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Under Trump, Warns Belafonte, Echoes of Hitler 'Not Too Far From Our Door'


Under Trump, Warns Belafonte, Echoes of Hitler 'Not Too Far From Our Door'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Legendary artist and activist says "the nation is at the crossroads of probably our most challenging moment in history."

Harry Belafonte, seen here in 2010, said Friday that Hitler-like times are "not too far from our door." (Photo:  The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights/flickr/cc)


Bellafonte: an admirable senior citizen, a beautiful man, a great entertainer, and a champion for social justice. I once heard him in concert and was enthralled.


Harry Belafonte is A Living National Treasure. The quietly composed elegance of a man who knows the value of introspection and the platform of a public voice. The same applies to the musical and film arts legacy to which he has contributed. I think specifically of the movie “Lilies of the Field”; the era (1963) and the story told.

Everlasting gratitude to Harry Belafonte and his family for sharing him in the timeless contributions to social and spiritual well being.


Republicans in Congress have decided not to investigate Russians in the 2017 election meaning no doubt they want no interference in their plans to gut all social programs for the benefit of tax reductions for their wealthy sponsors. Bannon who wrote Trump’s speeches is a noted student of Hitler and Mussolini using their words. Sad that the desperate believed Trump’s program which was very good but of course a total lie and also no one could do what he promised. Given the brainwash by FOX for decades some still believe their medicare will not be cut. What would happen if even the Trumpers see they have been totally conned? Will the military be used within the US or will they have already started WWIII?


It is with great pride that I can say Mr. Belafonte is an American.

My view on Hitler and Trump is that the way Trump most resembles Hitler is in their willingness to commit genocide. Hitler’s willingness to commit evil genocide we all know. Trump’s willingness to commit genocide is up there where B-52 bombers have been put on 24 hour alert.

I thank Mr. Belafonte for saying what we all sense is true in our hearts, that “the nation is at the crossroads of our most challenging moment in history”.

What this long time Patriot asks us is - Will our democracy survive?


Trump’s willingness to commit genocide is up there where B-52 bombers have been put on 24 hour alert.

Also in Puerto Rico, where our brothers and sisters are dying.


Indeed. This is the wisdom spoken by a true patriot and man of the people. Heed his words, for they are true!


It isn’t true that the Republicans in Congress have decided not to investigate Russian interference in the election. On Nov. 1 representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and some other high tech companies will be before a Senate committee investigating Russian interference in the election. These companies have found bogus accounts traced to Russia and internet ads on the election paid for by Russians. Hopefully Congress will eventually pass legislation to regulate all ads on the internet that are related to elections or come up with some way to stop this since it is undermining democracy. Since it is known that many ads were targeted to specific demographic groups in certain swing states there are questions about where the Russians obtained such information and was some collusion involved. At least in the Senate there appear to be some Republicans in key positions who are trying to save democracy as the Democrats are doing. I think the hearing on Nov. 1 will be very interesting and we will find out how cooperative these high tech companies are. Right now I would say companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are an extreme threat to privacy and democracy. The Europeans have been trying to regulate these corporations much more than the US has and we need to get going.


I guess it was about 1960. My 6th grade teacher played part of Belafonte at Carnegie Hall for our class and it was the only music he ever played for us. It is part of my music collection. It’s important to often remember that there are a lot of good people in the world.


Marking on the Twain is one album I will never forget. To this day it has had a profound effect on my affect. Thank you for Being, Harry.


" There are a lot of good people in the world."

I agree, but to me too many of the good people; especially in America, who watch evil people like Trump and are apathetic; brainwashed with American exceptionalism; and will do nothing… is the problem.

" The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil ( like Trump) but by those who watch them without doing anything." Albert Einstein.


Trite and hackneyed at best.


“It isn’t just Donald Trump, the man or his villainy, his broken spirit or the corruption of his soul that is always a presence in our midst,” he said ahead of Election Day. “It was startling to see the number of people who approved of him, who embraced him and who support his utterances. America has a cancer that’s at work. It’s slowly distributing itself through the national body.”

Exactly. As I have said before, even after Trump is gone, this rot at our country’s core will still be there, and is growing. 100 million Americans think Trump and his antics are perfectly ok. Nothing he tweets, says, or does bothers them in the slightest - hell, most of them approve wholeheartedly, according to the latest polls. The question is - assuming we survive Trump, he doesn’t start a nuclear war, and he actually leaves office if he is defeated in 2020 (all very large assumptions with no guaranteed answers) - what do we do about those 100 million American Good Germans living among us, with their hateful, divisive, dangerous, authoritarian, anti-Constitutional, un-American ideology?


A Mother’s Sage Advice,

“She told me to never come across an injustice and not stop to fix it.”

Is any other advice needed?


as was Sidney Poitier


easier said than done, unfortunately. I try to do some things, in my cowardly way.


I am troubled by those who seek to discredit knowledge. Having a better understanding of capitalism is good for ALL of us.


Hack work isn’t good for society. It misleads people.


How so?


He has posted this link more than once under different topics.