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'Unfathomable Cruelty': Trump Files Legal Brief Aiming to Kick 20 Million Off Health Insurance in Middle of Pandemic

Correct. There’s more than enough psychopathy to go around. I’m tired of the focus on Trump.

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No because Bernie left some key facts out.

If we want to be accurate we should call it Single Payer because thats the only name that avoids confusion and possible horrible pitfalls if we were dumb enough to expand Medicare without leaving GATS first…

If Trump wins in November, the Affordable Care Act is gone. So is your reasonably priced health insurance. The Federal minimum wage will stay at 7.25 and another tax break for millionaire’s is in the offing. As it stands now, and we all know it, the Supreme Court is, and always will be political. Get 7 GOP Judges on it and I believe social security is also gone. I am beginning to believe the chirps of another civil war. This time it will likely be 99% versus 1%.


We could be losing a lot of jobs at the same time, plus heating bills going up and loss of a lot of affordable postwar apartments in cities, and possibly loss of rent stabilization.

Also water privatization, and water unaffordability for millions of families. And loss of public education.

And of course, investments, of all kinds, including housing will reflect the loss of jobs,

“I want no more such injuries”

While growing up during the 1950s and 60s, all my generation heard from TV, radio, classrooms, was how wonderful we were; how we cared about people; how so much better we were than the Communist Russians and Chinese who had no regard for human life and how they would sacrifice people for their political ends.
Apparently in a fit of nostalgia, we have become Communist Russia and China.
Ahhh…a return to simpler times. (Or is that simpleton times)?

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What a darn shame that subjecting the country to DT for all this time - and allowing him to run for re-election, is not also deemed cruel. Life might somehow get better, even for those who voted for him.

Evidently, we prefer to make ourselves helpless.

“If President Trump gets his way, 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions will lose the ACA’s lifesaving protections and 23 million Americans will lose their health coverage entirely,” said Pelosi. - from article.

She is partially wrong because we do not know how exactly many people will have pre-existing conditions until Covid is eliminated. If you have (or have had) Covid, you run the risk of life-long health issues. We now know that there is permanent damage to multiple organs (lungs, kidney, liver, brain, and circulation) as well as an increased chance of developing diabetes after having Covid. And that is even if you are totally asymptomatic at the time you have it. ALL of the people who ever test positive for Covid will now have pre-existing conditions and pretty much any illness they might have in the future will be deemed “pre-existing” by the insurance companies. The way things are going, with the administration apparently going for the “herd immunity” approach and letting everyone catch the virus, insurance companies will have grounds to refuse coverage to almost the entire population.

Gives a whole new meaning to the “herd” concept, as in the entire herd cannot get full coverage under any insurance plan.

We need universal healthcare now.

BTW, does anyone else think this plan to toss out the entire ACA, with no alternative being considered as a replacement, is a particularly strange item for Trump to pursue at this exact moment? Even his cult is going to notice when they don’t have the ACA to sign up for and can’t get or afford private insurance as job losses continue and the virus remains firmly entrenched in the country. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to win the election.


a POX on both parties.

30 million people had no healthcare insurance before the pandemic and MILLIONS more lost their jobs and with that their healthcare!

Many of them were ESSENTIAL WORKERS who risk their lives and families and have the added stress of not having healthcare coverage if they get SICK!!

and where are DEMOCRATS?..crickets…Even people who pay for the ACA cant even afford to USE it!!The co pays and deductible keep people from seeking treatment early and they wait until they have to be hospitalized!!

We need MEDICARE for all now more than ever and if neither party is willing to help people during a PANDEMIC? when will they ever?

and democrats are proud of that?


No, its basically a power issue. Americans were paid well because we had superior educations (and other countries had largely been devastated in WWII. the education was due to the GI Bill and the cheap or often free tuitions at public colleges and universities. Reagan started a process dismantling key elements of the ladders to success that had been used by so many to join the middle class. He was a mean spirited person when it came to the poor who were poor because of many decades of disinvestment. but he wasnt the last, subsequent Administrations have continued the dismantlement of safety nets, in part because of the propaganda value of being able to claim we - our ideology had been successful in eliminating welfare in our time, etc. (In an atmophere of triumphalism, the ability to resurrect the New Deal jobs programs was systematically eliminated in trade deals without telling the American people) At the same time millions of jobs were being exported due to new trade agreements that made the investments in foreign countries by US companies more secure. (but at a huge price, now other countries are literally demanding they be given the remaining US jobs - and TPTB is bound to it, if the foreign firms can do them cheaper which we know they can. (If they allow the dishonest and arguably illegitimate process which was begun long ago to be indulged, US workers will be displaced in large numbers through no fault of their own, besides being suddenly framed as too expensive)

Thanks to FTAs like GATS (and locally, NAFTA and the Masstricht Treaty establishing theEU, plans were to also create a North American Uion, and other FTAs like DR-CAFTA and NAFTA were created.

The high yields possible due to cheap labor made it more and more the norm to invest elsewhere not here. Similarly an attitude developed that investments in our own country were a bad investment, because of higher wages and a prioritization of quick profits elsewhere over long term growth here. Now any investment that cant bring in very high yields is frowned upon as a bad one. Even if its real wealth thats being created, there is a bias that favors the easy money approach. This leaves our workers on the verge of being written out of participation in our own economy. The chances are very slim that anyone will see the insanity of this because of groupthink, an echo chamber of bad thinking reinforced by people repeating fallacious dogma without any supporting facts to support it. It just self propagates and nobody dares challenge it in certain circles.

We’re being tossed away like dirty clothing because the attitude is, that now even high skill labor is in oversupply. In a situation which most Americans are unaware of, a belt of countries have graduated a huge number of degree holding young would be professionals, who cant find work at home, because they dont have the connections to get the few good jobs their home counntries produce. Or they have the money to come here, work for free for a few years, to get heir fiot in the door. Imagine if shirts only cost a few pennies. potentially so cheap “there is no need to wash it”. There is a huge belt of countries where degreed young people are so desperate for entry level professional jobs they will basically work for free. Contrast that to the needs of Americans for better wages, because so many carry debt. GATS guest worer programs ratchet in and once begun, they become an entitlement that cant be stopped. Being in a trade agreement they could expand until they basicaly were most of the good jobs in the country, if a case challenging our use of immigration laws to limit the numbers loses. But the fact is, they want the cheap labor they just want to be obvious about it. We’ve been betrayed by a large body of intelocking trade agreements, so many their real wishes should be crystal clear. They are determined to undermine US workers, so much money could be shifted from the middle class to the rich. Despite the risk that their true nature might be exposed, the easy money is an intoxicating, irresistable lure to the rich and powerful.

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I have been thinking that Satan is something external that we humans need psychologically to blame for the evil within us that we are unwilling to acknowledge.

Your post is rather confusing. On the one hand you urge “putting a few real progressives into the Democratic caucus” while also supporting a Green Party candidate in Maine. If a Green Party candidate were to make it into Congress then the hope is that he or she would not be caucusing with the corporate Democrats which is what Bernie Sanders, that alleged radical, did before he ran for the presidency in 2016 and 2020. A genuine leftist third party candidate needs to be in the halls of power so that person can provide a much needed check against the corporate and militant GOP and the Savage Mules.

“This ain’t what democracy looks like”

“This is what EMPIRE looks like”

New Chant for demonstrations, marches, and protests regarding all the oppressions, issues, and tyrannies of, and caused by, this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE

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Thats exactly right, the trade deals were the continuation of imperialism without the obligations or noblesse oblige of an empire but with all the problems and more.

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He is the longest-serving independent in U.S. congressional history, although he has a close relationship with the Democratic Party, having caucused with House and Senate Democrats for most of his congressional career. (Source: ~https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Sanders)

If Sanders had not caucused with the Democrats and instead caucused only with the other Democratic Socialists in Congress, he would have spent most of his time alone in a chair in the hallway with no committee assignments. By caucusing with the Democrats, he was able to have at least a tiny bit of influence. If a Green Party Senator joins him, their influence will increase even if they are outvoted. When the Greens get ten Senators, then we can ask them to caucus separately and vote as a block.

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yeah, so? And Democrats are forbidding words like Medicare for All to be used at meetings too. They are all against the people.

All new insurance regulation is forbidden! Even the ACA was officially forbidden unless it was an emergency.


The country has been seriously lied to to keep the system rigged. Both parties are trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare by refusing to leave GATS before making changes that will break Social Security and Medicare (expanding Medicare while still in GATS)

See ~https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/serv_e/10-anfin_e.htm Its right at the top.

FEDERALISM IN AN ERA OF INTERNATIONAL FREE TRADE ~https://www.jstor.org/stable/26421283

Skala Paper

American Public Health Association - The Current and Projected Taxpayer Shares of US Health Costs

Nick Skala Interview - YouTube

~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWBZz070m-k (Six weeks before his sudden death)

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in Our Dreams

Dont count on it, its was taken off the table in 1994, but we never got the memo.

Here’s my sincere, and only effective, advice to Bernie’s “Our Revolution” site:

We’ve been fooled by the last 10 “least worst voting” cycles into an 11th “worst idiot voting” cycle — between an insane Emperor and an Alzheimer’s dope.

“This ain’t what democracy looks like”
“This is what EMPIRE looks like”




Liberty, democracy, equality & justice
Violent (and dual-party Vichy)

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine
Bernie delegate ‘16 & ‘20

Let’s be honest and complete with ourselves and our supporters:

“After helping Jamaal Bowman, Mondaire Jones , and other progressives win big elections this month, we are significantly scaling up our grassroots $$$ efforts to help more progressives in upcoming primary races win against candidates backed by the big money-compromised — Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE’s —corporate establishment.“

You can’t beat an EMPIRE with $$$ — since an EMPIRE has unlimited $$$.

“When we Organize we may well Win”, but …
“When we Organize & Strategize we Will Win”

Liberty, democracy, justice & equality
Violent (and dual-party Vichy)

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine

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Mr. P. — you can call it Berniecare, if you want, but only under one effin little condition:

That Bernie has to grow some, come-out bravely, loudly, and fire a “Shout (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite a Second American people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic & socialist Revolution Against EMPIRE”.

I shouted to Bernie — after he collapsed to Hillary and at a Sept. 2016 AFL-CIO luncheon in Rochester NH, where he was shilling for Hill:

“Be a real socialist and speak-out against the EMPIRE!”

Neither Bernie nor I knew it, but the WaPo’s Political Reporter, David Weigel, saw and heard our exchange and reported the confrontation in “The Post”.

All Bernie needs to do now in 2020 is what he could and should have done in 2016 — to level with folks and shout it out:


Ray, and if that doesn’t work — maybe a truthful Second Coming — where Revelations belongs (in the New Testament), and with LOVE for all.

Liberty, democracy, equality, and justice
Violent (and dual-party Vichy)