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Under Perez, DNC Still Resisting Call to 'Name the Enemy'




Ah, you are a determinist, eh - no place for free will - we are all "compelled" by a system - well, in such a system, that would obviously also "compel" folks to perpetuate it - how do you propose to make it "go" ....


Your answer lies, methinks, in the quotation marks i would put around independent ...


It's an agenda that will result in more Republican gains just as it did in 2016. And the Democratic Party won't care as long as Wall Street keeps paying them to keep the masses at bay.


One does have to wonder about a fellow who, when he started his run in the primary, said "I am a Democrat" and now says he is not .... so what else is he now that he was not before, or what else isn't he now that he was before, and what will he be tomorrow - stay tuned folks ...

It appears that flip-flopping is part of the D/R DNA ...


But why would any "true Progressive" run as the candidate of a "dead party"?


If the Democrats can't "Come Together" on single-payer, what's the point of the tour


I'm referring to those positions, or the positions some in the establishment Democratic Party accused the Greens of having - like being anti-vaccinations - that could be used to make progressives view the Greens negatively, as a party of "woo-woo". Those issues are going away, along with the perception that the Green Party is not serious about winning, and even though they have yet to score a major win, are accused of being wealthy dilettantes who somehow do politics for profit every four years.

Yes, I have voted Green in four of the last five Presidential elections, and every one since 2008. I am making official what I have done in practice for almost a decade. I stayed a Democrat as long as I have so I could vote in a primary and have a vain hope of getting truly progressive candidates to a general election ballot. I stayed a Democrat through the primaries last year in the hopes that the Sanders campaign could win the nomination. I now realize that the entrenched, moneyed interests in the Democratic Party will NEVER let go of their grip on power, and the only way out is to go around them with a party that will NEVER take the big money. I have some respect for Sen. Sanders, but I believe he is wrong in his strategy of trying to change the Democratic Party from the inside. Instead, I believe he has been co-opted and the establishment is trying to bamboozle his supporters into coming back in and being good little sheeple again. Well, as far as I'm concerned, no more! No more being fooled and lied to. I've fallen on my back trying to kick that football for the last time. I think there are millions of us who feel that way and I want to see all of us unite in the Green Party to bring down the Democratic Party once and for all, sending them the way of the Whigs. If indeed there is only room in the U. S. political system for two effective parties, then the Greens need to be the other one, not the corporate Democrats. I think we're off to a reasonable start, most of the people in my local Green Party are former Sanders supporters, who have also seen the light.


Perez stated health care is a right, but he means as long as it is through the ACA. He doesn't agree with Bernie about single payer Medicare for all.


Your prose are appropriate and too the point. The issue, however, is this. Where does Sanders ship sail too? While i'm sure Sanders sees the democratic party as the most expedient vessel, I'm not sure he sees it as the only one. The democratic party has a choice, reform and become what you should be, or wait for Sanders to pull the trigger, say that he did his best, tried to get them to change, but in the end, failed. That is the power he holds in his hands and one that democratic insider's are worried about. Sanders is no patsy and he knows his why around the block.


" .... the positions some in the establishment Democratic Party accused the Greens of having - like being anti-vaccinations - that could be used to make progressives view the Greens negatively, as a party of 'woo-woo' "

Precisely - but of course you realize that any party that challenges the DP from the left will be accused of a lot of BS - to make progs view the Greens negatively - they have always had to battle that, and you will, too ..

As for Stein - i think she is the best thing that has happened to the GP in a long time and, IMO, you would do neither yourself not the GP any favors should you dismiss her ....


And just how long will folks hang in with Sanders in his "effort"? The longer Sanders waits to "pull the trigger" the behinder we get - I think you are fooling yourself to think he ever will ...


Contrat to Jeremy Corbin:


If the leadership doesn't get behind the progressives in their ranks by this next mid-term then they are toast! The Trumpets and the Berniefiles are closer to each other then they are to either party because they are both populist and we share a distrust with the way we are being governed by proclamation, ie.no single payer, and the corruption of our campaign financing. I see our present system, which the Clintons support, as heavily corrupted and the Democratic Party as not rocking a boat that I would see scuttled.


Pelosi. Schumer, Perez? How exciting. Thank God for Sanders and Warren.


That is what frightens me; and, many people are obviously falling for it. The Democratic Party establishment is drooling all over itself believing that Trump will throw voters into the Democratic Party briar patch.


Your thinking is good, but the Greens have gone nowhere. If people are not willing to join together with enough energy and passion to create a new party and future for ourselves then we should surrender to slavery.


I have made similar observations and criticisms, as you know.


Incorrect. Find me a quote where Sanders takes on DIRECTLY the corporate servitude of the power center of the Democratic Party, or any particular corporate servicing Democratic lawmaker.


OWS should have "hired" you as a non capitalist consultant.

I mean all of that free health care and feeding the homeless at their encampments was just reeking of a nest of capitalist pigs.

Imagine their longevity had they narrowed their messaging to defeating capitalism as the first step! Heck, that's a winning strategy!