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Under Shadow of Trump, Lame Duck Obama Unveils Bold Climate Plan


Under Shadow of Trump, Lame Duck Obama Unveils Bold Climate Plan

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Under the shadow of President-elect Donald Trump, and his promises to quash all attempts to limit the burning of fossil fuels, the lame duck Obama administration on Wednesday unveiled its hugely ambitious plan for combating climate change.


Good way to save the Democratic Party: a bold plan with two months to go that Obama can certify for his corporate buddies won’t go anywhere.

Obama’s legacy will either be set as a climate champion–or an opportunistic ah*.


Obummer had many opportunities to put forth a cohesive plan - to do so at this point is ludicrous. It does absolutely nothing. And he hasn’t even come out strongly against the DAPL. Looks like lipstick on a pig to me.


Just when you think the political landscape cannot get any more absurd or tragic…Who does Obama think he’s fooling? His kids???


For a minute there I thought that read:

“U.S. Mid-Century Strategy for Deep Decarboxylation”


Good point a little window dressing for president who did nothing for real democratic causes in 8 years – little late Barry - more form over substance!


The world’s biggest consumer of fossil fuels is the U.S. military. If Trump follows through on his pledge to stop regime change wars, he might accidentally do more for the environment than Obama ever did.


Even if we met the goal it would not be good enough because 80% below 2005 levels by 2050 is too weak a goal. Peak emissions in the US were around 2005. A goal of 80% below 1990 levels is closer to what is needed. And even that probably isn’t a strong enough goal for the US. Technically it probably can be achieved but the political obstacles are great. Of course there is the fossil fuel industry. But also importantly a majority of states have Republican governors and many state legislatures are controlled by Republicans. It will take millions of voters to come to their senses but given the results of this recent election many voters are going in the other direction and are lost of in fog of lies and paranoia. California and maybe some other states might be able to achieve something like Obama’s goal and maybe even more but for the country as a whole I see little hope.


Boy are you dreaming.


Is this actually a script for Saturday Night Live? Now? Obama proposes this NOW? How absurd can things get?! Obviously more…


bush policies survived and prospered under this empty suit who shredded the fourth amendment, prosecuted whistleblowers, set records for deportations - truly a con man peddler for neoliberalism who sought to destroy with marked success the vision of eleanor and franklin roosevelt, and who bears a huge amount of credit for the trump ascendancy.


Why has President Obama released this plan now? Let’s see. The Marrakech Climate change conference has been planned for years. It is the 22nd Conference of the Parties and the 12th Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol and a preplanned outgrowth of the Paris Agreement. The President has planned to be at this meeting and unveil his plan to meet the Paris targets for a full year. His team has been working on this plan all year and had it wrapped up well before the election.

Perhaps that’s the reason.


Minecritter doesn’t have dreams, just halucinations.


Nice plan, great goal…but why did he wait eight years? This needed to happen a long long time ago.


All the words I can think of to describe this action and actor are inadequate. Faithless wench. Manipulative psychopath. Pathologically weak narcissist. And many more. The man had 4 years campaigning and 8 years as president and failed to do anything but whittle duck decoys while trying to make it seem like he was building cathedrals. Now he does this? NOW???

I’m sorry, the last thing I want to do right now is foment strife among allies, but anybody who still doesn’t get why we’ve been relentlessly criticizing this unconscionable tool (and his more conservative failure of a tool, Clinton) is just completely hopeless. The man just showed he’s understood the whole thing better than he let on, all along, and simply had no interest in saving civilization or the millions of species that will now become extinct. This is beyond forgiving.

(and still not enough, by the way)


8 years wasted. 8 years.


Sorry folks you can’t have it both ways. If you choose to link a progressive stance on climate change (not to mention a whole host of other progressive issues) to an economy that lifts all boats (which, as you seem to have overlooked, includes the tea party, red necks, and other “deplorables”), but then don’t deliver such an economy, then the majority (of voters, among others) are going to turn on everything you said you stood for, including climate change. And all your attempts to blame Comey will only make matters worse.


If you knew anything about the US government, you would know that Obama already had “cohesive plan” to reduce GHG’s under the Paris Agreement obligations. Ever heard of the “Clean Power Plan?” Why was he attacked so for his “war on coal” if he was doing nothing? Come out my way and see all the wind turbines going up on the ridges - do you think that would have happened without government incentive programs?

This plan was released now becasue, as you might have heard, a COP summit is underway in Marrakesh - and there is finally, post Paris - international agreement on moving forward, and also, the is this thing called “government continuity”. Such plans also require considerable technical research - years of it. Government policy proposals are not like the comment section of Commondreams - based on nothing more than cannot be just arm-waving speculation.


All the pro-Trump “deplorables” outside of the city in my heavily pro-Trump area look pretty damn well-off to me.

And the economy is doing fine - the stock market has been rocketing up throughout Obama’s last four years! The only problem is that we no longer have unions so that workers can get their share of all this wealth generation. Whose fault is that? The union-hating deplorables again!


I have two somewhat conflicting feelings and thoughts about this announcement. First thought is that anything he can do to address climate change (or any other area of needed change) he should do; so it’s a case of better late than never.

I don’t care if he’s doing it only to shore up a very questionable legacy, or to win praise at COP-22, or for any other egoic reasons, or whether he’s genuinely now concerned enough to do it… because attribution of motives is speculative. At this point, we need to address the problem at every possible level and with every possible action and as quickly as possible.

My other thought is that it’s sadly a matter of too little too late; of opportunity squandered. And why is it so often thus?