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'Unethical, Dangerous, and Unacceptable': Trump-Pence Regime Broadens Attack on Women Across the Globe

'Unethical, Dangerous, and Unacceptable': Trump-Pence Regime Broadens Attack on Women Across the Globe

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Healthcare providers and human rights advocates sounded alarm after the Trump administration announced Tuesday moves to attack reproductive and healthcare rights including a further expansion of the global gag rule, which blocks U.S. aid funding to groups that facilitate or work on abortions.

"This is unethical, dangerous, and unacceptable," said Dr. Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

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“‘Pompeo said that the U.S. would also reduce funding for the Organization of American States [OAS],’” This might be the best news I have heard all year. Cutting off US funding for that lackey organisation might just let it act independently for a change. Or not.

I find it impossible to believe that any woman would WANT to get an abortion. BUT, the societal pressures generated by predatory capitalism are designed, with overwhelming evidence, to control a woman’s body: from fetishized stilletto heels to T&A media that screams to men that women are objects to used, and if they FAIL to present themselves as such, are to be rejected and used as such for toxic male ego.

The sociopathic media fetishization is 24/7 dog-whistle for testosterone toxicity to rape. The economics of bearing a child in today’s economic nightmare are a promise of hardship; to educate a child is now to subject them to the pyramid indoctrination of the likes of the current ponzi queen in Dept. of Ed…

I have no doubt that virtually any reader of this thread can think of experiences in which women have been violated, blamed for the violation, made to bear the costs. But these self righteous gamers for power politicize all of the above to the single guaranteed consequence to poison with testosterone the entire spectrum of womenś choice to deny a medical choice. BUT wait… is contraception covered by medical insurance?

This is about only one thing – Elite need for overpopulation
getting rid of birth control and abortion for cheap labor and higher profits.

It is NOT about anything to do with “morality” as neither Trump nor the GOP nor Elites
have any morality.

Evangelicals did NOT support the GOP theory that life begins at conception.

NOR did Evangelicals support the GOP attempts to deny women therapeutic abortions
when their lives, health or future fertility were threatened.

Clearly these warmongering, climate destroying (no livable future for kids) anti-abortionists are anything but pro-life.

Yet another attack on birth control shows again shows the anti-choice forces are not truly anti-abortion as they (mostly) reject birth control, the best way to stop abortion. What they really want is to force their religious views on everyone, cruelly forcing women to continue pregnancies against their will.
Its sad that so many women are losing access to birth control, abortion and other health services in the US and around the world, all because Trump is pandering to the religious zealots and too many progressives who should have known better didn’t rally to Clinton in November 2016, that callous attitude leaves a lot to answer for.