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Under Pressure from Europe, Tsipras Tries to Sell 'Unviable' Austerity Deal to Syriza


Under Pressure from Europe, Tsipras Tries to Sell 'Unviable' Austerity Deal to Syriza

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As a Wednesday deadline loomed for Greece to pass a package of harsh austerity measures in exchange for a fresh €86 billion bailout, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met with furious members of his left-wing Syriza party behind closed doors on Tuesday, attempting to sell them on a deal that will undoubtedly cause further economic hardship in the debt-stricken nation.


Apply austerity to the one percenters of Greece, use the savings to stimulate the ninety-nine percent, and the ship will right itself.


The ‘Giant Vampire Squid’ obscures the real thieves in the Goldman Sacks et al “privatization” pack with ‘ink’ - how appropriate an image in an age of water shortages. For anyone who has not seen the documentary CATASTROIKA - watch and think about that name from 2 years ago as it is unfolded. The documentary cites the interests that brought it about, the untold story of what happened in the East Germany financial fire sale and the former Greek administration rape of public assets - of which virtually nothing is said and the culprits yet to be held accountable. The disease in the system HAS TO intensify its rapacious path of secrecy, exclusion, denial - it is its only lifeline - and that is a toxic tube.

‘We are all Greeks’ - first they came for the indigenous peoples and Africans, then ____ (fill in the blank) and now in Wisconsin, Chicago, and towns, cities, states, nations and… starve the beast not the people and life of the planet.


The agitation and resistance at multiple levels - within SYRIZA, in Greece, and around the world - are inspiring.

Look for local anti-austerity activities in YOUR locale on Wednesday, and connect with others who are organizing for popular mobilization and a “new New Deal” for the people against the looters.


US Military Coup for Euro Meltdown? : Information Clearing House - ICH

Yanis Varoufakis on Greek Crisis : Information Clearing House - ICH

An excerpt from the interview:
Yanis Varoufakis: “Well it is. So what we have here is a major clash of titans between Dr Schauble on the one hand and Paris and Rome on the other and the Chancellor Angela Merkel has not committed one way or the other and Dr Schauble who’s been around for a very long time, he’s been here in the centre of the euro project from its inception, he’s not happy with the way that monetary union was not accompanied by a political union, he would probably would like to have a federation but he feels that he doesn’t have the political power to create one so he’s trying to what he considers to be, not me, what he considers to be the second best which must in his mind involve a Grexit that will inspire sufficient fear in Paris and Rome and possibly in Berlin too, in order to bring about that disciplinarian negative political union, negative in the sense that the overlord, the you know, the equivalent of the Federal treasurer will only have negative powers, powers to veto national budgets not creative powers, powers to transfer surpluses and to do a Marshall plan let’s say and the reason I’m saying all this Phillip is not because I have a theory it’s because Dr Schauble has told me so"


Exacltly, OG.


The TINA (There is no alternative) people (neocon corporatist banksters) for several decades have created global financial operations that generate such huge debt within “have not” nations and among “other” people that the idea is that these nations and people will have no choice but to obey them (in today’s parlance it is austerity), because the consequences of not obeying them are too catastrophic to deal with.

The goal is essentially enslavement.

People should be working to create alternatives to the capitalist monster so that there is in fact a choice. And many people and communities are doing just that.


That formula applies particularly well to the 1% in the US,where they are sitting on the largest peggy bank known to man while condemning 100’s of millions of Americans to abject poverty. I suppose that’s the psychopath capitalist way, loot and plunder if and when you can, take care of yourself at any cost to others and when the opportunities don’t present themselves voluntarily, create one. Use human misery, disease and natural disasters to your advantage. This trend has been gaining speed on a rapid pace since Ronald Reagan and now even some Europeans are copying it. Although i feel the end is near for the neocon MAFIA terrorists. Mekerl et al have made a historic blunder by refusing to ease the terms of the Greek debt hoping to topple the leftist Syriza party.This game is not over yet in fact it is just beginning. The Greek left need a lot of support from the progressives around the world and they will receive it and will fight back. I feel things will get a lot uglier and people must suffer and offer themselves as sacrifices. Defeating the Troika in Greece will mean the undoing of capitalism which has to happen, the world can no longer sustain it. Capitalists will not be civil, they are born one track minded tyrants, they have amassed obscene amounts of money and assets and are now in the process of self destruction. Capitalism will have an explosive end and sooner than they think.



Forcing Greece to sell 55 billion in government-owned properties is the real deal. It is loan sharking of the same criminal level as Wall Street mortgage fraud that created millions of foreclosures they could buy cheap. Greece should take the EU money and not sell their properties nor destroy their poor, sick and old. No need for honesty under economic criminal war conditions.


The tactic being used by the bankers is not a new one . It has been used for centuries as a means whereby a people displaced of their lands.

This is the very tactic Thomas Jefferson boasted of using so as to wrest away the lands of the native peoples. They would be encouraged to farm and in order to become farmers would have to borrow capital from banks. The lands could then be seized when the borrower could not repay the loan.

(Keep in mind for this to work the lands had to first be removed from having the tribe hold it in common to becoming land held by an individual of said tribe privately)

The money that was loaned for those real assets was created out of nothing.

Few countries on this Earth can on reality pay back debts accrued under the capitalist system of banking, meaning of course that in time those bankers will make the same demands on each nation in turn

The concept of private property is a curse .


It boggles my mind why Tsipras suggested Greece will pay back it’s loans when Greece has been broke and will remain even more broke should they accept the loan shark’s terms. The best option for Greece remains defaulting on the loans, exit Euro zone and connect with BRICS. Accept austerity under their own terms retaining their publicly owned assets and freedom. It will take a while but things will get much better if they bite the bullet now and tell Goldman Sachs and Merkel to beat it.


Why is Germany in good shape economically and Greece and others in such bad shape?


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Check this article by John Pilger:


I am beginning to see why the Greek Communists do not like them.


For feudalism, really. In a feudal system, members of the working class are virtually the chattel property of the overlords.

Even freemen weren’t safe under feudalism. In the 1400s, a well-respected member of a guild in Canterbury protested feudal abuses. He was seized by the mayor and sent to a navy ship to be “detained until the king’s pleasure were known”, i.e., without charges, trial, conviction, or defined sentence.


To understand the authoritarians promoting austerity they must be seen for what they are, conservatives:

severe, authoritarian, flinty, hard, harsh, heavy-handed, ramrod, rigid, rigorous, stern, strict, tough


Some people adopt very conservative values. For example, rather than feel that wealth should be shared, they feel that property rights should be protected and taxes should be minimal. They believe that production and trade should not be constrained by government interference. They feel that authorities should be respected rather than challenged by unions and other associations.

According to Eidelman, Crandall, Goodman, and Blanchar (2012), when people do not devote effort into their thoughts, they are more likely to embrace conservative values. To illustrate, if people do not want think too carefully, they reject the complexity of change and instead prefer the status quo. Likewise, they like the simplicity of hierarchies rather than more complex and egalitarian organizations. Finally, they tend to ascribe success to the effort and ability of people rather than more complex explanations. They will, therefore, impute poverty to limited effort and ability. This inclination to cherish the status quo and hierarchical organizations, as well as to blame poverty on limited effort or ability, often translates into more conservative values.

Eidelman, Crandall, Goodman, and Blanchar (2012) conducted a series of studies that confirm these hypotheses. In the first study, the blood alcohol level of people near a bar was tested. Next, they completed a measure that assesses whether or not they embrace conservative attitudes, such as the degree to which they believe that production and trade should not be constrained by government interference. If blood alcohol level was elevated, and therefore the capacity to think carefully was inhibited, participants were more likely to embrace conservative values.

In the second study, participants also completed a scale that assesses the extent to which they uphold conservative or liberal values. However, while completing this scale, some participants were exposed to sequences of tones. Their task was to count the number of tones that was presented before the pitch changed. If participants needed to complete this task–and, therefore, their capacity to devote effort to other thoughts was impeded–they were more likely to embrace conservative values.

In the third study, various phrases that represent conservative values, such as law and order, or liberal values, such as civil rights, appeared on a screen. Participants indicated the extent to which they agree or disagree with the importance of each phrase. If the phrases appeared very quickly, and therefore deliberate thought was impaired, participants tended to embrace the conservative phrases instead of the liberal phrases.

Leone and Chirumbolo (2008) uncovered one of the sources of this aversion to thought: discomfort with strong emotions. That is, some people are especially sensitive to unpleasant emotions. Consequently, they avoid activities, such as careful deliberation, that might elicit uncertainty–a state that merely amplifies emotions.

In one study, conducted by Leone and Chirumbolo (2008), participants completed a measure called need for affect. One of the subscales assesses the inclination of people to avoid emotions, such as “I find strong emotions overwhelming and therefore try to avoid them”. People who avoid emotions were more likely to endorse conservative policies, as well as exhibit right wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation, than other participants. This pattern of results was observed even after controlling need for closure.



Check out John Pilger’s article.


It sounds silly on the face of it, but different national ideals.

The Germans have always prided themselves on their scholarship, tech skills, and hard work. The Greeks pride themselves on their ancient history, and their good-life culture.

Compared to Germany, not much literature, art, music, tech, or scholarship has come from post-antiquity Greece. Sort of like the Arabs, really, who were the world’s preeminent scholars in the mediaeval period, but have gone downhill since then.


Could it also be because Germany’s oligarchs care about their country and its people, while Greek, American and other oligarchs only care about getting richer off their country and their own countrymen?

Maybe German oligarchs think the German people are the superior race so they must be saved while other inferior races can go down the tubes.