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'Underwhelming and Inadequate': Green Groups Slam New Senate Democrats' Climate Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/underwhelming-and-inadequate-green-groups-slam-new-senate-democrats-climate-report

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BOTH PARTIES are in complete denial about how catastrophic ongoing exponential climate change is unfolding. Fuck their talk about eliminating fossil fuels by 2050. We needed to completely eliminate them a few decades ago. What we have put into the atmosphere now will show up around 20 years from now. The game is over regarding addressing catastrophic climate change. Humans are apparently too damn stupid and suicidal to understand what is happening. Climate change is the only thing ALL humans should be rallying around right now. There should be massive ongoing general strikes and boycotts regarding this issue. Greta Thunberg understands what is happening and what is at stake. But so many in the USA simply mock her as a mentally disabled kid. Everything else is nothing but distraction now and akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. And to reiterate and piss off all the Democrat cheerleaders and enablers, BOTH PARTIES are only too happy to kill all of us all in their never ending pursuit of corporate bribes that ensure that nothing will ever change except for the corporate oligarchs continuing to consolidate their power to kill the rest of us off as their political puppets from BOTH PARTIES enact legislation that legally lets them murder all life on earth. Obama and his administration actively engaged in promoting fracking around the world as one recent example.


The Trump Death Cult doesn’t give a damn about the climate crisis or you. The unDemocratic Party doesn’t give a damn about the climate crisis or you. The duopoly exists to further enrich the oligarchs and the big corporations at your expense and that will never change. They absolutely will let the planet burn and unless we do something, it’s on us.

The Movement for a People’s Party will hold its virtual convention on Sunday, August 30. Support it, for it’s the best chance, maybe the only chance, you have right now to put a genuinely progressive party in office with real power.


Just got out of a Zoom meeting of the newly coalescing Michigan chapter of MPP.
Only 18 of us, but encouraging. Kind of a Bernie hangover crowd, which I can live with for now.

The party is still developing a platform.
Still has to gain ballot access in all 50 states.
Still needs people like us to volunteer/organize.
Post meet-up, I’m closer to volunteering.


For some people, such as me, a green new deal sounds likely to be good, but without enough details to be sure that it is.

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yep,nailed it

Unfortunately, none of these Neros have any idea of how to even tune their fiddle, much less play it.

All in all, it’s a tone deaf exercise. The only thing I seem to experience is constant cognitive dissonance.

As Douglas Adams, may he rest in peace, might have said at this point, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

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Many voiced similar hesitations about the affirmative action taken by public utilities commissions and in some cases legislators to compel public utilities to deploy renewable energy resources such as wind and solar. Today coal, and increasingly natural gas, can’t compete with renewables, because a market demand was created to support it.

It turns out that strong policy leadership opens the door to real innovation and transformed economics. I have no worries about conjectured shortcomings of broad policy programs like the green new deal, especially when one considers the known perils of failure to act.

When one considers questions like “Can we afford the Green New Deal?”, it is necessary to resolve the unsaid, but all important, rest of that question, “as compared to what?” In this case that necessarily includes consideration of the destruction of the habitability of our planet.

For me, the answer seems clear.


The Title said it all: what is the priority?: “the Economy.”

A truthful title, with sufficient gravity would be:

“The only Chance to Save Earth’s Biosphere and Humanity from Certain Death.”

And the contents would start with:

A) Immediate dissolution of Capitalism

and proceed from there to more difficult steps…


Bad Moon Rising

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Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: John C. Fogerty

Bad Moon Rising lyrics © The Bicycle Music Company


Some different understandings as relating to climate and the Earth and how HEB’s ( Highly Evolved Beings live )

It’s still good advice if you don’t believe !!

HEBs also share. They share everything. With everyone. Not a being goes without. All the natural resources of their world, of their environment, are divided equally, and distributed to everyone. A nation or a group or a culture isn’t thought to “own” a natural resource simply because it happens to occupy the physical location where that resource is found. The planet (or planets) which a group of species calls “home” is understood to belong to everyone – to all the species in that system. Indeed, the planet or group of planets itself is understood to be a “system.” It is viewed as a whole system, not as a bunch of little parts or elements, any of which can be eliminated, decimated, or eradicated without damage to the system itself.

It’s not just ecology – which is the relationship of the planet’s natural resources to the planet’s inhabitants. It’s also the relationship of the inhabitants to themselves, to each other, and to the environment. It’s the interrelationship of all the species of life . What we’re talking about is larger than the ecosystem. It’s truly the speciesytem . The effect on the speciessytem is uppermost when considering any decision. It is understood that the speciesystem supports all life and every being, at the optimum level. Doing nothing that would harm the speciesystem is therefore a statement that each individual being is important . Not only the individual beings with status or influence or money. Not only the individual beings with power or size or the presumption of greater self-awareness. All beings, and all species, in the system.

You are moving dangerously close to the time when you will not be able to experience “life as you know it” precisely because you have insisted on subordinating the needs of most species to the desires of only one – namely, humans – and even all members of that species, but only a few. Not even the largest number (which might have some logic to it), but by far the smallest – namely, the richest and the most powerful.

Your civilization does not deserve a tirade; any more than a roomful of small children deserves one. Human beings will do what they are doing – to themselves and to each other – until they realize that it is no longer in their best interests. No amount of tirades will change that. If tirades changed things, your religions would have been far more effective long before now. If these simple observations are stinging you, look to see why. This much we both know. The truth is often uncomfortable. Yet this book has come to bring the truth. As have others which God has inspired. And movies. And television programs. For better or worse, television is now the campfire of your society. It is not the medium that is taking you in directions you say you do not wish to go, it is the messages you allow to be placed there. Do not denounce the medium. You may use it one day yourself, to send a different message…

The needs of all species in a speciesystem are treated equally, but the needs themselves are not all equal. It is a question of proportion, and of balance. HEBs deeply understand that all living things within what we have chosen here to call the speciesystem have needs which must be met if the physical forms that both create and sustain the system are to survive. They also understand that not all these needs are the same, or equal, in terms of the demands they place on the system itself. Let’s use the two living species you call “trees” and “humans.” Obviously, trees do not require as much daily “maintenance” as humans. So their needs are not equal. Yet they are interrelated. That is, one species depends on the other. You must pay as much attention to the needs of trees as to the needs of humans, but the needs themselves are not as great. Yet if you ignore the needs of one species of living thing, you do so at your peril. The book God mentioned earlier as being of critical importance – The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight – describes all of this magnificently. It says that trees take carbon dioxide out of your atmosphere, using the carbon portion of this atmospheric gas to make carbohydrates – that is, to grow . (Nearly everything of which a plant is made, including roots, stems, leaves – even the nuts and fruits which the tree bears – are carbohydrates.) Meanwhile, the oxygen portion of this gas is released by the tree. It is the tree’s “waste matter.” Human beings, on the other hand, need oxygen to survive. Without trees to convert the carbon dioxide, which is plentiful in your atmosphere, into oxygen – which is notyou as a species cannot survive. You, in turn, release (breathe out) carbon dioxide, which the tree needs to survive. Do you see the balance?

The oxygen manufacturing plant which you call the Amazon rain forest can be replaced in its capacity to balance your planet’s atmosphere in, say, two or three thousand years. Not to worry. You’re clearing thousands of acres every year, but not to worry. You clear the land so that you can raise cattle to slaughter and eat. Raising cattle is said to provide more income for the indigenous peoples of the rain forest country. So all this is proclaimed to be about making the land productive . In highly evolved civilizations, however, eroding the speciesystem is not looked at as productive , but rather, destructive . So HEBs have found a way to balance the total needs of the speciesystem. They choose to do this, rather than serve the desires of one small portion of the system, for they realize that no species within the system can survive if the system itself is destroyed .

Human beings have been trying to solve problems at the “doingness” level for a long time, without much success. That’s because true change is always made at the level of “being,” not “doing.” Oh, you’ve made certain discoveries, alright, and you’ve advanced your technologies, and so, in some ways, you’ve made your lives easier – but it’s not clear whether you’ve made them better . And on the larger issues of principle, you have made very slow progress. You are facing many of the same problems of principle that you’ve faced for centuries on your planet. Your idea that Earth exists for the exploitation of the dominant species is a good example. You clearly will not change what you are doing around that until you change how you are being . You have to change your idea about who you are in relationship to your environment and everything in it before you will ever act differently. It is a matter of consciousness. And you have to raise consciousness before you can change consciousness .

Stop being quiet about all this. Speak up. Raise a ruckus. Raise the issues. You might even raise some collective consciousness. On just one issue, for instance. Why not grow hemp and use it to make paper? Do you have any idea how many trees it takes just to supply your world with daily newspapers? To say nothing of paper cups, carry-out cartons and paper towels? Hemp can be grown inexpensively, and harvested easily, and used not only for making paper, but the strongest rope, and the longest-lasting clothing, and even some of the most effective medicines your planet can provide. In fact, cannabis can be planted so inexpensively, and harvested so easily, and has so many wonderful uses, that there is a huge lobby working against it. Too many would lose too much to allow the world to turn to this simple plant which can be grown almost anywhere. This is just one example of how greed replaces common sense in the conduct of human affairs.

Are you up for being inspired? Are you up for being excited? Because learning about and exploring what other civilizations – advanced civilizations – are doing should both inspire and excite you! Think of the possibilities! Think of the opportunities! Think of the golden tomorrows just around the corner! You will wake up! You are waking up! The paradigm is shifting. The world is changing. It’s happening right in front of your eyes. This book is part of it. You are part of it. Remember, you are in the room to heal the room. You are in the space to heal the space. There is no other reason for you to be here. Don’t give up! Don’t give up! The grandest adventure has just begun!

HEBs live in unity, and with a deep sense of interrelatedness. Their behaviors are created by their Sponsoring Thoughts – what you might call the basic guiding principles of their society. Your behaviors, too, are created by your Sponsoring Thoughts – or, the basic guiding principles of your society. The First Guiding Principle of a HEB society is: We Are All One. Every decision, every choice, all of what you would call “morals” and “ethics,” is based upon this principle. The Second Guiding Principle is: Everything in the One Interrelates. Under this principle, no one member of a species could, or would, keep something from another simply because “he had it first,” or it’s his “possession,” or it’s in “short supply.” The mutual dependency of all living things in the speciesystem is recognized and honored. The relative needs of every species of living organism within the system are always kept in balance – because they are always kept in mind .

A HEB experiences “personal ownership” in the sense of holding personal responsibility for every good thing in his care. The closest word in your language to describe what a HEB feels about what you would call a “prized possession” is stewardship . A HEB is a steward , not an owner . The word “own,” and your concept behind it, are not part of the culture of HEBs. There is no such thing as “possession” in the sense of something being a “personal belonging.” HEBs do not possess . HEBs caress . That is, they hold, embrace, love, and care for things, but they do not own them. Humans possess, HEBs caress. In your language, this is how the difference could be described.

Earlier in your history humans felt they had the right to personally possess everything they laid their hands on . This included wives and children, land, and the riches of the land. “Stuff,” and whatever other “stuff” their “stuff” could get them, was also theirs. Much of this belief is still held as truth today in human society. Humans became obsessed with this concept of “ownership.” HEBs who watched this from a distance called this your “possession obsession.” Now, as you have evolved, you understand more and more that you can really, truly, possess nothing – least of all your spouses and children. Many of you, though, still cling to the notion that you can possess land, and everything on it, under it, and over it. (Yes, you even talk about “air rights”!) The HEBs of the universe, by contrast, deeply understand that the physical planet beneath their feet is not something that can be possessed by any single one of them – although an individual HEB may be granted, through the mechanisms of his or her society, a parcel of land for which to care. If she is a good steward of the land, she may be allowed (asked) to pass stewardship on to her offspring, and they to theirs. Yet if at any time either he or his offspring prove to be poor stewards of the land, the land is no longer kept in their care.

In a highly evolved culture, a “corporation,” as you call it, would never be allowed to despoil the land in order to make a profit, for it would be clearly seen that the quality of the lives of the very people who own or work for the corporation are being irrevocably damaged. What profit is there in that? Humans are invested in short-term profit and don’t care about long-term loss because they don’t think they’re going to be around to experience it, but HEBs care about long-term loss because they know they can choose to remain in corporal form forever and they’re usually around to experience the long-term consequences of their actions. HEBs don’t pollute their air, their water, and their land. They do not put chemicals into the ground, for instance, which are then taken up by plants and animals, and brought into the body upon consumption of those plants and animals. A HEB, in fact, would never consume an animal, much less fill the ground, and the plants which the animal eats, with chemicals, then fill the animal itself with chemicals, and then consume it. A HEB would correctly assess such a practice to be suicidal. So HEBs do not pollute their environment, their atmosphere, and their own corporal bodies, as humans do. Your bodies are magnificent creations, made to “last” infinitely longer than you allow them to.

And how would you proceed with the “immediate dissolution of capitalism?” How would you eliminate private property rights? How would you even remotely attempt to do so peacefully? That sounds like an oxymoron. We’ve seen how this transition has worked in communist states and over one hundred million deaths are the result.

There’s a little brass plate out on San Pablo to commemorate El Cerrito’s extreme pride in its legendary native sons of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Today much of San Pablo is boarded up, not only because much of it is closed down. Pasttime Hardware boarded up, even though they’re open, just to protect their windows during the Floyd Rebellion. Someone scrawled on their plywood in spray-paint: “This shit works great, thanks!” It’s not clear whether they’re praising the plywood or the spray-paint.

The moon, and sun, have been painted orange by heavy smoke in the air for days, here in East Bay.

Sometimes I imagine, while I’m strolling San Pablo, how I’d feel about it 10 or 20 years ago if I got just a glimpse preview of what this street looks like today. Bad moon rising indeed.

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I have registered with the DSA, but a People’s party would only facilitate the same and similar goals, at the least from my current abysmal state of knowledge regarding the people’s party movement. I’ll spend some more time researching this option but I think we’re in a tough spot in this regard with respect to 2020 elections, and I really don’t believe that there are many viable political actions to successfully address climate change impacts in any significant fashion that don’t begin immediately.

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Capitalism does not innately assure, nor protect private property rights, nor does the absence of Capitalism automatically demand the end of private property ownership. Most all social democracies acknowledge and accept private property rights (and responsibilities) along with public ownership of the Commons. No one outside of the GOP is suggesting anything like replacing Capitalism with Communism or Fascism. Your strawman army exists only in your fevered imaginations.

The whole Democrat party is nothing but liars and thieves and I’m sick of their endless bulls**t. They are just as corrupt and evil and Republicans. Wake up everybody.

And Bernie’s blaming republicans for not addressing climate change. Bernie is FULL OF CRAP TOO and a gaslighter and a phony. They’re all sick.

Politicians are heavily into extractive industries. You don’t think they just live on their pay, do you?

Its time we get rid of political parties and institute direct voting on issues.

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I suggest that there are no options available for 2020 as far as voting ethically is concerned. One can vote for Biden and the ever increasingly unDemocratic Party as the lesser of two extremely evil options. But do that and the planet will still burn hotter, the people will still be further disenfranchised and forced even further into economic servitude.

The only hope is to support a movement like the Movement for a People’s Party, the DSA, the Green Party. A better hope is to unite those parties/movements and get on the ballots in as many states as possible by 2022 and every state by 2024. It can be done but it’s going to require a lot of the support from those thinking of themselves as progressives.

The MPP is aiming for 2022. Definitely too late for 2020.