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Underscoring 'Grotesque Nature of Unequal Sacrifice,' Richest Americans Have Added $434 Billion in Wealth Since Pandemic Hit

Rather interesting .

Illuminating the illusions we live life by…

It might be appropriate for you to be a bit less harsh on yourself, and others, for an occasional use of the wrong term. We humans, are an imperfect lot, though striving for perfection can be admirable.

Maybe, DNC will try Senator Warren to cynically delude all virtue-signalling boomer liberals into consensus dementia? Like a fahklempt Jim Jones re-enactment of Woodstock?


I do remember. I was trying to support a point I’ve been making that it is not Progressive’s obligation to vote LOTE to get rid of Trump, it is the Democrats obligation to win our vote. There are other 3rd parties out there with MUCH better ideas.


Sometimes you screw up a name in an obituary, and it’s just awful – because of the accidental slight. Besides, the evidence is in and conclusive on the question of my foolishness, so I’m only being accurate, not hard.

I’ve got a persistent ringing in my ears, tinnitus. It’s a condition which drives people nuts attempting to do something about it, when there’s nothing to do. I’ve come to accept it as my body’s lesson in equanimity: this is my persistently ringing world and welcome to it. The pranks my mind plays on me are like that. When I need to be taken down a notch and reminded of my failings, my mind so generously steps up to do a job on me, I’m lucky if the outcome doesn’t require auto-body work.

As a final tid-bit, the people refer to themselves as the Diné or Dineh. Actually it’s a bit more complicated than that, as i find at this site:

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Capitalism preceded U.S. on the food chain and will be the active dynamic long after bi-peds return to dust. Capitalism=Opportunism. Any dispassionate view of nature shows the need for opportunistic impulse. Competition is also a feature of the food chain. The question is what role does altruism play?

How important in what ways is cooperation given the limitations of competition? Especially winner-take-all competition which appears to hinder rather than help in social dynamics and institution building? What makes societies accomplish something more than basic survival or code for security and stability as opposed to continuous rapacious predation is institution building.

More appropriate would be using more precise terms in slogans and anthems. Down with capitalism is like shouting Down With Air! Think about what makes the capitalistic impulse dominant, what makes capitalism Predatory Capitalism. Also, as is not often enough pointed out, commerce and capitalism are not synonyms to be used interchange-ably.

In the U.S. very few media workers or policy makers note the taboo on naming the set of doctrines that on any university campus are studied through the history of economics, or how we humans order our exploitation of natural and human resources. Without naming or categorizing something in creation we cannot modify or make it work in the Public Interest as opposed to being used to exploit to the benefit of ever concentrating Private Interests.

Search online and find many discussions and advanced degree theses on Neo-Liberal E-CONomics and Neo-CONservative E-CONomics which came together in the U.S. in the 1970’s and radically changed the operating systems of nation states like Israel from Social Democracies to Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrines coupled with Daddy Warbucks Neo-CON doctrines into non-competitive wealth-concentrating oligarchies and plutocracies.

The Museum of Broadcasting in NYC has very little archived from the U.S. broadcast spectrum discussing Neo-Liberal E-CON or even naming it.

What we cannot do in our U.S. Freedom of Expression fetishizing culture within a corporate-captured mass communications system is publicly analyze policies, conduct cost-benefit studies of policy outcomes and discuss alternatives to Neo-Liberal E-CON\Neo-CON perpetual war economy. We cannot even name Neo-Liberal E-CON, as content analysis of the plethora of Business programming shows in U.S. commercial and Public broadcasting systems.

The term PUBLIC INTEREST has been systematically sidelined in U.S. broadcast history from the time of the Cold War Gray Propaganda campaigns of what is known in intel and academic circles as The Mighty Wurlitzer. How much of our war against communism propagandistically lumped together with socialism is BLOWBACK of our Cold War propaganda is another taboo subject. On the BLOWBACK of secret intelligence operations that use the shaded gradations of propaganda (Black, Gray and White) see Professor of Communications Christopher Simpson’s books titled BLOWBACK, SCIENCE OF COERCION and UNIVERSITIES & EMPIRE or Dennis Mazzocco’s (an Emmy Award nominated U.S. commercial media professional for decades while simultaneously maintaining a career teaching Mass Comm in universities) NETWORKS OF POWER.

Historical manifestation shows clearly the cults of personality far from the economic principles of theoretical socialism (communism is another operating system entirely) that more frequently take over states. But sub-set socio-economic systems within any society have elements of socialism. No military is anything but a socialist system, however, with a fixed top-down hierarchy in place of anarchic syndicalist structures. Same with capitalism. Don’t undercut or undermine your own activism with imprecise sloganeering. Catharsis is personal. We need socio-economic change to alter our wealth-concentrating Political Economy.

That will require collective action and organizing.

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Then it becomes imperative that the economic system be radically changed because if it isn’t we will return to this disgraceful reality again and again. Did we learn nothing from the 2008 socialization of Wall Street?

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Capitalism replaced feudalism after the French Revolution under the banner of, liberty, equality and fraternity. It delivered none of this. The continuous growing inequality across society is proof a 10% oligarchy controls the economy and the 90% of the rest of us. The structure of corporations where a few shareholders and board members control and dictate all decisions and rules is the exact opposite of liberty, equality and fraternity and they represent 20 or 30 groups of oligarchs across America controlling better than 2/3 of the wealth and the decision making process.


Appreciate the link. I never said I agreed with the poster about the Coronavirus being a scam only that Dr. Mikovits and Dr.Buttar agreed with his post.

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Thank you. I will take your suggestion.

I too, suffer from tinnitus, likely the result of growing up in the sixties listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the Beatles and Stones at volumes inadvisable and also 50 years of working in manufacturing, much of which prior to wising up to the need for PPE, so I empathize with you. Those acts of foolishness on my part are part of an alarmingly long list of regrettable choices with which I deal with the repercussions daily. I could have it worse. I could be a resident of Bangladesh slogging through the mud and lucky if I have a rain soaked hut.


Any disaster is a good enough distraction to rob the public treasuries and seize the resources of the commons for the profits of the elites. That doesn’t mean that the disease, hurricane, fires, etc., and the destruction and deaths they create aren’t real, merely that the wealthy see no sense in letting a good alibi go to waste, especially with the hard times they, better than any others, see and recognize on the horizon.

if the party leadership wins this race, then nothing will change in their next electoral outing, except their assuredness of future victory by pursuing the same formula until the nation collapses. The DNC doesn’t need to win general elections as long as they keep winning primary elections.

there are many ways to run a world --while the history of our political establishments is one of terror-exploitation,slavery ,theft , and destruction of our environment was/is the norm–there are also many examples of how to reduce --if not eliminate–these historical tragedies—it is way past time for people to start evolving–to leave the anticidents of our demise and realize that if we want a planet to live on for ourselves and our progeny we will HAVE TO CHANGE–there are many models for how to do this–my favorite is the syndicalist solution–the one that dumps the bosses off our backs and gives the power to the ones who do the actual work–see Spain and the success of the worker coops called Mondragon as a many year example of what CAN be the case----and we are inventive enough to invent monetary systems based on other things besides wealth–like work-as in a day’s work provides the means for our survival WITHOUT having to be at the mercy of the exploiters and their loyal pawns-bully boys and enforcers- capitalism as the guiding force behind human existence is a proven LOSER-see the collapse of our ecosystems and the lack of attention by EVERY power structure we have for over 50 years and see them double down on that destruction for the money to be made on the killing of our planet(and us along with it---- it smacks of a form of suicide-not to mention the murder of millions)and all the pandering , catering, and kowtowing to the system only INCREASES our demise

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Assumptions. Assumptions and interpolations. I suppose there are always those who throw fits on the basis of assumptions and interpolations. Nowhere have I “made fun of” or “mocked” a victim. The astute Mr. Null sits safely at home, living comfortably on a pension, or on independent wealth. Unlike those who have to work, he has time to write comments in websites. He has time to virtue signal, to try to shame into submission anyone who dares suggest that the lockdown is an excuse for the U.S. ruling class to finish dispossessing the U.S. people and demolish what is left of U.S. democracy. “Silence!!” says Mr. Null, “Look at these charts and graphs!! Oh, the horror, the horror!!” “How dare you put a trademark symbol after covid19?”

Meanwhile, I and my friends in Recoleta, Santiago de Chile, are collecting food donations for families who are starving because the lockdown has deprived them of all means of support.

My theses regarding covid19 are simple and unassailable. Nowhere have I written that covid19 is not real, or is not really killing people. Anyone who suggests that I “mocked death” or “joined a propaganda campaign” has fallen into abject emotionalism… and for what? Why make all these assumptions? Why stomp one’s feet and shout out one’s umbrage over things that one’s interlocutor never wrote?
@SuspiraDeProfundis @Shantiananda @GuildF312S @Fern @drone1066
The following are my theses. Argue with these, using facts, science, and logic. Leave off the phony outrage.

  1. The covid19 pandemic is being exploited by global ruling classes and their functionaries in government to steal massive amounts of public wealth.
  2. The covid19 pandemic is being exploited by global ruling classes and their functionaries in government to disable democratic institutions and prevent the People from deciding what to do with their own wealth.
  3. The global lockdown/quarantine is the principal means by which #1 and #2, above, are being accomplished. Without the lockdown, the ruling classes could not get away with the ongoing heist and the ongoing demolition of democratic institutions.
  4. Assuming that the lockdown is a treatment for the covid19 pandemic, the treatment is worse than the cure. More people will suffer and die, in the long run, as a result of the lockdown, than will suffer and die as a result of covid19. Those who will suffer and die as a result of the lockdown, moreover, are disproportionately poor and underprivileged. These are the people whom neoliberal politicians consider disposable, the same ones who have been suffering and dying under decades of heartless, anti-social neoliberal policies.

The covid19 lockdown is the latest in a series of ruling class efforts to discipline majority classes and suppress populist movements. Fear has long been the preferred instrument for accomplishing these objectives, for warding off majority class threats to ruling class wealth and power. C.J. Hopkins has written several essays which explain the covid19 lockdown in this light, with a bit of humor thrown in.





Where did I ever express outrage at what you posted? I suggested much the same as you did, that the pandemic being exploited by those in power.

I’d certainly be interested in how the people of Chile feel about things, because this novel virus is surely coming your way big-time. Meanwhile, I inhabit the Bay Area, site of USA’s first COVID-19 death back in January. This Memorial Day Holiday, I see LA & OC, where I grew up, cueing up to be the next intense New York experience. I am horrified, in the mass-suicidal context I see of Californians lining up like lemmings, to hear anyone making fun of this virus, imitating Fox News. It frankly too much resembles making light of the suffering of those who suffer the most. It resembles bigotry, which ill becomes anyone who does not intend to broadcast bigotry. The AIDS plague was and is a great historic tragedy where bigotry lends the microbe invaluable assistance.

Attribute what you will to your government’s response. This goddam bug is for real. Yes, PANIC BUTTON ALL CAPS, EVEN BOLDFACE TIME, for God’s sake. It’s a signal, historic chapter in humankind’s confrontation with microbe evolution – a confrontation we’re losing on multiple fronts, as a species. This is all more real than most people can even imagine. So there’s no need to dilute whatever of value you have to share with ridiculous sneering at a truly terrifying pathogen.

If only all of humankind had a common enemy, like an invasion from outer space or a real bad global pandemic, then perhaps China and USA could pool our scientific resources (we could even consider Cuba’s peerless therapies) to get our feet planted for the struggle ahead. Nobody takes it seriously, still. So you see ByeDone trying to out-chest-thump Orangeman with sinophobic crap (the Republicans are “soft on China”) in nationally broadcast campaign ads from a parallel universe. We’re experiencing an outbreak in a madhouse, here in USA. Lord have pity on us.

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