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Unequal Justice: Trump Isn't Above the Law, But Taxes May Stay Hidden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/11/unequal-justice-trump-isnt-above-law-taxes-may-stay-hidden

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What a strange man Trump is in seeming to think that he is above the Iaw. I guess he missed the entire history of the Watergate fiasco ----and after reading excerpts of his life and his father’s views on business----this is not at aII surprising. HeartIess and ArtIess , so much so that he had to hire someone to take his SAT. I wonder who he’s hired to do his work for him—as he’s intenseIy invested his president duties in saying bizarre things on twitter along with posing for photos which have nothing to do with reality.Though his taxes may stay hidden------his life afterward wiII no doubt be a mockery of what he aspired to be—and what a fine legacy he wiII Ieave for those other Andrew Jackson types of the future, in seeing how TRUMP has trumped himself! : )


Having the words “treason,” and “Supreme Court” in the same sentence in an article about the court making a decision in essence limiting the power of Congress in order to protect a president, says something.

This is more political protection from the court, and one of the reasons I’ve called the court illegitement since their 2001 presidential ruling. I’m betting there was some serious pucker factor going on with the right leaning justices over these rulings. How to stay within the law, with prior precedents, and still give their guy cover.
Now lets impeach Thomas and Alito for believing a sitting President is above the law. If they believe this, and it seems like they do, they are too stupid to be on the court.

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If only there was the will.

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