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Unequal Justice: The Treachery of Samuel Alito

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/20/unequal-justice-treachery-samuel-alito

Judges who act on faith, rather than facts, now just who could imagine that justice might not be served?


Alito’s 2nd amendment support: If you are in the military, on a base, the quickest way to get Court Marshaled is to carry an unauthorized weapon, especially, a loaded weapon. All weapons on base are kept locked in the supply room and only issued by serial number for guard duty, parades, funerals, etc. and then returned to the store room to be locked down. That’s how the military interprets the 2nd amendment right.


The final arbiter of what the law is should be the people, not a few political appointees. The people can be the final arbiter by way of constitutional amendment, but that is far too cumbersome. There has to be a better way - perhaps a (super) majority of Congress should be able to override a Supreme Court decision - something similar is the case in Canada.

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So basically he is an enemy of working people and anyone who isn’t rich.


This already exists-----2/3 Congress could remove these aholes—


Madison and Jefferson (and most of the other framers of the US Constitution) envisioned a system whereby the People, through their congresspersons in the House of Representatives, would be the final arbiters. When legislators pass laws that violate the rights of the People, the framers imagined that those legislators would be voted out of office. The US Supreme Court usurped the power of Congress when it decided Marbury v. Madison.

Members of the Federalist Society, of which Alito is is among the most extreme, believe correctly, that they should not legislate from the bench. Among their more bizarre beliefs is that the constitution should not be reinterpreted to account for the growth of human population, science and technology that has occurred since its creation. Yet, Alito and his constituents violate their own beliefs whenever they imbue Corporations with human rights, guaranteed under the constitution. Corporations are a legal construct which limits and separates business liability from personal liability. In spite of the fact that the concept or very word “Corporation” is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution of the USA, conservative Justices have been systematically granting the rights of human being to Corporations. Every judgement which bestows rights to Corporations is an example of legislating from the bench. Unlike human beings, Corporations can live forever, but should be subject to dissolution of their State Charters every time they engage in illegal behavior. Instead they have become a convenient shield for persistent illegal behavior, with the full blessings of conservative justices, who consistently regard Corporate profits to be more important than human rights.

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A person always HOPES that a Supreme Court Justice is well trained ----but Alito seems like he is serving another master—and not the Constitution nor the People----his own opinions seem paramount…
." What’s in a name, " people often say… well, I must answer that that Supreme Court Justice knows just a tiny bit about law and life—in fact he seems to know A Lito bit of law, but not much about humanity. : (

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If Corporations are persons, then let’s execute the criminal ones by permanently revoking their charters!!

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I was glad to see this article. I have not followed Alito’s career, but I remember as if it were yesterday listening to his confirmation hearing on the car radio on my weekly 3-hour commute. I was appalled at the unearned deference granted him by the senators, including Kennedy. Let us not forget that he was the first of these extreme-right “injustices” who sully the Federalists with their warped ideological interpretation of the work of those honest and farsighted Founders of the first modern republic (in nearly 2,000 years). Let us also not forget who appointed him to the Court.