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'Unfit to Serve as the President of This Country': NAACP Delegates Vote Unanimously for Trump Impeachment at National Convention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/unfit-serve-president-country-naacp-delegates-vote-unanimously-trump-impeachment

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DuBois would be proud.


To quote the True Leadership of the House, Rep Rashida Tlaib
Impeach the motherfucker


I really admire Ms Tlaib, and because of her, Detroit will be arising again! It was once Motor City, and even MoTown City, -but now with her and the rest of the Squad----it’s time to make Detroit into MOVEMENT CITY—and bring back the power of We the People! : )

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Pelosi, Schumer the entire Democrat Leadership ARE the problem. Until THEY are gone - Nothing can be corrected.


POTUS:  Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit

Well, ALMOST.  If Trump’s impeached by the House then the GOP-dominated Senate will declare him “Innocent” — a decision he can use as propaganda in 2020 to win re-election.  What the House MUST do instead is begin an Impeachment INQUIRY, which will give the Judiciary & Oversight Committees much more power to subpoena records & testimony and thus reveal to the American People just how utterly corrupt the Drümpf-Kushner Crime Family really is, but NOT send a Bill of Impeachment to the Senate where Turtle-Face and his cronies will hold a mock trial and then just turn Trump loose.

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FF, I was going to upvote you but then realized that Dump isn’t a piece of unfit sht. He’s a perfect piece of sht. I looked for a while to find an adjective that begins with “u” but gave up. Maybe George Will would have a good word to describe what kind of sh*t Dump is.


I agree that Tveetle-Dumb is a perfect example of a piece of sh*t, but used “Unfit” in reference to his being unfit to serve as President of the U.S., or as a leader in any other context (except perhaps as
the boss of a Mafia-style crime family – which Drümpf, Kushner & Co. certainly are).

I too have considered scouring the dictionary for a better word than “Unfit” to describe the current POTUS, and concluded that it’s as short, (un-)sweet and appropriate as any other word beginning
with the letter ‘U’.

Thx! I’d laugh if it weren’t all so nauseating…