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'Unfathomable Evil Recognizing Unfathomable Evil': Trump's Possible Pardons of War Criminals Provoke Outrage

'Unfathomable Evil Recognizing Unfathomable Evil': Trump's Possible Pardons of War Criminals Provoke Outrage

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Progressives, human rights advocates, and journalists responded with outrage on Saturday to a New York Times report that President Donald Trump "has requested the immediate preparation of paperwork needed to pardon several American military members accused or convicted of war crimes."

If “progressives demand” an end to this evil, it will end, right? What are we worried about so long as “progressives demand” things? I just read on CD that “progressives demand” house Dems hold Mnuchin in contempt. I am quite sure “Pelosi, Hoyer and Company” are doing back flips to make it so.


it’s awful, but it’s nothing new. nixon did the same thing with Calley and a slew of other war crimes in Vietnam, too. Trump’s not the first. Presidents protect commissions of war crimes, regardless of party.

Once again, making this about Trump manages to avoid focusing on the systemic incentives to commit war crimes.


This is Trump trying to curry favour and support from thugs and madmen for when he moves to declare himself “Emperor of the world” after losing the 2020 election which he will claim as fraudulent unless the Dems Fuck it up again by nominating Biden and Trump actually does win.


“President Donald Trump has pardoned a former media baron and onetime business partner convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice charges. In granting a pardon Wednesday to Lord Conrad Black, Trump cited ‘broad support from many high-profile individuals (himself) who have vigorously vouched for his exceptional character,’ the White House said in a statement.” This one flew under the radar.


Good point. The fake activism is, well, just fake.
Getting serious is another thing.


Recently we witnessed the USA thwart an attempt to investigate war crimes committed in Afghanistan by US troops by denying the International Court visas to the US.

Nor should we forget the American Service-Members’ Protection Act which contains the provision to authorize the President to “use all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any U.S. or allied personnel being detained by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court”…permitting the USA to invade the Netherlands, if required.

The UK coincidently are also suggesting amnesty for its soldiers.


The DNC apparatchiks (“it’s off the table” Nancy Pelosi) turned their back on GWB’s war crimes–so no surprise. Then they yawned when the big O bombed the fuck out of Yemen and Clinton giggled when Gaddafi had a bayonet stuck up his behind and Libya fell into chaos with open slave trade. So it’s no surprise that Trump follows suit. It suits him too. It’s who they are. This is who WE ARE.


Sigh Letting a few war criminals out of prison is a drop in the bucket compared to the war criminals currently residing and running our Congress. In fact, every single person who voted for any war that the US has engaged in since the end of WWII is a war criminal and by default so is every POTUS who has resided over our horrid military. This goes doubly so for anyone who voted for the the Iraq war.

The difference between those in jail and those running Congress is that those running Congress just havent been indicted. When Pelosi was speaker during George W Bush’s term, she refused to go after him for his war crimes. As we speak, that sniveling coward is refusing to go after a known and proven criminal POTUS who is about to commit another war crime by attacking Iran and who is consolidating power more and more each day the Democrats refuse to hold him accountable. Anyone who thinks what Trump is doing is unfathomable and evil but had no problem voting to set Iraq and Afghanistan on fire where our beloved troops killed, pillaged, raped and murdered countless arabs who are victims of their own abusive regimes, most of which the US helped create, for one or two al Qaeda or ISIS operatives, is a f-cking hypocrite and grossly delusional, if not flat out in denial. Also remember, the entire DoD is a war crime machine. The only difference between them and some common terrorist is that the DoD is better organized, better funded and legitimatized by corrupt, self serving oligarchs sitting in Congress - most of whom are there because they could buy the best votes Koch and Walton family political contributions can buy.

I’d like to believe that everything wrong in this country is exclusively Trump’s fault and just live in denial and think Democrats have our best interest in mind, but the reality is that Trump is merely the endgame to what’s been in the making, mostly bipartisan, for decades Remember Democrats had a Congressional supermajority from 2008-2010 and the BLEW it. Those craven cowards couldnt get anything done because most of them are more aligned with conservatives and their vile ideas than liberals, let alone Progressives. That’s what we’re dealing with and as long as these self serving parasites are in charge, Trump letting loose a bunch of convicted war criminals is the least of our problems.


This should make Dumbf’s crew of hate-filled followers get moist.


oh yeah, they’ve all been wetting their knickers since November 2016. The more cruelty, the more they get off on it.


Don Trumpeone could be trying to maintain the support of his troops despite his Vietnam War deferments for bad feet, now miraculously cured.

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Trump’s no Captain, take away his ship…

Make him walk the plank first.


Lot of that going on.

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Do you imagine anything left of nature, once we have annihilated ourselves and a million innocent species that are simply attempting to co-inhabit this planet, will miss us? Anything and everything still living will erupt in celebration at our suicide. Humans are not a good species.


We all know the story. This is right out of Harry Potter.

They didn’t “blow it.” They did exactly as they were told to by their masters. Their rewards were to become, in many places, billionaires instead of millionaires. Others have the lesson before them as to how to succeed in politics.
*Please the Ma$ters and become rich and immune from punishment.
*Wotta deal!


I consider it even worse, the USA engineered the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 (this was Zbigniew Brzezinski’s proudest achievement as National Security Adviser, as it led to the fall of the Soviet Union 10 years later) and subsequently the USA trained and armed characters such as Osama bin Laden; the CIA was even enamored enough with bin Laden to spend over $1 million to spread his ideology!
Parts of ISIS were also created by the CIA. Around 2011 the USA started to train and arm rebel groups opposed to Syria’s President Assad. Some of these groups morphed into ISIS, yet again teaching the US forces that “the enemy of your enemy” is not always your ally! These strategic moves took place well before Obama sent ground troops to Syria in 2014.


This a good way to buy the Loyalty of the Troops so as to ensure that they do not turn on the Emperor as the Praetorian Guard might have , but instead would remain loyal to the Fuhrer to the death much like the SS.


If one looks to pictures of Afhanistan prior to that Soveit Invasion in response to the US arming Fundamentalists , it was a relatively peaceful and propserous nation state. Women had far more rights and liberties back then and the State was slowly moving forwards in those areas.

The USA is a direct cause of the regression even as their leaders point out that the way women seen in Afghanistan “proof” they are savages.

The Foreign Minister of Russia recently pointed out the rank hypocrisy that is the thing called The US Government. This in response to be admonished for “meddling” in Venezuela which the US referred to us “Being in OUR hemisphere” wherein the Russian spokesperson pointed out the US was meddling in every region of the Globe.

Just as the MIC in the United States is a cancer that must be excised , the United States of America at the international level has become a Cancer. It an enemy of peace and progress in every region on this Earth as it madly advances the interests of the Corporatists and the 1 percent.