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Underscoring 'Grotesque Nature of Unequal Sacrifice,' Richest Americans Have Added $434 Billion in Wealth Since Pandemic Hit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/underscoring-grotesque-nature-unequal-sacrifice-richest-americans-have-added-434


My number one qualification for POTUS is that he/she is in favor of taxing billionaires to holy hell. I guess that eliminates Trump and Biden. Billionaires should be illegal, in my opinion.


James McGill Buchanan must be dancing in hell with his cohorts. He’s the Nobel Prize winning(!) economist whose basic premise was only those who owned property(the rentier class) were allowed to rule the society. They were free from paying taxes of any kind. And, in those times, no women, people of color, or working class people should be allowed to vote. Neoliberalism has won. The proles must return to work to keep the economy going and the rich…well…rich. For more details, check out Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean and practice bowing and pulling your forelock in respect to your betters.


The 1% once again using Klein’s Shock Doctrine as a how-to manual to accelerate trajectory to a new dark age.


Follow the money.

Follow the money back to the ruling class propaganda distortions and exaggerations about COVID-19™ that laid the groundwork for the ongoing multi-trillion dollar heist of public wealth, and for the concomitant evisceration of checks, balances, and democratic oversight.

Can we please stop participating in ruling class myth-making? Can we be candid, at long last?

COVID-19 is a scam.


“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
– Warren Buffett


Tax individual billionaires and obscenely wealthy corporations to hell (holy or not).

Starbucks wants partial relief from the $1.25 billion in rent it owes landlords over the next year (see link below). I say, Howard Schultz, you’re worth about $4 billion. Pay your rent, you putz!



We have to force government to use its legal and financial power to steer the American economy toward more egalitarian, socially rational, and environmentally sustainable purposes

In this current recession, it was the indulgence of the 1 percent built into the 2008 rescue that is responsible for the depth and severity of our current economic crisis. Without guidance, money was poured into the financial system. Not surprisingly, it blossomed alongside the mutually reinforcing dynamic of artificially inflated stock prices and ballooning corporate debt.


“Healthcare is the one bright spot in a dismal economy”. In other words, a cash cow to be milked.


Good job .1%. Capitalism at its best. Raking in billions without spending a dime while congress passes laws to give you a tax break and refund. Now you want to have your rent paid? Check with Miss Nancy, I am sure when her next peasant crumb bill comes up she’ll have no problem with it.


A deep depression has arrived, but the general population has no influence. The gates are locked. We wait outside to die quietly.


This has to change or we will relive it again within ten years. Remember 1987, 2008, 2020 and we do the same thing again. Private banks are created to reduce overall prosperity shifting prosperity from the 90% to the 10% of the population that controls the private banks and creditors. We need a public bank system that does not make loans for corporate takeovers, corporate raids, stock buybacks, or create junk mortgages that mortgage borrowers can’t pay and guarantee a crash. Public banks purpose is to increase economic growth and prosperity unless the oligarchs take over the government and funnel the prosperity to themselves anyway.

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The response to this will be “Let us cut those tax rates so of that 434 billion in extra wealth, these guys can keep more of it and invest it in the economy”.

The Democrats and the Republicans are and will be both on board with this.


There is a couple of highly respected doctors with Ph.D.s that agree with you but they have been censored so may not still be on YouTube anymore and they are: Dr.Rashid A. Buttar and Dr. Judy Mikovits…

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what’s new in corporate greedy capitalist amerika!

Richest Americans Have Added $434 Billion in Wealth Since Pandemic Hit

Cui Bono? Some people claim the Pandemic is real but is being taking advantage of like a false flag by the 1% to enhance their greedy, egregious, wealth. True or not: WE HAVE TO ADMIT IT HAS ADDED BILLIONS OF $$$$$$$$ TO THEIR WEALTH!

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There is also another dimension here. The “consumer” is the “product” in many cases such as AI / tech information (google / google earth et al.).

I really don’t think that most folks quite get the sheer scale of the change in economic dynamics. So much of this is obscured under monopolistic hyper-powers like the frat boy facebook vulture.

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” by Harvard Law Professor Shoshana Zuboff should be required reading and short of that, viewing presentations on the topic. This is BIG - way big!


The sort of entity that pokes people in the eye, steals their future, blames them for being blind and then laughs as he buffetts his way over corpses.

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I have not reached any conclusions. At this stage of my research into the COVID-19™ phenomenon and associated lockdowns, I am skeptical of the official story. I don’t doubt that COVID-19™ is a real virus that causes real illnesses and deaths.

I use the term “scam” guardedly. I reject the word “hoax.” COVID-19™ is not a hoax.

I believe COVID-19™ is a scam, however, in the sense that it is being used, dishonestly, as leverage to facilitate a massive transfer of wealth from taxpayers to private bank accounts.

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You are now enrolled in His Pestilency’s lethal propaganda campaign. Congratulations. Good bye.