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'Unfathomable Cruelty': Trump Files Legal Brief Aiming to Kick 20 Million Off Health Insurance in Middle of Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/unfathomable-cruelty-trump-files-legal-brief-aiming-kick-20-million-health-insurance

God Please take this creature and his minions and transport them to their permanent quarters with their friend and confidant Satan


Thankful Biden will put some lipstick on ObamaCare Health Insurance so you can face medical bankruptcy with health insurance.

The wall street/big pharma crickets at the top of the democrat (mis)leadership on MC4ALL will keep me on the non of the above ballot line. Trump knows they will continue to please their masters.


Overhead on the streets of San Francisco (man to man, I think): “One good thing about the mask: I save a fortune on lipstick.”

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From the Silver Lining Department:

Obamacare’s five year implementation prevented any discussion of M4A for eight years, and M4A is an issue now only because Bernie talked about it. If Trump, the Republicans, and the SCOTUS kill Abominablecare, we’ll be back to square one, to a clean slate and a fresh start, and Medicare-for-all may then get enough popular support to pass.

This will be the question for the people of the US : Do you want lipstick or health care?

P.S. - Should we call M4A Berniecare ?!


Didn’t Karl Malden do a San Francisco TV promo for masks - something about “Don’t leave home without it.”?


I’m in the midst of the weirdest episode, a double-episode where Michael Douglas departs for greener pastures. There’s a militant extreme left-wing SLA-slash-Manson family bunch o’ nuts who have kidnapped an entire jury. Among the really bad-ass comrades: Patty Duke (who really enjoys being evil) and Susan Dey. It is so over the top out-there to see Duke & Dey representing awful chaos on the other side of that thin blue line (and loving it!) It also happens to be the very first episode in which anyone says aloud the word “homosexual” – if I’m not mistaken.

Obamacare is crap. Nancy & Co. are Company’s representatives.


This move by the trump regime mandates the passage of Universal Single-Payer - the only obstacles are a public that demands it even more, an opposition party of conscience that acts, elected proponents/supporters controlling Congress and WH, and the end of little mussolini; the orange chancre, his sycophant “conservatives” and depraved, and all those vulture capitalist scum behind him!

No mountain for the determined, principled, active and very vocal!

No Justice, NO Peace!


These ghouls probably hum to themselves Jason Upton’s song from the 60s which goes something like this:

And they’ll know we are Christians
By our love, By our love
Yes, they’ll know we are Christians
By our love

Hopefully during his second coming J.C. will round up those who have co-opted his teachings and hang them by their ankles.


God only cares as much as we care .And as for that Satan fellow he’s a non entity having nothing to do with reality .
A made up fictional character, to scare little ones and some adults into subjugation used for control and fear.
Devil is lived spelt backwards or simply backwards living.Clever, humans have been at folding into words some truths.
A divine dichotomy, two existing reality’s occupying the same space .Rather like a malevolent/benevolent god.
The problem with some humans, alot of those in positions of power and authority believe in a God that seeks vengeance, death,war ,righteousness who is an authority figure and judgemental.
Truly children of a lesser God we must be when we action these beliefs.
For me the book What God Wants opened the door to something intuitively understood at the core of my being.
There are people long in place long in power that do not want you to read this book
It is a dangerous book to them ,once enough people understand the messages their game will be up.
Awaken The Species we must.

I must go off-topic to post this and urge CD to please pick-up the story The Guardian has published today - the Unfathomable Cruelty against wild and domestic animals by “Wildlife Services” - the Killer Department of the USDA that slaughters in the most inhumane ways millions of wild animals annually!
"USDA’s Wildlife Services killed 4 million animals in 2013"





DEFUND and DISBAND this depraved anachronism agency that’s sole purpose is to kill wildlife! ENOUGH!


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This could be a good thing. Biden is still clinging to “makiing ACA better” as his pro-insurance-industry campaign mantra. But the ACA is a terrible program and always has been, a giant wet kiss for the health insurance industry, whose share values rise and fall on the stock market in inverse relationship to presidential and Republican efforts in Congress to destroy or weaken it. We need to use the Coronavirus crisis to get Enhanced Medicare for All approved. If the pandemic gets worse, as is likely, and the ACA goes down, everyone will understand that the whole population is in trouble unless everyone has full health coverage so pass Medicare for All for the duration of the disease. But the time the pandemic ends, people will be convinced that it’s the way to go, and Republicans won’t have the votes to prevent it’s being made permanent.


Couldn’t afford insurance before passage of the ACA and can’t afford it now. Perhaps if they put the Abominable Care out of its misery they pass M4A.


That requires flipping the Senate by putting a few real progressives into the Democratic caucus. The best chance for that is in Maine, where Lisa Savage is the Green Party candidate for the US Senate seat now occupied by Republican Susan Collins. Maine uses ranked choice voting, so a third party win is possible. Help her campaign - now!

Website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org

P.S. - Dave, you have a big megaphone, so please spread the word!

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They are all lying, make other plans, don’t count on help from any of them. (Politicians) This is a really fucked up situation.

@CommonDreams you absolutely MUST start covering the situation I keep posting about, be aware that it seems NOBODY is explaining this except ONE now deceased former author you published one article by in 2009. And you know who he was. You may need to go to European legal scholars to get multiple points of view, Its possible nobody knows.

It certainly is not something anybody can relax about. Likely will be loss of pre-existing condition coverage, limits on pricing, and basically all improvements since Feb 26, 1998 - because of the standstill.

This is a twisted and evil situation.

I think that nobody really knowss WTF is going on **but we can be fairly sure its going to end up VERY badly for people with pre-existing conditions if this whole mess is not exposed NOW.

Yes they ALL lied, but we have to deal with it.**

Stop wiping their ass for them.

We don’t get to withhold things this important.

We don’t. Nobody would say anybody did.

RIP Nicholas Skala.



~https://www.jstor.org/stable/26421283 (just for nicely formatted references)


That means that if Trump succeeds, no more ACA provisions he wipes out because of the insanely rigid CULT LIKE ideology we insanely agreed to in 1994-1998 which nobody here seems to grasp.

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Slash and burn my friends.
The few remaining goals of the GOP will be attempted in earnest in the next five months. Their entire wish list has almost been enacted. The only things that remain are abortion (and most states have already outlawed it, so a win for them) the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid. I believe that, by November, the ACA will be declared unconstitutional, and along with it Medicaid. Medicare, which is already a crappy 80/20 indemnity policy, has already been for all intents and purposes, privatized through the Medicare advantage system.
On January 22nd of next year, In the cover of darkness, white vans will pull up to the back door of the White House. A long train of people will walk out carrying rolled up rugs, tapestries, curtains, silverware, chandeliers, boxes of office supplies, and every roll of toilet paper in the building. The White House will resemble Cindy Lou Who’s house after the Grinch left, only this time they won’t leave a crumb that’s even too small for a mouse. They will simply take a giant shit in the middle of the Oval Office, wipe their asses with the constitution, and jump into those vans who will drive them to the docks, load up their booty on a tramp steamer, and sail off to a non-extradition nation.


I’m only seeing upsides to this (not that the courts will comply, see the recent DACA ruling for proof):

Trump loses in a landslide
Masses of people march for BernieCare
Joe DiMentio is forced to actually do something instead of being a hapless placeholder


Tho I am an Atheist, I love the sentiment. As am alternative they should be run through a wood chipper and be used for fertilizer. It’s the only they will ever contribute any thing worthwhile.

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