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'Underwhelming and Inadequate': Green Groups Slam New Senate Democrats' Climate Report

No, I was not aware of changes in the speaker schedule. Thanks. And if it’s really set for tomorrow as you’ve said up there, then I’ve definitely not kept up. Last I knew, it was set for 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 30.

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Oh, damn, it is August 30. I have a different event on the 27th. I need a breather. And a drink. Thanks!

Thank you Trakar, that was my first thought also when I read Twila1’s comment: OMG, so many strawmen in so few words! And it is instructive, what Twila’s immediate defensive reaction was: my property, oh my property!, presumably while protecting genitals. Which brings to mind Jack Benny’s iconic (and oh, so revealing - in mockery) skit:

Robber, to Benny: Your money - or your life!

Benny: Silence.

Robber: WELL??!!

Benny: I’m THINKING!

4 p.m. eastern on Sunday, August 30