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Undermining Democracy, Corporations Pouring Millions into Local Ballot Fights


Undermining Democracy, Corporations Pouring Millions into Local Ballot Fights

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

This election cycle, corporate donors are not just beefing up the war chests of their most-favored politicians. According to a new study, industry is flexing its Supreme Court- approved political power to dominate local democracy, as well.


Why? Because the practices from agribusiness to finance are literally criminal and at war to prevent … what exactly?.
Link to documentary on GMO soy exported from Argentina. Free until midnight tonight
Transgenic Wars


Hillary was selected for POTUS a long time ago and once elected will be nothing but a war monger and a stooge for her selectors. And it may be trite and banal but cannot be said enough: AMERIKA HAS THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY!


Thanks for the link!


We do not have a democracy. This election cycle was bought and paid for long ago.


We can have a democracy, or we can have capitalism, but we can’t have both.


I sure hope all the whiners here have ALWAYS supported public financing of elections. And, severe restrictions on private citizens’ contributions. If not, then I’m calling out your late arrival. You’ve made us 99s " a day late and a dollar short " on so many levels we might just give you the Trumpster Blues. And, you two-faced, tax dodging liberals deserve getting it with both barrels, too. ( Sorry, H.L. ):wink:


In order for it to have been news, it had to have been reported in the first place. On this forum, you’re right, most of us know this but out in the greater, MSM-dominated world such an idea and facts have not been reported. This is not old news to the majority of the public and is an important issue for them - if they could hear it now.


I recall that when I was a kid, the two were continually conflated in school, books and in the media. That’s still happening but perhaps, I hope, more people are able to see through this trick and come to the same conclusion you have. Unfortunately, given the general state of ignorance in which the public is kept, which of these two they would choose is not at all certain.


Corporations and duopoly oligarchy parties (Dems & Repubs) pour millions in funding propaganda, and also not adequately informing the electorate of the most grave of issues, which should be daily headline news:.

The other issue is a lack of equitable news coverage on all candidates such as Jill Stein, and blatant abuse of democracy for not allowing other ‘presidential’ candidates to be in the presidential debates.

Voter purging and other forms of voter suppression are other blatant abuse of democracy.

CommonDreams: Only Hillary Clinton is carrying the neocon banner proudly in the general election, advocating a U.S. “regime change” invasion of Syria – dressed up as “no-fly zones” and “safe zones” – while she also cheers on more hostilities toward nuclear-armed Russia - Source

One of the Democrats core policies is to lovingly, embrace Fracking, pipelines and other reckless fossil fuel extractions. Watch This Video

Massive Gas Leaks:

And other core Democratic Party policies is to build new Nuclear Weapons. $1.Trillion. To Build Nukes, Signals New Arms Race with Russia.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for all life and the environment.


Ahh nothing like the sweet smell of democracy in action. Please note the sarcasm.


I disagree about all of humanity being in trouble. The CEOs, gov’t officials, police, lawyers, mass media personnel will be ok. So what can we learn from this? We are the losers, they are the winners. Humanity has not been hurt because we are not considered a part of humanity, but merely a consumer and voter. So, you see, humanity is ok.


Only if Hillary Clinton wins. The elites and puppeteers never wanted Trump.


That should send a message to money bags, fraudsters and ponzi schemers:

Merkel Says “Nein” to Deutsche Bank Bailout -

The U.S. Department of Justice announced it’s seeking a record $14 billion penalty against Deutsche Bank in relation to mortgage securities fraud in the run up to the global financial crisis that’s roiled markets since 2007.

Another naughty bank, another big fine. Regulators quietly charge banks and financial institutions with rules and policy violations all the time. Most of them are settled just as quietly after a bunch of legal wrangling, without causing so much as a blip in the headlines.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, Deutsche Bank is facing a $14 billion fine at a time when the bank has “litigation reserves” of just €5.5 billion ($6.17 billion). It simply doesn’t have the cash on hand to pay just the penalties sought by U.S. regulators as it stands today.

What’s more, that $14 billion fine stems from just one of the more than 7,000 ongoing legal cases, according to The Guardian.

These problems are bad, but they pale in comparison to the problem no one’s talking about… Full Story

If that holds, then it will send a message of change throughout the world banking system, including Wall Street


Even with money, how can those crims make people vote against their interest, eg" Proposition 61, which seeks to lower prescription prices in that state." ? The Colorado issue is worse, as the governor and others elected to support coloradocare, now vote against it (see Donna Smith’s recent heartbreaking article-sorry can’t remember the link).


Undermining democracy; Insys Threapeutics is pumping $500,000 to derail Arizona’s ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana. Insys the maker of the FDA approved most potent opiate, Subsys (fentanyl), drug in the world. Currently Insys is being sued by Illinois’s AG for such things as routinely off label marketing of Subsys (fentanyl) for chronic migraines. Hello, where I live people are dying with needles still stuck in their arms, syringes full of fentanyl. In Arizona Insys is derailing Arizona’s November recreational marijuana ballot because they want to soon start selling syntheic marijuana. I live in Washington State, and I talk to the growers at my local marijuana store, and they grow all organic, perfection! Insys is undermining democracy so they can sell more poison!




Public financing has NOTHING to do with WHO runs for office. A set amount of money is given to each candidate equally. So then the candidates are competing for our votes on the power of their IDEAS, not on how much money they can raise from billionaires.


CORRECTION: Calif Prop 67 IS a ban on single use plastic bags. The legislature passed this previously & the grocery manufacturers are trying to get rid of it by having people vote against it. So voting YES ON PROP. 67 is still a vote to ban single use plastic bags.

CORRECTION #2: Calif. Prop 65 would direct money from sales of paper or multi-use bags to environmental purposes. The original legislation would let the grocery manufacturers keep that money. (This was the result of their lobbying elected officials…) So a YES VOTE for PROP. 65 would redirect funds of bag sales from grocers to the environment.

Otherwise a very good article.


I’ve never understood " $500 million dollars in dark money =s 1 person, 1 vote. Your level of understanding may vary. Good luck with that.:wink: