm a Democrat"




And how do you propose to make it go?


Yup Sanders inspires and gives people a reason and motivation to vote - Democrat. Perez is the actual voice of the Party but Sanders is along to try to keep folks from knowing that ....

Sanders is the captain of the Titanic who wants the band to keep playing while he tries to re-arrange the deck chairs ...


The Greens are, and have been, the party "of the common people", already don't take corporate or billionaire money, and their goal has been to send the duopoly to the "ash heap of history" -

So gene, just out of curiosity, did you vote for "last year's news" in last year's election? If not, why not? What part of the GP's/Stein's platform will you discard?

Why didn't you Demexit to the GP last year?


Sure, there will be a "revolt" in the primaries - and to the extent that the "revolutionaries" are worth more than warm spit - they will be squashed, as they always have been, and were last time - but meanwhile they will have wasted a lot of time, money and effort that could be so much better spent in running against the Ds from the get-go ... folks have been "revolting" in the DP for some time, but, as they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ..... it amazes me that, at this late stage, folks are still considering such a waste .........


It's not a one woman party ....


And it was precisely that "message" which kept restless progs in the DP - to the detriment of any party that challenged it from the left - that was his mission, it is his mission still ...


LOL! I don't think you have enough money to do that ....


Yup - i am sure Sanders enjoys the limelight, probably sells a lot of his books .... but it seems all he does is talk - where's his bill on it? Why hasn't he simply slapped a Sen number on HR676 and introduced it? Or, in typical Sanders fashion, does he think he can "improve" on it, as he did the ACA - shucks, tweaking that was good enough for him to vote for it ...

Folks agreed with many of "his" policies before he spoke of them - that was his "genius" to tap into a sentiment already out there - his subversion of them, however, is to translate them into support for the DP


But he doesn't seem cognizant of the fact that he is sitting next to their representative ...


And which party is that?


So why is he there?


" or a successful 3rd party .." but you said a 3rd party is "the kiss of death".....


The problem seems to be that folks can't smell the stench because they still have the clothespins on their noses from the last election ....