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Under Perez, DNC Still Resisting Call to 'Name the Enemy'


Well if you want to support credible prog candidates, you will have to go outside the DP ...


Sanders is a very willing player in this production .....


That's 'a fit of pique' - not peak.


It was either CP or BAR, I think the latter, that did a good "critique" of him ....


Hmm, the way you get "clout" is to get supporters - this is not rocket science ...

If the main body of prog activists are focused on turning the DP inside out - imagine their disappointment when they discover the inside smells as bad as the outside ....


This binary system is the a disaster and all of us are paying. Right now
3rd parties are dead ends but it is conceivable that could change.


Hayes: Hillary Clinton ran on hope.

Jesus, he's such a liar. Only weak tea Dims believe anything he or other corporate MSNBC flacks like Maddow and Chris Hardball say.

Sanders should show some self respect and dignity. "Uniting" to save the Democrat Party is a futile cause. Sanders has lost me and most progressives I know.


I did #DemExit and will not vote for any Democrats again, unless they are true Progressives. That would mean, like Rep Tulsi Gabbard. I may not vote for "Saint" Warren again, or Markey and Neal, the other Dems in my state.

When they decided to allow the super-delegate system, what I call the "super-predator" system and took part in it, they totally lost me. "One person, one vote" is the only democratic principle, and it is how Trump defeated Clinton, despite her spending twice the amount on her campaign.

The dishonesty and cheating has permeated the DNC, and they are a lost cause. It is too bad that Sanders is joining in with the corrupt cheaters that defeated him and got Trump elected. Good luck, but I predict that not only will he not save the DemocRATS, but there will be backlash against them and him, and they will lose in 2018, and 2020. Because I will never condone the DNC rot, or vote for them. And there are many like me who realize that THEY got Trump elected, not Russia, or Jill Stein, or Sanders (who many continue to claim is not a "real Democrat"). They are a dead party, Governors, House, Senate, and POTUS, and you can't raise the dead.


Former Gov of VT Howard Dean was once a practicing physician. Now he's a corrupt corporate lobbyist. They change, they get corrupted. Maybe that explains Perez.


If Sen. Rand Paul controlled the Republican Senate's policies in regards to U.S. foreign policy, ( Trump simply can't go there, he's on Sheldons' leash ) they could be the minimal ruling party for a while. Isolation & War Wariness sell now. 17 years!!
The Sander's wing ( like Paul ) also cuts and reapportions DoD and MENA nation-building;-) priorities. The difference is Bernie would inject about $3-4 ( stimulus, tax increases
and budget cuts ) Trillion in needed investments making America actually, measurably, better again. Sen. Paul would follow " trickle down " and cross his fingers, just for luck. Private investment b.s., per usual. 37 year of failures for 99ers.
America must quit spending WAR $$$ in the MENA, period. It's not helping and this whole, tired out country needs it much more, anyway.
I just don't think we can get it all without a Progressive/Green coalition, including Centrist Dems like Perez, hopefully as backbenchers.


"Hayes noted that Hillary Clinton's "hopeful" campaign ultimately failed against President Donald Trump's counter-message, which often blamed immigrants for America's economic troubles..."

Hillary didn't lose because of Trump's counter-message. Hillary lost because Progressives wouldn't vote for her, and they won't vote for any neoliberal candidates ever again. The Democratic Party had better move left or it will continue to lose elections. Personally, I would prefer a New Progressive Party, dumping the Democratic establishment, entirely.

As bad as Trump is, Progressives are not going to give up the one up side to Trump's presidency: it was a slap in the face to neoliberal Democrats. If the Democratic establishment doesn't see the need to change, they'll get another slap in the face when Trump is re-elected.


, Bernie thankyou for all that you have done and continue to do but you need to step afrom the democratic party and take a different course, become this message, this what the people want to hear and the battle they want to fight for "real change".
IMHO this is the message:
Economist Richard Wolff speaks about capitalism, socialism & democracy (FULL EVENT) - YouTube


Have to AGREE with your comments here. We need a new Party and we need it YESTERDAY!

People who refused to vote for Hillary this time, are never again going to be swayed. No matter what kind of BS Perez comes out with. We don't trust him or the DNC because they are still spouting the same middle of the road, tone deaf, condescending BS. Sorry but that is exactly what it is. BS. And the fact that OBAMA insisted on Perez being the choice, just makes us all mistrust him more.

The only person right now who is out there fighting for the TRUTH and meaning it is Bernie Sanders. Even Elizabeth Warren still has not come out and stated clearly that she supports the entire Sanders agenda. FIRM commitment to that agenda is what we are looking for in our leaders. I supported her in her bid for the SENATE. I learned my lesson. Never again. She stood with Hillary instead of the only ethical choice we had, and still seems to be walking down that same path, too bull headed to "get it." Let them all fail, if that is what it takes to get them to see the light. If they are willing to let the nation fall apart, then what we can do is withhold our support of them. We are not going to take their insider LIES and false promises any more. They need to swing left, if they want to be in power. Clearly the NATION has SAID we want to go LEFT.


We need a totally new Party formed with a new name. I propose the People's Progressive Party; PPP!




Yes, yes; greed abhors a vacuum.


Get rid of the Democratic Party. Then start prosecuting those deserved individuals in it and the puppet handlers who control them. Our very survival depends on it.


I think it would be more practical to rejuvenate the Greens.

Do you realize how long it would take to bring a new party to the level of organization that the Greens already have today?


In the Chris Hayes' interview, Sanders came out strongly for single-payer health insurance, The best Sanchez could do was to talk about improving Obamacare.


What all of us are paying for is the fact that too many of us refuse to vote outside that "binary system" when we have the opportunity .... The one thing that "could change" that, and in fairly short order, is quite simply our choice to support and vote for those 3rd parties - it is, indeed, entirely up to us ... This really ain't rocket science, and, frankly i am quite amazed that folks keep throwing in that tired ole' TINA to the D/Rs bit - when it is obvious there is one, at least - as so clearly this bit only benefits the D/Rs, and that is clearly a purpose for which it is promulgated - so I suppose you, and any other who promotes it, must realize, at some point that you are carrying water for the duopoly, by the bucket ...