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'Underestimating Opposition,' Trudeau Doubles Down on Kinder Morgan Pipeline Push


'Underestimating Opposition,' Trudeau Doubles Down on Kinder Morgan Pipeline Push

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Just a week after environmentalists in Canada celebrated the decision by Kinder Morgan to halt most work on an expansion of its Trans Mountain pipeline, citing mounting opposition from activists and regional leaders, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to provide financial and legislative assistance to enable the pro


Trudeau must geau! What a absolute dud!


Corrupt Corporate Politicians Strike Again!


He must not be selling it cheaply. Because he’s selling his children’s future. It’s not really possible to comprehend how someone in a position to make a difference can do that.


“The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is of vital strategic interest to Canada…”

In other words: There are corporate investors who will not make their projected profits if we don’t put their needs above those of the general population and the planet.


Don’t be fooled by his boyish charm…


Assume for the moment there no such thing as Global warming. Assume there are not tens of thousands of acres of Boreal forest and peat bogs and fens and marshes being destroyed as “overburden” . Assume there are not toxins and chemicals dumped into rivers and poisoning peoples downstram who now see Fish that they lived on for generations growing tumors and being unsafe to eat. Assume there not an ongoing wolf hunt to protect the cariboo herds that are facing extinction because of ecosystem loss which the Government will not admit so needs to blame on wolves.

Were all this true , were this about jobs and keeping jobs in Canada and this being good for Canada’s economy, why on Earth would they not build the refineries In Alberta rather then ships this bitumen by pipeline or rail to be refined in other Countries then sold back to Canada at a higher cost?

This is the reality. The Deep pocketed investors in Oil Refineries in places like Texas and China need the raw crude to act as feedstock to the investments they made in those locations. They push things like the TPP to ensure that THEIR Model works. This is the fraud that is called “The Free market”. It can not function efficiently unless Governments subsidize them with whacko policies such as this. Destroy an ecosystem, pollute the air and water, wipe out animal species, ship raw bitumen over thousands of miles overland and then by sea in tankers to distant lands, refine the product into usable fuel, and then buy it back.

Now to another point I have made in the past and that is that thing Called Citizens United in the USA where these deep pocketed investors can buy themselves Politicians to do their dictates. Canada has strict restrictions on lobbying and how much a Corporation can contribute to a given party yet the major Political Parties will still act on the behalf of the Corporations first and foremost.

This again is a symptom of the disease called Capitalism, a system that puts the “means of production” into the hands of a small group of the fabulously wealthy. Without their “investments” jobs are lost and those “investors” look to a jurisdiction with laws more lax to get what they consider THEIR resources. In owning “the means of production” they own the Economy and by extension they own the Government.


Look at that group of people in the background. They seem less than convinced. On this issue Trudeau reveals himself to be just another whore for the energy cartels. The tar sands “development” is a horror show of environmental destruction and potential climate change. Neil Young went up there to see for himself was was appalled at what he found. Scientists tell us that tar sands are the dirtiest form of “petroleum” energy and it is better to just leave it in the ground where Nature put it. But, no, there is just too much money to be made and, besides, these fields are way up there in Northern Alberta where few people can see them so, why not? Right, energy companies? It’s the same old Petroleum 1, Earth 0 game that has been played for short-term profits even as it now comes out that energy corporations knew 40 YEARS ago that global warming was a very real danger to civilization in the long run. But capitalism with its grab and run mentality doesn’t really care about that. Profits and corporate bonuses are much more important than long-term responsibility. The result? The observatory in Hawaii that monitors CO2 in the atmosphere says that the Parts Per Million is now at 410. How many people here think we have any chance at all of changing this system and getting that number down to 350 where Bill McKibben claims we can achieve some kind of balance?
Meanwhile, we are left with the Paris Climate Accord (which the vile Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from) and which Dr. James Hansen called a “fraud” because it is only an agreement to do something, not a form of legislation with mandatory progress required. The truth is that governments fiddle while we burn. The Earth doesn’t give a damn about the bullshit rhetoric of politicians and their lack of action. The Earth is a dynamic planet of interconnected systems which react to the laws of biology, chemistry and physics. It is indifferent to the blatherings of the bought off whores who really work for the corporations and the military and NOT the welfare of our grandchildren.


Here is another symptom of this disease called capitalism. Recently, I read that in the U.S. there are seven billionaires whose collected wealth equals that of the “lower” half of the U.S. population. Even more to the point - 1% of the Earth’s population now is “worth” about 2/3 of the planet’s wealth. This is an obscenity any way you look at it.


Justin Trudeau is coming across like the Mark Zuckerburg of politics. To say “It will be built” as a coherent thought is an incomplete sentence, the incompletion of which is the language of ethnocide, the practice of ongoing genocide, and the bulldozer of ecocide.

Daddy’s boy has generations of ill-gotten gains jerking puppet strings hidden behind the performance media for which he has been groomed and for which he is coached. His economics are a throwback to contexts prior to the 20th century and ignorant - apparently ’ religiously ’ ignorant - of the exponential intensification and consequences being visited on Canada which is inextricably connected to a planet generally identified by the colonizing nations as “EARTH”.

The flaccid image of ‘rolling up his sleeves’ is nauseating. Most obvious is the failure to recognize that his and Kinder Morgan’s ‘hands are not clean’ and the pipeline will permanently damn him and them to a life of ignominy that can never again be ‘bought out’. He is an ad for Kinder Morgan and they are in defiance of international law and they apparently think they are slick enough, and other human beings too stupid, to hold their feet to the fire.

PROVE HIM WRONG now, politically or wait until the planetary consequences manifest when it will be too late.

This is the ‘frat boy’ generation coming to power - sons of illicit privilege and lies known as members of Skull and Bones etc., so dependant on ’ externalizing’ costs that their souls, minds natural and human life are secondary to their facetious notions palmed off as having any form of legitimate base.


Unlike America, the First Nations have proven power over what is theirs. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that way here?


Oh, Justin, Justin…you have drunk the kool aid of mindless power, and listened to the poisoned whispers of the corporate masters who want you to do their bidding…weak, weak, weak. Shame on you. There was, briefly, a glimmer of hope when you won. Now, you’re not worth the spit it takes to formulate these words of repudiation.


Oh absolutely “not the same” - from the narrower than narrow perspective! In the information age the goal is to keep you thinking as a linear knuckle dragger while your every social movement is mined. Someone else decides what is waste. my, my,my… such autonomy and liberty… ain’t life grand…


I am so proud of the First Nations people!

One of the biggest threats to the planet, it seems to me, is the Kinder Morgan pipeline.


Another Trump in Canada how sad this guy like Trump pretended to be what he is not on the side of the people


Another point is that if anyone thinks ANY politician is not benefiting from their media advisers not benefiting from Cambridge Analytica type applications is painfully naive. They are intertwined like never before.


It appears to me that we are living in a time of corrupt, compromised and failed leadership worldwide. From Putin to Trump to Macron to Trudeau - they all see creepy and without the slightest interest in the common good. It is odd but is seems like they are all in place by design to represent the most corrupt interests.


Superb outline. Deep sigh indeed.


What a shameless turd the pretty neoliberal Trudeau has unsurprisingly turned out to be.


The similarities are the models of information and media analysis - do not underestimate the similarity as represented by / through the facebook /Cambridge Analytica scam. YOU and I are the PRODUCT. Trudeau is responding to a crowd that has already been sold a social media framing of politics where they themselves are the blind unwitting products