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Undermining Right-Wing Attack, Poll Shows Most Americans With Employer-Provided Insurance Support Moving to Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/undermining-right-wing-attack-poll-shows-most-americans-employer-provided-insurance

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i love the way Jake Johnson frames it, with the “right wing” and the “corporate Democratic presidential candidates” as the opposition to Medicare For All.


You know, the only thing they have left (the only lies and gaslighting left, to be clear) is to argue that if Americans learn more facts on single payer, that support will drop off. They will pretend that the devil is in the details. They are partially true on that, as the details would utterly destroy their damn arguments (lies really).

Here is the interesting thing; pollsters never give the facts on single payer systems versus this system. They never give data on overhead in Medicare versus private insurance, and why Medicare is so much more efficient. They never give data on what the studies show in regards to trillions in collective savings, thousands that would be saved by most people, or the elimination of job lock and bankruptcies. Never. All the polls I have seen have been based on various hypotheticals, most of which is intended to increase support for the present system.

So, who exactly would support the present system if they were informed that by adopting single payer the country would save trillions, most people would save thousands, the coverage would be comprehensive, would no longer tie them to their jobs and would no longer result in bankruptcies? What percentage of the public would support the present system if given that data and if they can be assured that they will get the care they need? The support would be about the same as those that supported the monstrosity that would have been Trumpcare. The argument in regards to single payer versus this system is as iron clad as any policy debate will be, and these polls are done without respondents being given this type of data.


Just by way of example, when this first introduced in Canada in the Province of Saskatchewan the media and Industry lobby was pumping out the same sort of disinformation , that being costs would go up. The person who countered that narrative was Tommy Douglas, the Premier of Saskatchewan and the person that introduced that bill into the Legislature. He was a great communicator and used personal anecdotes to push for its introduction.

The Doctors orchestrated a strike and Tommy Douglas responded by hiring Doctors from South Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA to replace them. The Doctors strike fizzled out. Within a year of the bills implementation those same Doctors now supported Single Payer as they found it was saving them money as they no longer needed to employ a billing department or worry about a patients ability to pay.

When this introduced in Saskatchewan other Provinces soon followed suit at the peoples demand as it worked so well when compared to the old for profit system and even industry got on board (outside the health insurance industry) along with small businesses as they recognized the cost savings.

The Federal Government then introduced the National plan to tie the whole thing together.

In short the best way to get this message across is to get a bill passed and make it work. Do not count on the mainstream media to tell the truth.


I’m an occasional user of the VA Healthcare System. But Medicare for All gives me more choices of doctors.

I still can’t transfer my VA records to outside providers and vis, or from one provider to another. Some genius has to come up with a way to put your healthcare records from all providers into one file that any healthcare provider can access with our permission.

After having a child denied Blue Cross health insurance because of his allergies and after seeing friends paying big bucks for health insurance wishing they were 65 and able to get Medicare, I consider myself lucky to have a service connected injury, VA and Medicare.


Another talking point in favor of Improved/Expanded MFA: Money being fungible, the cost savings will be spent in other sectors of the economy.


I have the VA send test results to my civilian heart doctor and they share back and forth. A comprehensive electronic record is constantly growing. I think maybe there should be a provision for hipaa to keep requested information private, making it a two tier policy. Very workable.
Just yesterday I googled VA health benefits overseas. Apparently we get the same coverage you presently get. See you in Fiji.
That includes my wife who recently qualified for CHAMP coverage. She no longer has to pay for expensive migraine medication or morphine, the morphine isn’t terribly expensive, but hard to navigate now due to the CDC and FDA guidelines.
and the doctors. You know, the ones that screw the patient, because too many Johnny and Janes got hooked, and some overdosing.

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A VA provider told me that no one wants to bother to type in or copy and include my civilian health records in my VA records and vis. And the civilian hospital to whom my civilian doctors are attached doesn’t include records from other providers. Somebody needs to come up with an app for this.

One example I recall is when I was at a Comp and Pen visit for heart conditions. The VA doctor was unhappy that he didn’t have records to corroborate my claims. He faxed my civilian hospital 100 miles away and within 45 minutes was faxed back my heart records, an inch thick.
It seems to boil down to the individual units you deal with, not strictly policy norms.

No kidding. If you look at the MSM, and pay attention, you’ll see that it’s a constant stream of Pharma and Medicate Advantage
ads. As the old saying goes, “Follow the money.”

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But those rich executives NEED the private jets. Otherwise, they will have to mingle among the poor diseased citizens they can’t afford to cover.

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