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Undercutting Climate Progress, Congress Strikes Deal to Lift Oil Exports


Undercutting Climate Progress, Congress Strikes Deal to Lift Oil Exports

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Lawmakers on Tuesday night agreed to end a 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports as a condition of the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending and taxation bill, paving the way—environmental organizations warn—for a dramatic increase in drilling, fracking, and carbon emissions.

The development comes just days after the COP21 climate talks in Paris, and according to green groups, threatens to undo the limited progress at the United Nations-brokered negotiations.


Paul Ryan: the Ayn-ti Christ.


Turd-world America, here we come...


"[P]aving the way—environmental organizations warn—for a dramatic increase in drilling, fracking, and carbon emissions.": And paving the way to new radical resistance--total, rolling non cooperation. Occupy every rail, every sight of fossil fuel extraction and transportation. Rent strikes in all our major cities, withdraw your money, no school, no work, boycott every fuel company, ride a bike or walk, occupy the streets, the jails, the courts. Occupy the halls of congress, occupy in daily, rolling sit downs around Wall Street.


Congressional pirates and pentagonians will eventually face charges of environmental crimes against humanity and Earth as-well-as long prison terms for war crimes and criminal aggression against sovereign nations.


One could only wish.


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Most who would follow your advice would occupy the courts alright ultimately but in shackles for some crime of homelessness on their way through the homelessness to prison pipeline.

The countries where general strikes occur there is a substantial safety net in place that guarantees that such a fate is not a probable outcome for those who would participate.


Tell it like it is Raven!


How many Dems went along and who? Pelosi? What did they get in exchange (likely not much)?

Obama's energy (= climate) policy record has been poor. We'll see if he vetoes or not. My bet is on him signing the bill anyway, making the excuse that that there is too much in it that he wants.


And what did you expect from a nation whose rulers are motivated only by profit and whatever it take to increase it?
* Those rulers long ago bought the government and the judiciary. Their sock puppets do what they are told, and have been taught that it matters not what the people want, or how much suffering they endure. Only profits count.
* Criminality, stealth, double dealing. It is all part of the "Game," and he who dies with the most toys wins.
* I recall someone writing about a meeting held amongst the Big Oil and Energy boys. Their scientists laid out what the continued burning of oil, coal and gas was doing to the world. Their prognosis was that if this continued, it was driving the wrong way down a one way street.
* After they finished their report, they were excused. After a few moments of silence, one said, "OK, the end of the world is coming. Now, how do we make a profit from that?"
* How, indeed...


Positioning these people as a great evil gives them too much power, and they become too frighteningly big and remote to tackle.
They are caught in the runaway train of bureaucracy, their lives and careers have revolved around policies, laws and negotiations, it's difficult to change their perception of how the world must function, even in dire circumstances.

The truth is the precarious future we face is too great for even the men and women in power to contemplate, and change. They must be desperately thinking, how do we prepare for the inevitable disasters we face, while maintaining life as usual for citizens.

Of course there are those who don't give a damn, and there are those for whom profit is the only worthwhile gain,
so what is the solution?
The planet is on a climate change trajectory, we're not going to stop the floods, fires and famines, the ball is already rolling, and unless a sudden mass die off of human beings intervenes, we'd better start preparing.

Lobby local and federal governments for the right to farm, the ancient Gaelic law, Duchas, decreed that every man, woman and child has the right to clean air, water, and food. It's time to prepare for what is coming our way.


The Reptilians would be proud of PR.


So you never heard of the proposed carbon emission rules and tighter rules on other pollutants that are helping shut down a lot of coal burning power plants? Sure, it is not enough. But to say the Obama Adm. has done nothing is simply not correct.


Sure, an explosion of US oil and gas exporting is not good news, but isn't it a good argument for focusing our efforts on the demand side - which with all this "divestment" crap is being entirely ignored? How can we expect an oil company to not drill and pump and export the stuff when it continues to be used by so many in such large quantities? Who commenting here has already driven a car today?


This is what we can expect when savage capitalism is the accepted norm.


Well, the republithugs are certainly not interested in maintaining energy security. they are only interested in providing short term profits for their puppet masters. I can't wait to see petroleum supplies become exhausted.


this was passed by congress -- both houses? also, is obama going to sign this? this is going in a 180 degree WRONG direction for a few reasons: 1) we need to be weaning ourselves from FF , while this is stimulating their use 2) this ban was created in the 70s when the mid east was blowing up our economy with OPEC's holding down its oil production due to a destabilized region --the area is just as crazy today if not more so, so on this alone we need to keep the ban and 3) during a weaning process , the extra FF would be a good back up while we re - tool.

no brainer for obama to deny this - even if it means shutting the place down. it is THAT important


It looks like we need a new Congress.


A new Congress? Term limits would help with that.