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'Unfit for the Job': Puzder's Personal and Professional Records Under Fire


'Unfit for the Job': Puzder's Personal and Professional Records Under Fire

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With President Donald Trump's Labor secretary pick, fast-food CEO Andy Puzder, facing increasing scrutiny and a growing opposition campaign, four GOP senators are reportedly "withholding judgement" on the controversial nominee.


"Unfit for the Job" or "Questionable Criminal Activities" have not stopped any of the nominees so far...in fact, it is apparent that being unfit for the job as well as practiced criminals legitimized only by their bank accounts (and rewarded for their ongoing financial campaign donations) are prerequisites for nomination and confirmation in the eyes of the goose-stepping GOP members of the Senate.

So much for the recent efficacy of "growing opposition campaigns...."


Do a real filibuster----get the attention of those who usually don't pay attention----call out the real agenda of Trump-----right now the wage increase for salaried workers has been stopped by the courts-and from what I understand Trump is behind stopping this increase------Democrats what have you become???????????????


Every single one of Don's nominees is a fraud, just like Don.
And the beat goes on.


"withholding judgement" Um, it is spelled "judgment." Proofreading is an art, not a passing fancy.


So as this nomination goes forward it will be interesting to see how the democrats speak to the working class of this country.

As I watched the so called filibuster against Sessions, there was usually only an empty Senate floor,only one seemed to speak with real passion and she was silenced----these other democrats have been silenced by all the corrupt money they have been stuffing in their pockets.

How could anyone support this guy for Labor----except some sicko corporate elites. Of course the dem and rep party are filled with sicko corporate elites.