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Undeterred by Lawmakers in Hiding, the Resistance Prepares for Recess


Undeterred by Lawmakers in Hiding, the Resistance Prepares for Recess

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Since the GOP-led Congress took power last month, leaders that have supported President Donald Trump's controversial cabinet choices or have worked to eliminate affordable healthcare have had to face crowds of angry voters.

Now, with February's congressional recess on the horizon, the resistance is gearing up to confront lawmakers on their home turf to let them know how the American public views Trump's agenda.


Seems as though during 'Recess', Republicans want to play a little 'Dodge-Ball'.


How the hell do you expect your representative to attend your meeting when she needs to be at the Clooney's for a $37,500 a plate dinner? Please explain to her, she doesn't understand, why she should attend your little meeting in a small school or church auditorium when she could be schmoozing with her kind of people, "the filthy rich".
Their is one possible way you might get your representative to attend your town hall, though I suppose if you could get Morning Ho and his trusty side kick Mika to attend, with Rachel tending the bar, and Chris Matthews slobbering all over everyone while he proclaims how happy he is that MSNBC has gone conservative again, while Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell look down their noses at all of the little people standing around and finally Brian Williams sitting in the corner talking to himself. Perhaps then your representative would be interested in attending your Town Hall. But don't hold your breath for your representative or the crew from MSNBC showing up!


I like it, Bob. And live, interactive real time streaming, too! A lotta people, these days, have smartphones and a lotta others are virtual shut-ins or too poor to attend. These two groups are in greatest need of attention, too.