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Undermining Human Rights and Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS, Supreme Court Affirms Anti-Prostitution Pledge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/undermining-human-rights-and-global-fight-against-hivaids-supreme-court-affirms-anti

Again, if the Democrats did their job this would not be something that would be before the courts. The Hyde Amendment is still on the books and Democratic leadership won’t even try to eliminate it. Decades of neoliberal BS lead us here and is long passed time for Democrats to legislate and stop thinking the courts will save us. Biden-Pelosi-Schumer will be a disaster.


Lobbyists in Washington DC routinely trade sex for legislation.

Corporate lobbyists now write most US laws.

This would be the time for Stormy Daniels to speak up…

Wait a minute.

Please explain again how it is necessary to exploit women suffering sexual subjugation in order to distribute condoms.


Centering the rights of ALL women & girls requires Opposing Sexual Servitude.

Ultra Left Washington DC had huge hearings on this very issue in Oct. 2019. Listen online if you like but please do not claim it is “progressive” to support sexual exploitation. It is not. It serves pimps, traffickers & those who feel entitled to buy sex.

Studies show: men who buy sex are more likely to be violent in the home & with those from whom they are “buying”.

This site does not allow including links in comments, but you can google “Community Safety and Health Amendment Act of 2019” to find the video of the long hearing. Listen especially to the last hour or two.

HRW is WRONG on this issue. So is Amnesty International. It has been demonstrated Amnesty changed their policy AFTER lobbying by a pimp.

What about legislative prostitution?