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Under-the-Radar Supreme Court Case Poses Profound Threat to Nationwide Unions



Not the police or fire unions.


You have to admire the utter hypocrisy of the "Right to Work (For Less)" campaign. In spite of all their expressed fealty to that principle, they can't seem to apply it when it comes to creating jobs for the chronically unemployed.
And the hypocrisy train keeps a-chugging along.


I wonder if this "teacher" is working undercover for the tea party? Lots of teachers belong to unions, but are grateful they are there. Apparently this person is not, or maybe wishes the CTA would back a tea partier right to work conservative? Shame on this person, and shame on the supreme court for even considering it.


"States with RTW laws have more severe poverty, higher infant mortality rates, and greater workplace fatalities, according to studies.": These facts mean nothing to a Right-not-to-Care Nation. Labor is seen as simply "land fill".


Perhaps this "teacher" would rather work for minimum wage, with no vacations or days off. Then that person would be happy with individual rights. What a "winner." I guess that person thinks that he/she is all that- much more important than anyone else. That person shouldd not be a teacher, and should not work anywhere at all. Perhaps that person needs mental health couseling or even more. This is a nation that has become all about "me" rather than "we." There are no social skills being used here, no empathy or thinking ahead. Sounds like a child with a temper tantrum, and a giant ego who comes from affluenza. I wonder if this teacher has any educational or social skills - all required to work at that job or any job at all. Has this "person" even considered anyone else or is it all about that individual? Also, a real teacher would be doing just that- not spending time trying to spend tax payers money ( which we do not have) or getting an audience. We need to stop paying attention to these oddballs, and work together rather than for someone elses ego. Look what the House just did- repealed the Affordable Care Act only to have the president veto it as expected. What a waste and a shame.


The right to work states also gobble up the federal tax dollars earned in existing union friendly states. For every dollar in taxes they pay in they get plus beyond. I call them welfare states!


Perhaps we need a volunteer police force. And to think, we were worried about vigilantes in the 80's, it's pretty close to what we've got now.


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As soon as the IWW gets enough membership,
RTW won't matter.
It's up to the workers to unite into one big union,
then nothing can stop us.



One of the most devastating ways that the US corportocracy has been able to weaken the Unions, is the mass exodus to China and other foreign countries being allowed by the US government. Pure and simple greed!

What they have done is just unconscionable. In a nutshell, what they have done is tell the unions when they are being screwed, " go ahead and strike and we will just move our business out of the US"!



How the IWW Differs from Business Unions:
The business unions foster a state of affairs which allows one set of workers to be pitted against another set of workers in the same industry, thereby helping defeat one another in wage wars. Moreover, the trade unions aid the employing class to mislead the workers into the belief that the working class have interests in common with their employers. The IWW offers a different vision.

The IWW Stance on Political Parties and Anarchism:
To the end of promoting industrial unity and of securing necessary discipline within the organization, the IWW refuses all alliances, direct or indirect, with any political parties or anti-political sects, and disclaims responsibility for any individual opinion or act which may be at variance with the purposes herein expressed.


I totally support socialist unions like the IWW and would love to have union representation in my public sector workplace. As a permanent "temporary" worker I have no job protection, very low pay in relation to the demands of the job and required education level, and I am generally treated as a second-class worker by the rest of my unionized permanent co-workers. One place we need to start adding more union members is among all of the countless temporary public employees at all levels of government. There is no justification, except for cost savings, for having a permanent underclass of temporary, non-unionized public sector employees while most of the permanent employees are unionized and often receive much better pay and benefits than the temporary workers. It utterly smells of feudalism and pits the unionized worker against the struggling temps who frequently have to wait years to obtain a permanent position.


You're absolutely correct. I too have had to work as a permanent temporary worker,
no benefits, no job security.
The big advantage of the IWW is that everyone can join, no matter where or what kind of work.
AND the union is run grass-roots up, not top down.
In a big city, 5,000 IWW's from all companies can easily mobilize to help workers in each company.
But, americans continue to be brainwashed and uninformed how best to fight the predatory
capitalist system we live under.


This seems like a logical extension of mandatory workfare labor, which (I've read) Americans widely support. We have to be realistic. The US shipped out a massive share of our jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, creating a growing surplus of job-ready people who are desperate for any job, any conditions. Potential employees are now a dime a dozen. You have to take whatever you can get.


Being "allowed"? How about "taxpayer-funded via massive annual corporate tax cuts"? We've been paying for years to have our jobs shipped out.