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Under Trump, Brags Mike Pompeo, CIA Will Be 'Much More Vicious Agency'


Under Trump, Brags Mike Pompeo, CIA Will Be 'Much More Vicious Agency'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Trump "has promised that he will have our backs," says CIA head


Much more vicious agency?? I wouldn’t have thought that was possible, but I’m just naive, I suppose.


Everything is evolving according to the fascist ideology textbook…Fascism is always by design. History is a good eyewitness to that…


The Cia leader is a fat coward of the brainwashed pack. His goal is to destroy democracy world-wide and enrich his masters even if it means taking out the biosphere.


I think what that really means is that the CIA will no longer try to hide how vicious it is so, from a public perspective, it will seem much more vicious.


Anyone else seriously disgusted and tired of our nations leaders of government acting like third rate James Bond villains?

I mean, movies/books would be considered a good deal over-the-top depicting villains as nasty as these.

Oh, and they demand our undying gratitude for doing horrible things “for us”…

As they show clearly they hate us.


CIA: Criminally Insane A$$hole$


So glad Pompeo is having all those “prayer meetings.” He’s a shining example of love and kindness. LOL, just kidding. The hypocrisy is just so staggering.


The ghosts of the past

And the spooks of the present


I find it to be very disturbing, it’s hard to sleep at night thinking about what we are becoming, It must have been there the whole time to be happening so quickly, I just wasn’t paying attention. Guess I was drinking way too much kool-aide. Oh, I see my glass is half empty, I’ll pour myself some more.




Lord of the Flies


Certainly not as vicious as during Operation Phoenix which tortured 40,000 to death, or providing death lists that resulted in the slaughter of 1 million Indonesians, or the dirty wars throughout the Americas and Caribbean, or the hundreds of murders of African liberationists including Patrice Lumumba, or the possible murders of John Kennedy, MLK, Malcom X, etc. Lots of viciousness to catch up to here. The current band of thugs, whether their hair is orange or not, are pissants in the mass murder history of the CIA and the rest of the National Security State in the world’s most exceptional (in mass murder, genocide, slavery and permanent global warfare) nation.


All of this increasing corruption and viciousness by nutcakes in the US Government presumes that the other peoples and countries of the world are as spineless and uninformed as the US citizens. Big shock coming for our thugs and cons at the top: the empire is already teetering, and there are about twenty one increasingly-angry foreigners on this planet for every American. Some of those abused and enraged countries may soon band together for self-protection and pull off an economic blockade until we Americans hand over our criminal leaders, including heads of the CIA, NSA, etc. WE may be willing to have violent, nuke-fiend leaders, but the rest of the world is tired of living in fear. Change is getting ready to pounce upon our imposter government.


Well said.


This is exactly what happened in Southeast Asia. Pissed-off peoples who were forced to fight for the survival and integrity of their nations brought the imperialists down. It wasn’t that simple, but that’s the gist of it.


I used to think a lot about the biblical story of David and his sling-shot…usually that’s what happens, a big bully and a little wimp sets him straight…but with us there are so many bystanders it would be messy.


The CIA under Trumpers is as dysfunctional as the rest of the government or maybe that is the point.


I was going to refute your assertion, but I checked, and Pompeo is indeed showing up for the prayer meetings. I’m a fundie Christian from rural flyover country, and even I’m disgusted by the actions and statements of CIA and Pompeo. One can’t be “vicious” or torture people while claiming to follow in the footsteps of Christ.


Everyday these guys get up, look in the mirror and cry along with Henry K. “If Only I was German, then I could have done it all.”