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Under Shadow of Trade Deal, US Pesticide Lobby Pressured EU to Dump Toxic Pesticide Rules


Under Shadow of Trade Deal, US Pesticide Lobby Pressured EU to Dump Toxic Pesticide Rules

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Under pressure from the U.S. and agrochemical industry lobbyists and amind ongoing negotiations for a controversial trade deal, the European Union dropped planned rules that could have led to the banning of 31 pesticides containing hazardous chemicals, a new investigative report has revealed.


We are entering the final phase of implementation of direct corporate rule. NAFTA, WTO, TTIP, TPP and TISA are written documents by which corporations assert “legitimate” authority over domestic representative democracy.

Corporate and capitalist funding of “election campaigns,” and literally billion-dollar “lobbying” expenditures, are among the blunt tools by which “our” representatives are bludgeoned into accepting the corporate bridle and reins, being led wherever the corporations drive them.

Such as, “our” representatives carrying out secret negotiations and “fast track” processes to implement NAFTA, WTO, TTIP, TPP and TISA without open debate or any role for the public.

The utter civilizational insanity of allowing corporate capitalist patents, sales, and profits to override ecological and human health! This triumph of the producers of endocrine-disrupting chemicals over the basic interests of people and life, and over the basic truths of disinterested science, is emblematic of the gross cancerous distortions woven into the fabric of “our” political institutions and political economy.


" When you got them by the ( shrunken ) balls, their hearts and minds will follow. " Because the European economy would collapse without access to U.S. controlled markets, their fearful leaders will go along to get along. How many troops, under the NATO umbrella, does the U.S. have in Europe? And, they know full well, just how crazy USains are when our MIC/Corporatocracy/BanksterGangsters don’t get their way. The Europeans will end up shxxting in their own nests, altering their rural economies, poisoning their environment to keep a very tenuous situation from going completely south. What would happen if Egypt collapsed, with the twisted logic employed to start Iraq War II, and millions of displaced refugees headed for Europe? Libya, anyone? Ukraine, anyone? American Exceptionalism; it’s what’s for dinner.


Late last year, after spending 9 figures defeating GMO labeling initiatives in the West Coast states, an emboldened US pesticide industry and their lobby had no problem getting the Obama Administration to approve Agent Orange resistant GMO seeds.

This action is especially hypocritical when you consider the billions of taxpayer dollars that continue to be spent paying off claims from Viet Nam veterans harmed by agent orange.


Yes, less than .4% in Oregon after outspending the proponents by 4 or 5 to 1. And, all the widely read publications and news outlets coming out against the labeling of GMOs and some other minor changes. So much for the progressive press in the state. The election cycle will favor passage. And, we’ll be back, for sure, despite the media sellouts.


I’ve lost 4 friends in the last 5 years because of their service in Vietnam. Another friend, an attorney, won a claim against the VA and had his major heart surgeries paid for because he could tie it to exposure to Agent Orange. It took quite a fight, btw. How do you really measure collateral damage? Certainly the MIC and our gov’t have their own yardstick. Sorry for your loss.


This made me think of the time some reporter or interviewer asked Gandhi, “What to you think of Western Civilization?”

  • “I think it would be a wonderful idea,” he answered.


The Endocrine Society recently published a staggering estimate of the current costs of EDCs - (Hundreds of billions of dollars annually)

"Estimating Burden and Disease Costs of Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in the European Union"

The cost is likely to be as high or quite likely much higher in the US, because the regulatory situation in the US is less strict.

And the cost of inaction - allowing EDCs to build up (thats what they do) is far higher. The PDF version of the study is here.


Hi Cyn,

  • Yeah, I don’t think we are even guinea pigs anymore. I watched one of the Rockefellers on an interview show a number of years ago. The gist of his comments was to the effect that the main problem with the world was overpopulation. It was using up to much of their resources.
  • In short, they needed to rid the world of about six billion people, which would leave enough to serve their needs.
  • When I keep seeing what is being done with GMOs with “medicines” with increased pollution of the air, land and sea, chemicals to kill off the pollinators, wholesale destruction of whole species, things like this post where the poisoners demand to be allowed to continue what they are doing because it is profitable and therefore sacred.
  • Is there any doubt in any mind who is running this planet and its governments, solely based on maximum profit to the 0.001%?
  • Surely seven and a quarter billion people should have the moxie to overturn the rocks under which these parasites live and stamp them out like cockroaches. Rockefeller and others of his ilk would happily stamp us out, if they could do it profitably, and according to this article, that is exactly what they intend to do.


And the Vietnamese seem to have had some trouble coping with Agent Orange, too. Time the USA compensated them.


Some of these postings are spot on but I noticed a few omissions or blind-spots.
Such as: while it’s true that Americans drafted into the Vietnam war suffered the awful effects of Agent Orange and were treated shabbily, it was the Vietnamese population on the ground who suffered the most, and who still have the effects of this showing up in children being born decades later - and if my information on this is still correct, I think the US government offered little or nothing by way of aid or compensation. And the US has been using DU - depleted uranium - in Iraq to such an extent that cancer rates, among children especially, showed up in the statistics, long ago.
The US is indeed an “exceptional” state - it is still the only one to have actually used nuclear weapons in wars. Now in these modern wars the US government insists that its soldiers and spies cannot be subject to the laws of other states or even of international law. Even the matter of torture and the indiscriminate murders of civilians - with wedding parties and kids playing with a football being targeted by those brave heroic boys with their toys, and so on and on and on… ad nauseam !
But ref. the nasty idea that the rest of the world must roll over and enjoy all these pesticides and other chemicals, even when science and experience tell us that these are too dangerous, both to people and the planet: I wonder what a future generations will make of this crazy irresponsibility? It is one thing to pollute accidentally or from ignorance. But to do it deliberately, knowing it is harmful - beats me!
Yet the track record of capitalism is that from the start it has always been irresponsible, caring only about the bottom line - profits! (e.g.the cost of coal - lung disease, or the asbestos industry to all involved.)
The overpopulation pundits will not be too keen to eliminate too many of the 99%: we are needed to produce the surplus value from which they get their jammy profits. Without our poverty and exploitation they and theirs couldn’t live so high on the hog as they do.
Which means that we are mugs to go on with this crazy callous catastrophic system. We are many, they are few - and there’s power in the ballot, when used as a vote for real change, not for more reforms by D or R politicos. But that needs organizing, politically, with unity of purpose. Over to you guys!


Endocrine disruptors:
Bought and sold
Cutting the web of life
To smithereens

Brittle brains
Shaking limbs
Exploding fish
Wasting frogs
Shrunken genitals
Mutant infants
Stillborn bees
Withered brown landscape

Corporate prostitutes
Flood chat rooms
With lies
That bleed new born infants
Poison mother’s milk
And darken skies
For by their fruits ye shall know them


“Job killing regulations!” is the Frank Luntz focus group crafted talking point that revs up those who will support legislation that will ruin all they know, and for what? The enrichment of the very few? The lobbyists with the most money for bribes never seem to be on the side of the many, just the side of the wealthy.