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Under the Mushroom Cloud—Nagasaki after Nuclear War


Under the Mushroom Cloud—Nagasaki after Nuclear War

Susan Southard

Note: This essay has been adapted from chapters 1 and 2 of Susan Southard’s new book, Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War, with the kind permission of Viking.


And that was just a 50 Kiloton bomb. The game since then has been to build and test multi-megaton bombs by the thousands; to tweak the Dragon’s tail to see if it will strike back. And the world has slid deeper into insanity.

  • Gomenasai Nagasaki, Hiroshima, gomenasai.


A horrible end to the most horrible war in human history.


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As Southard’s text specifies, it was a 21 kiloton bomb.


You are right, legally an armistice is not an end of a war, only an end to hostilities. World war I didnt legally end until around 1923, and there never was a peace treaty in the American Civil War as the U.S just considered the Confederacy to be part of the union controlled by rebels…much like taiwan and kuwait today.


Oh, is that all? Sorry for the brain fart.Still the same number of dead, though. Just makes the damned weapon even more dangerous.


If I were Japanese I would never, never forgive the Americans, and I would today be on the side of Russia and China.


and I would today be on the side of Russia and China

If 19 million ghosts from the Japanese invasion of China would have you.


True, but I think that it would be more correct to make amends with China and find common ground, than to cower beneath the American Mushroom Cloud for ever.


…accept the fact that the Japanese are responsible…
If historically you are correct, and you probably are, and the Japanese must continue to be punished with American dictat, then I see no other way out but for America to continue bombing others who do not agree with its dictat, till Russia and China are provoked enough into retaliation and a nuclear war will ensue, which in the end will wipe out all hope of a happy future, not only for the Japanese, but for you and me and for everyone and everything else on planet Earth. Unfortunately, all fingers point clearly towards that direction.


As Redravensounds spelt it out crystal clear: there is what is termed as HUMAN FALLIBILITY.