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Undermining Trump-Bolton War Narrative, British General Says No Evidence of 'Increased Threat' From Iran


Undermining Trump-Bolton War Narrative, British General Says No Evidence of 'Increased Threat' From Iran

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A British general threw a wrench into the Trump administration's narrative that Iran is plotting attacks on American forces in the Middle East by telling reporters gathered at the Pentagon Tuesday that "there's been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces" in the region.


The Dynamite Duo, Bolton and Pompeo, want war for their separate reasons. Trump may get sucked into the vortex for political reasons involving distraction, feeding red meat to his base, and demonstrating fealty to one of his heroes, Bibi. I am happy to see a two-star general publicly excoriate the drumbeats of war. We need this to go viral to prevent the resurgence of the “bomb, bomb, bomb–bomb, bomb Iran” mantra.


The Brits, our obedient lackeys, facing total governance collapse, are not in a position to suck Trump’s toes on this one. Ditto the French Poodles.

The last time Iran attacked the US was ______________? Entering a date provided by a Zionist does not qualify.


Are the American people going to be so stupid again to go to war on Trumped up lies?


If Bibi, Bolton, Pompous and L’Infant Terrible in the WH want war with Iran let them be the first at the frontlines. Those bone spurs should be ok by now, no? Oh, and isn’t it high time the USA give up its “manifest destiny” to ruin nations across the globe?


One brave and honest man in the British military is somehow reminiscent of Smedley Butler USMC who told the truth in the last century.

Truth is anathema to the US war machine.

Can honesty and truth prevail?


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, I hope that this time the world gets it right. I don’t really see it happening though but I wish that there are extreme consequences for the mad dog Amerikkka finally pays a very heavy price for it’s arrogance and stupidity!


What? The US government making up stories about foreign aggression to start a war? Come on…


Yes. They voted for him. That’s top drawer stupid.


They aren’t prevailing now.

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Iran and the Iranian people have been attacked by the US more than once “beginning” with our 1953 coup deposing the democratically-elected popular Mohamed Mossadegh to install the hated dictator Shah!

Let’s also remember which foreign power actually DID attack the US or by their silence allow the attacks by others…the Zionist entity, our “great ally” we have “unbreakable bonds with”!

The Israeli pre-meditated attack on the USS Liberty killing or wounding over 200 sailors and covered-up since 1967 by BOTH the US traitors and Israeli perps!

The Beirut Marine Barracks bombing ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky claims in his book Israeli intel knew was about to happen but did not inform/warn or stop the attack, to “get the US into their fight” - an agenda the Zionist extremist terrorists have worked-for for decades! Beirut couls also been a false-flag op and the Liberty attack was planned to blame Arab forces as a false-flag attack. Prpblem was they could not sink the Liberty and she survived, but US personnel have been forbidden from speaking and giving evidence on the Israeli attack! Israeli pilots radioed that they were attacking a US ship but were “ordered to continue anyway”!!

The truth was exposed by the 4-Star Admiral Thomas H Moorer, ex-Chairman Joint- Chiefs of Staff, Independent Commission on the Liberty attack and cover-up by US government and Israel…



Israel continues to foment ME wars by the US traitors and subvert our elections, Congress, WH, and politicians to serve their own racist and illegal expansionist agenda!


The way that constant war and an ever growing, obscenely bloated, “defense” budget have been propagandized as acceptable and normal into American brains is just astounding to me. Why are we not in the streets yet? Every wasteful expenditure on the killing industry just takes away from things we need so badly in this country. Where is the breaking point where a critical mass of Americans finally see what a scam this is? It’s the most obvious thing in the world to many of us already. I despise the mainstream corporate media for perpetuating this, too. We don’t have a friend in high places to be found anywhere, anymore, it seems. People just gobble up the bad information they are fed like pigs at the trough and go along with it all to their demise. I’m not saying anything new. Just have to vent or my head will explode.


There has been no general increase in intelligence over the intervening years.


Every congressional district has an MIC installation in it – typically a base or an armaments factory. And while many Americans favor reduced military expenditures, they want those reductions to happen where someone else lives.


Where is the breaking point? Soon, I hope.

The article below offers details about what would go wrong.https://www.sott.net/article/413084-Iranian-presidential-aide-says-Trump-will-get-a-war-for-listening-to-the-mustache-John-Bolton

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The Brits are harboring Al Queda! The General is a Putin puppet and is Anti-semitic! Sanction them Invade…Exterminate! If you are not for US you are against US.


Be sure to Watch Out for the Doctored Intelligence Reports.

Powell sold out his own Powell Doctrine, forged out of the blood of the Vietnam Lie-Fest,
when he ran up the Iraq WMD False Flag.


Meanwhile up here in Canada, a Chinese national was arrested because she an executive of the firm Huwaee. She awaits extradition to the USA for criminal activity.

What are her crimes? Her Corporation is doing Business with Iran and under US law this illegal as the USA has declared sanctions. What could be more idiotic and cowardly then arresting a person who is from China and in another Country, who has broken no laws in either China or that other Country just because the USA decided it a crime to trade with China.

Will the USA extradite those Americans down at the Mexican border to China for violating Chinese Gun Control laws?


Oh they will be doctored, and the media will claim that XXX US intelligence agencies agree with the report therefore it must be true.


or, HOW can we help honesty and truth prevail?

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