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Under Trump, Households Making $30 Million Nine Times Less Likely to Face IRS Audit Than Working Poor Making Less Than $25,000

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/under-trump-households-making-30-million-nine-times-less-likely-face-irs-audit


America is a sick culture in demise.

It must be Overhauled.

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You only value what beings the most profit , this profit survival mentality is what is killing us.

This drive for bigger, better more will only end one way.


This is because the wealthy can afford really good lawyers and the poor can’t.

Justice is not cheap in America.

Nor is politics.

They are luxuries, most people are struggling.

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This is very hard to believe. Th0e bottom half of income earners pay essentially zero taxes. Audits are a waste of IRS resources - even if there is cheating, there’s little money to be recovered.

no one’s return usually covers their fed tax bill, although it’s correct to note that it’s still not all that much in raw terms. the big tax burden on the poor and working class is the payroll deductions that eat up checks, especially SS and medicare.

That said, the audits aren’t there to recover money per se, but to pursue “fraud”, especially programs like EIC, which the GOP hates.

The middle class really does carry the bulk of the tax burden federally, but it’s the working poor that still draw the ire of the IRS.

I was audited once, and that was more than enough. The auditor introduced himself as “Attila the Hun” honest! He told me that auditing the wealthy was impossible as they always turned up with a bevy of highly paid attorneys and simply overwhelmed the IRS auditors.
My own audit, after discovering my tax preparer had developed an insatiable need for cocaine and I went with a new and far more professional tax preparer, went well enough.

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This was the same reason used as to why no Bankers would be prosecute for fraud during the banking crisis. It was suggested it would not be worth it as they would hire a pile of lawyers and delay things in the Courts for years.

Meanwhile Iceland sent bankers to jail. It was one of the few Countries that did so.

There was another article some time back that reflected the same “values”. This about a millionaire many times over owning a Hospital and the Cities reluctance to use “eminent domain” to seize it as he was so wealthy. They will readily use that clause to seize land from poor people.

Again all of this stuff comes down to wealth inequality. Any system that has vast discrepancies in wealth will have ever least in the way of justice and fairness. The entire system by design favors the rich.


Once again I will say it. The bs we were, and our kids are, taught in school about our nation being a becon of freedom to the world is pure propaganda to prop up the power of those plutocrats who rule the USA. How many millions of us have to die in murderous wars before we refuse to participate in this American charade any longer. The cops killing people, by a wide margin people of color, on our streets in full view of our populace is merely representative of our killing fields the world over. Average people around the world and our own citizens are growing ever more weary of the bullying of our government against the helpless! The empire is crumbling.

In some cases the car is in such desrepair that it must just be hauled to the junk yard!

Wonder what the effect of the planned but long delayed services liberalization will be. Because the bulk of the people who may lose jobs would be the core of the middle class workers who do pay taxes, the bulk of those taxes.

Keep an eye on DS503, a dispute currently before the WTO Dispute Settlement Body.

also read

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy is the present state of the US. With Citizens United in effect, dirty money can flow to any and all who would disregard their beliefs and morals to win a political office. This was planned and implemented over the past 50 years to combat what the Oligarchs saw as an excess in Democracy. They are very, very good at it and pay for the propaganda needed to get their way. It usually pays off in a ratio of 10 to 100 times what the propaganda costs. The Sheeple better look up.

If you read my piece, gwkimball, you will see it comes from the official data and there are hypertext links so you can check each fact. At DCReport we only use named sources and verifiable documents.

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Elections cost so much money, and intentionally so I firmly believe, that both parties are wedded to corporate funding.
The GOP has sunk to such extreme levels as to represent a small minority but promote anger and fear to gain a larger influence.
The Democrats are simply clueless and cowardly, devoted to that corporate largesse and run by hidebound and out of touch leadership that lets us all down.
I envision two paths to get us out of this fascist morass we sink ever more into; those who choose to remain within the Democratic Party must become far more active within it, and , my own preference, we need to promote multiple party presence within our governance.

Hemp: We have too many Americans, even the poor, struggling workers have stars in their eyes regarding most people who have big money. They see them as celebrities and untouchable. As long as they have the most recent I-phone, or big screen tv, they don’t complain or do anything when AT&T, for instance, wants to merge with another telecom company. (Mega-monopolies cause you to pay more for less over time and lower customer satisfaction dramatically besides screwing workers.) Only winners are the ones at the top. You know their names. Profit is the only goal. And Americans love these pigs at the trough.

If Americans just put their phones down, stop watching tv, blogging, taking selfies, whatever Americans do so much on social media, they could see CEOs and the corporations they control, own us. They own politicians and these rich greedy sociopathic/narcissists created the laws that allowed them to buy these politicians, along with rightwing, corporate-is-king Supreme Court rulings over the centuries. So here we are.

Taxpayer money. Who pays their taxes? Who is even taxed anymore? Did you know Rethuglicons are drooling to keep Dump and their party in power so that even MORE! tax exemptions and giveaways can be given to their greedy donors? Yet, Dump demands more and more taxpayer money go to the biggest biller: defense contractors aka: war. Therefore, we have IRS to make sure they get our money.

Screw the greedy 1-2%. We need to tax the f’g rich already. The People all need to demand this and rise up.