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Under Pruitt, Climate Deniers Flourish at EPA

Under Pruitt, Climate Deniers Flourish at EPA

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Days after his confirmation, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt began stacking his department with conservatives, many of them climate deniers and all of them eager to axe environmental regulations—much like President Donald Trump himself, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

The EPA may as well change its name, Environmental Protection Agency no longer makes sense. Perhaps it should be renamed the Environmental Destruction Agency, or the EDA, which would a better characterization of its new mission of carrying out the policies of this dumbed down Trump administration. When its job is done water will no longer be fit to drink or swim in, air will no longer be fit to breathe, and earth may no longer be fit for human habitation.


We don’t need this “low morale” crap. There are hundreds of different things even the lowly GS-5’s, working together and protecting each other’s backs, can do to monkeywrench the boss’s agenda. DONT MOPE, ORGANIZE!

Anyone who has a goal of destroying his or her own home ( Earth) for profit is truly psych. We cannot let this happen any longer.Trump sees anybody as the next dollar bill or profit to earn or burn.

I agree. Low morale is not why they are there. They are being paid with our tax dollars.

This group does not come across as administrators as much as a cabal intent on stirring up profits by defunding enforcement. HELLO LOVE CANAL.

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Civil servants are workers like anyone else. They will get fired if they stand up for their agency’s mission too. Many will be dismissed from the budget cuts and terminated programs anyway. Many will face considerable unemployment hardship as jobs in their specialties are far and few between.

Their only hope is organizing.

From the oligarchs, perspective, because all they can see is:$$$$$$$$$$, once they are successful in ruining the water and air they will be able to charge for clean air and water and consequently…make billions of $!

The EPA is not the Environmental Protection Agency; they are now the: ENVIRONMENTAL PERDITION AGENCY!

Yes, organizing with our support. The ones who are about to retire will be lucky, but the younger ones will have a problem.

We need to get in touch with the media, call congress, and join with other organizations such as climate action now. The privatizers are the ones who probably are in collusion or in the governments pocket. Honestly, until the 1990s I believe, I never remember the sale of water. It is ridiculous.

Yes, and thanks for your reply. Does it seem too far fetched, that some time in the future we will get a clean air bill? A clean water bill?

So, who wants to celebrate by burning some car tires on the door step of Trump Tower? I’m sure rump will appreciate people celebrating his accomplishments in empowering the polluters. Heck, maybe he will even light the fire himself! Wouldn’t that make a great photo opportunity?

“Anyone who has goal of destroying his or her own home for profit is truly psych.”
Isn’t that the definition of a terrorist?

We need to change the narrative and the definition of climate deniers to… environmental terrorists!

Of course- instead of calling activists by that name.

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We already have those from the 1970s- the ones Dump wants to say goodby to - what a moron.

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