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Unfair Attack on UK’s Labour Party


Unfair Attack on UK’s Labour Party

Lawrence Davidson

How do you misuse a racial prejudice? At first glance this ought to appear to be an absurd question. Racial prejudices already constitute the distortion of perception and emotion. Nevertheless, when a particular prejudice has a distinct pedigree and an age-old definition, and then is purposely exploited (particularly by those purporting to represent its victims) solely for political gain, the issue of misuse becomes anything but absurd.


Very poor article, full of a weak grasp of the situation and distorted presentation of the facts in order to make them fit its premise. It's no coincidence that many the Labour Party has suspended for anti-semitic remarks, (eg Salim Mulla, Ilyas Aziz, Naz Shah, Shah Hussain,) are Muslims with a political agenda and hostility towards Jews. It comes in the context of anti-semitic attacks on Jews being on the rise in the UK causing some to emigrate to Israel and elsewhere, and often at the hands of the growing Muslim community. To pretend this isn't happening is dangerous. As for Ken Livingtone's remarks:


Funnily enough, dropping phosphorus bombs on Semitic peoples such as the Palestinian Arabs is not regarded as anti-Semitic.

By the way; why does Israel claim sole right to the word "Holocaust" when 5 million Gentiles died in Hitler's concentration camps; when 20 million USSRians died in WW2 as a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing by the German military and SS; when 19 milion Chinese were murdered by the Japanese invaders; when 3 million Vietnamese died in the USA's war against Vietnam; when 3 millon Cambodians were murdered by Pol Pot's filth; when 2 million Vietnamese died when the Japanese stole the Vietnamese rice crop in 1944-1945; when 1 million Armenians were "ethnically cleansed" and murdered by the Turks, all in a period of 60 years from 1915 to 1975? And of course, how many people in the Middle East have died since the USA got involved in "regime change" in Iraq? All rather holocaustic, if you ask me.

Lest we forget.