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Unearthed Recordings Showing Reagan Calling Africans 'Monkeys' Just 'Par for the Course' Say Critics of GOP

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/unearthed-recordings-showing-reagan-calling-africans-monkeys-just-par-course-say

Reagan’s a hero to Republicans BECAUSE he was a peabrain racist. A negative like The Flaming Orange Satan trump getting elected can become a positive IF it leads to social change: exposing today’s party of STUPID Republicans AS THE party of racists (stupid) is a good thing.


The Brand D tent is plenty big enough to contain quite a few unrepentant racists too. With that said, I agree that SpongeDon SquareMouth is a prettty powerful organizer for the US left (which is most definitely NOT the same as the Democrat party).


Glad to see this demented bigot’s true legacy start to make it to the light of day. I know, I know, it is not good to speak ill of the dead. Raegan is dead-good.


I’m telling you all, in most cases, the “R” after their name isn’t indicative of being a Republican, it’s subliminally there to stand for "Racist."


Ronnie Raygun can roll for eternity in his grave as far as I am concerned.

Right now, Reagan is sitting at a card table in Hell, endlessly complaining to PolPot and Pope John Paul that all he did was “call those ni**ers monkeys”
So what’s the big deal?
(BTW, PolPots punishment is to have to listen to Reagan for all eternity. It doesn’t make up for murdering 3 million people, but it’s a good start)

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Yes, no doubt about it. The Republican Party if it were truthful, would change it’s name to: THE WHITE NATIONALIST PARTY!


Two recent Democratic Presidents are on the public record for their gushing " admiration " of RR. His political tactics and skills, anyway.
What must be swirling around in the back of the minds of the DNC & The Moderate Wing of The Establishment, knowing " the other " boot of their cynical pandering ( 3rd Way ) could drop ( on the throats ) of their most loyal rank-and-filers? It looks like it’s time to make the political documentary, " We Saw What You Did And We Know Who You Are ". Michael Moore where are you when we really need " a sorting out " here, and now?

I’m with this,


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I’m with it, too. I remember when St. Ronnie ascended to that big country club in the sky.I really liked that line in there about Nancy. No wonder Ronnie was always smiling. The “therapy” dispensed by Nancy preceded the Reagan Presidency as well as lingered after it. She was famous for her gift in her social circle.

Seems to me there’s plenty of racism to go around, all around this country. The deep south takes the hit on this subject (and no doubt there’s plenty here), the people here are more open about it. I like that, when I meet someone new, I know within a few min. whether this person is a racist assh*le or not, but around the rest of the country it’s kept in the closet. How forward thinking was it to elect raygun in 1967 as Governor of California?
There is much work to be done on this subject in all corners of all states.

The most toxic person I have ever encountered was a white supremacist on the oil rigs in western Canada.

They remain hidden - closet racists - until the time is ripe - for the mob, i.e., fascism.

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Reagan was first, foremost, and always - a skilled entertainer and front man.

Does that remind you of anyone?

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I guess I have a romanticized view of Canada and it’s citizens, I would have never guessed that. Guess there’s no where on the planet that’s free of racism.

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How about, the bottom of the sea?

If we sent every racist on Earth, to the bottom of the sea, viola, "no racism."

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Happy for you if you don’t get any flack.
An octopus’s garden sounds like a good place alright.