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Undeterred by Mall's Crackdown, Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Business As Usual



The mall really messed up with their strong arm baloney. A smart guy would have welcomed the protesters, offered them discount coupons, given them a stage where they could have enticed even more shoppers to the mall.

"Ya I am here to protest, but look! A I-book for $350! While I am here i think I will get 2 of those."


Not gonna make too many friends messing with an airport terminal a day before Christmas. Who is making those decisions?


I think that you don't get the point of it all and would rather be in the MOA shopping.


Rozin Security Consultants.
"Michael Rozin is a pioneer in adapting Israeli security principles for use in the United States."

Israeli security is aaaallll about racial profiling and bugger all else.


I do watch mainstream news. Have not seen any coverage of it yet. If they do cover it they will most likely look for some real disturbance for ratings.

It will not be long before BLM will be totally shut down just like OWS was. Now if the OWS movement of the past would meet up with BLM all over the USA and disrupt the status quo we might get somewhere. As it is these small happenings are easily stopped by the Israeli trained cops.