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Unfair Trade: US Beef Has a Climate Problem


Unfair Trade: US Beef Has a Climate Problem

Sean Mowbray

Growing global demand for beef is hindering efforts to combat climate change, scientists say


Of course, no mention of the suffering of tens of millions (9.7 billion animals killed for food worldwide in 2000) of cognitively and emotionally complex, sentient cows. Our choice is veganism or barbarism.


I’m sorry but this is just not true. While global demand may grow for cattle, the common arguments made against US livestock are not applicable.

  1. GHG emissions for agriculture primarily come from soil sample and forestry emissions, which essentially in engineered soil and fertilizer. Yes this emits large amounts of CO2, but we don’t really have a substitute for steam reformation and even in a vegan society you still require fertilizer.

  2. In regards to the issue of deforestation for cattle. The primary importers of cattle by the USA is Canada, Mexico and Japan- none of which are the most impacted deforested regions of earth. In fact countries like Brazil and Boreno have deforestation problem, because of crop production like soybeans, coffee, and cocoa.


I remember when Asian peoples were healthier than us in many ways, with significantly lower rates of heart disease and diabetes, partly because their meat consumption was much lower. Too bad for them that they’re now picking up our bad habits.