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Under Trump, America's Global Standing at Record Low

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/01/under-trump-americas-global-standing-record-low

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From the article:

" According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Arctic petroleum reserves equal to 412 billion barrels of oil, or about 22% of the world’s undiscovered hydrocarbons."

And if that remains undisturbed, the Earth and her creatures might stand a chance of surviving the 21st century. “Do ya feel lucky, punk?”


Under Trump, America’s Global Standing at Record Low
…well not with the Dictators of the World. President Caligula is TOPs with them

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It worth pointing out that in spite of all these advances in Russain weapon systems , they have CUT Military spending and spend less on their Military than does France. They spend less than a 10th of what the USA spends.

The US Military spending is not about keeping the USA safe from enemies. It about funneling as much wealth is is possible to the arms dealers which then sell the US Government crap like the F35 at 100 million plus per copy.

All of those shiny toys the USA uses can not even defeat the Taliban.


Dilip Hiro describes China’s hopes for a “Polar Silk Road.” As the world burns.

This doesn’t feel or seem like happenstance. It really does appear as if the career political office holders have engineered these circumstances. It’s as if all leadership in the US has abandoned the populace. Presidents get away with outright lies to the public that are easily disproved. (Not just this low life in office now). And because we never hold them to account for their illegal and heinous acts, Bushes, et. al., it just goes on over and over again. I have come to believe the only explanation for this apparent total lack of conscience or morals is that these hollow eyed politicians and/or their families have been threatened if they do this or that; as in impeach or investigate. What else could possibly explain the inaction on the part of whole groups of congress people? The look in Rod Rosenstein’s eyes was that of a fiercely hunted and captured animal about to be slaughtered as he stood by while Barr LIED on camera to the citizens of the United States. Barr is the top cop and he’s as dirty as the private Facebook page where border patrol agents and others filled with hate go to trash and threaten people. I’m so damned sick of the total lack of ethics in Washington. Anyone with real ethics would just shoot the bastard…our country is at stake!


Then what is it going to take for the American people to wake up to what is happening ???


Well, this is probably good news. Although I doubt if people we bomb are concerned about “America’s global standing.” And outside of bubble of US corporate media, US’s standing has been low for some time. I remember polls taken around 2003 that most people in the world (outside the US of course) thought that the US was the greatest threat to world peace.


People don’t seem to respond and fight back, organized or en mass, it seems, unless personally inconvenienced.

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That the way corporate media portrays it, yes.