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'Unforgettable' Footage of Endless Line of Cars at Food Banks a Stark Illustration of Coronavirus Crisis in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/10/unforgettable-footage-endless-line-cars-food-banks-stark-illustration-coronavirus


This is starting to resemble 1920/30.


Saving a million lives through social distancing measures is definitely worth the economic difficulty. Not preparing earlier, not testing enough earlier, and not distributing relief efforts properly - those are the things we will need commissions to evaluate.


From Truthout:

In Absence of State Action, Organizers Help Homeless People During Pandemic


“Police interference hasn’t inhibited our effectiveness in this moment. If anything, people more readily support our efforts because we will do what’s right even if the cops get in our way.”

Authorities in Orange County, California, are attempting to move houseless people from National Guard armories to crowded indoor warehouse-style facilities.


Irony in the highest unemployment rate in history happening under a POTUS whose most famous pre-POTUS quote is “you’re fired” ?


American people to Trump, “No, you’re fired”!!!


Is this part of “The American Dream”? Unfortunately, things are going to get worse.
End stage capitalism.
“The owners of this country know the truth. It’s called ‘The American Dream’, 'cause you have to be asleep to believe it.” - George Carlin - “The American Dream” (2004)


Timing is everything when limbo dancing in pairs to the Appalachian Calypso strains of Jehosephat the Mongrel Cat who Jumped Off the Roof Today some 15 years ago or was it the Reagan-Bush Morning In America Great Recession of '82 or the Gold Rush of Dylan’s “Days of '49” or in between these fairly regular booms and busts of the ever greater cycles of institutional corruption and blaming street crime for our maladies instead of suite crime…

And for even shorter attention spans a 3 1/2 minute interview on Jerry Jeff Walker’s Texas songwriter tv program deconstructing this timeless E-CON gem:

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media DISC-US-sion List

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To crib from the late, great Howard Zinn…it’s only the richest country in the world for a very few white men. The rest are collateral damage. Hungry people become angry fast. When the food riots begin, we’ll see blood in the streets as the rich call on the military and police to protect them as they flee the country in their private jets to their other homes in other countries…


We need a commission to investigate how this friggin mess snowballed into this.


That’s why they rushed the 2t bailout(their bailout) before the crowds descended upon them.Better hope that money arrives by next week.


So much depends on who is asking the questions. I have my questions. If the President is re-elected he will want to investigate anything that points a finger away from him.


lamonte – pearl –

Give up on investigations – they will be meaningless until power shifts to the less.

But this is a disgrace – there shouldn’t be anyone in the US going hungry or without
medical care.

And we better get together and find out where the levers are and start pulling on them.


A pandemic is when all of our lives are all linked together.

Some of us are tapping our reserves. For some of us, our reserves were often in the stock market or perhaps in the bank. We don’t see the millions of people who are running out of food in their cupboards. That supply can go to absolute zero! Then the next day dawns. And what?

I know that a couple of local companies sponsored a local food giveaway in a parking lot yesterday. Vast numbers of cars (the slightly better off people who still had cars) lined up and went through the line. Then the site ran out of food to give away and everybody else went home.


Frankly I think we need to establish a citizen’s commission to do the evaluating. The politicians are naturally going to do everything under the sky to cover their ass regardless of which wing of the bird of prey party they belong.


OK here is one Richard Wolff composed to “This is the End”


In California and Florida vegetables are being dumped and left to rot in the fields due to restaurants and school closures. Vermont and Wisconsin are dumping milk down the drain. Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and other grain producing countries are limiting or banning exports of agricultural products. Mom and Pop stores are going under, while the big boxes get bailed out. The exceptional “richest country in the world” has turned into a third world Trumpmanistan. Look for massive financial consolidation of everything. Your Congress just gave the Federal Reserve and hedge fund managers the key to the treasury and they will decide who gets to win in this lottery of public debt. This plannedemic worked magnificently for capitalism and the captains of business. Oh yeah, and keep your social distance to six-feet and limit all protest to 10 people. The National Guard and police drones are coming to a city near you to demand you follow those new plannedemic regulations and decrees. This will get worse.


I suspect that much of the food donated comes from restaurants that no longer have enough customers that the restaurants can use it. Worth doing, but not a source I would expect to continue very long.


San Antonio has one of the worst mass transit systems in the U. S. for a city its size. It is ribbons of concrete going nowhere, apparently. But, a car is essential for most. There’s just no out of the car thinking there’s, unfortunately.
You have to live there to realize how bad the salaries are for the average Joe & Mary LunchBox. There’s no income tax so, as consumption collapses, revenues follow. The Oil Patch, south and west from San Antonio to Del Rio, is less than worthless as oil sits around $25 a barrel.
However, this " unforgettable " image is not any scarier than the gov’t cheese and bread lines of the Midwest in the 1980s, really. It’s just been " supersized " because, well, it’s Texas.
The collapse of the U. S. economy rests on the shoulders of the gutless and sold out Congress; The UniParty Consensus sucks right now, doesn’t it? Just wait, it will get worse. The sacrifice zones expand in direct proportion to the growing income inequality widening. Oh daddy! …Help.
Who needs a weatherman to tell you which way this wind is blowing?
Suicide is by definition a self-inflicted wound. And, the UniParty Consensus Gang is taking us all with them, possibly.
Nice. Really fucking nice of them


The alternative is to do nothing, have a couple million die, and the economy still goes into deep distress.