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'Unforgivable': Women Blockade Trump Campaign Offices Nationwide

'Unforgivable': Women Blockade Trump Campaign Offices Nationwide

Nika Knight, staff writer

Women around the country protested outside of various campaign headquarters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday, blockading entrances, marching, and chanting in unison: "Back up, back up, we want freedom, freedom, tell the sexist GOP that we don't need 'em, need 'em."


“We are putting all politicians on notice: Get ready to be held accountable to our priorities and our demands” ranks among the most refreshing statements I have heard during Election 2016 and I wholeheartedly support it, but only if the originators are sincere about ALL politicians being held accountable.

Yes means yes, no means no and ALL means ALL.

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First, excellent article. With what has happened with Trump /GOP over the last couple weeks, I see irony everyday 360.

What was a prevailing message of “The Birth of a Nation?”, that African American males are the #1 threat of sexual assault to white females .Blacks were just criminals, to be found guilty at every step. An enormously popular movie, Woodrow Wilson exclaimed, “It is like writing history with lightning,” Wilson also openly endorsed the KKK.

The stereotypes presented in that movie were later absorbed into the Southern Strategy. So ever since then, the dog whistle of “inner city” crime includes the idea that _African American males are the #1 threat of sexual assault to white females .

Nixon notoriously started the longest unjust war–on drugs and the American citizens, stereotyping liberal hippies with pot, and blacks with heroin. Then Reagan raised the stakes, because he had to prove how week Pres. Carter was. Too, he enlisted the southern strategy openly, preaching states rights at the Neshoba County Fair, celebrating the murders of the lynched “libral” civil rights workers: James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner.

Still, the GOP continues to point the finger at crime, and illustrate how dangerous and deadly a 17 year old black male teenager can be with a handful of Skittles. They scoff at the most significant recent civil rights movement: BLM, instead portraying them as criminals, the same way Martin Luther King and others were portrayed. Heck they even portrayed Occupy like that as well–remember all those murders and rapes reported by Faux? Any fight for rights in the street is a crime, unless it be stunned, stupified Trump voters with torch, semi-auto rifle, and pitchfork.

How ironic that the KKK has now endorsed Trump for president. The man who says all blacks live in high crime, drug infested ghettos that all look like Detroit. The man who wants to put everybody in jail, starting with Hillary because she deleted some emails. (Why does the GOP never get smart?—they could be attacking her for so many other legitimate things.) He does have a preoccupation when it comes to minorities and associating them with crime. The old southern strategy rides again.

Oh, and as he points out at rallies, Trump has his own blacks, he describes them as if loyal pets, and they love him more than life itself. Trump is Woodrow Wilson reincarnate for the KKK, and the GOP is still practicing its well worn racism with voter suppression across the red states. And who did Trump fans and the GOP nominate? the #1 threat of sexual assault to white females.

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As if you give a damn to begin with.

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No rallies outside the Clinton Foundation to protest Bill? Why does he get a pass?


Because Trump is a self-confessed pussy grabber.

This article (and great pics) is cheering me up so much I am likely to contribute to CD’s fundraiser.

not true, as you can see by looking over her positions and policies at hillaryclinton dot com

Decades of research have shown that what matters the most to people is whether they have the means to keep their families together, housed and fed. Many don’t, thanks to the Clinton Democrats, and their “war” on the poor. The great majority of US poor are women and children, for complex reasons that can’t be addressed in our sound-byte culture. Middle class liberals have had no interest in this issue, but it matters on election day.

What matters far more than statements issued with campaigns is the record. If you examine the record, you’ll see not only that H. Clinton has consistently supported US military aggression, but that she has actively worked to reverse decades of socioeconomic progress – the very policies that took the country to its height of wealth and productivity from FDR to Reagan. On issue after issue, Clinton has supported the right wing agenda.


All women are for Clinton?

Whose priorities and demands? Liberals have spent yet another eight years Standing in Solidarity with the better off alone, middle class workers, with an occasional shout of “BLM!” And gay marriage.

Hillary actually disrespects women more than Trump does.
She took millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and then negotiated an arms deal with them. The Saudis treat their women like dogs. Oops! Their dogs don’t have to wear burkas.
Hillary also was responsible for the deaths of thousands of women in Libya. As pResident, she will carry on with the women killing in the Middle East to prop up the fossil fuel monopoly.
Plus her pro Wall Street bankster position helps to impoverish women.
So no matter what Trump does or says, Hillary always proves herself to be infinitely more evil.

Jill Stein 2016, Not Evil

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And yet somehow, when polled themselves, women overwhelmingly seem to favor Clinton. Some of this can be due to the pre-existing advantage democrats have with women, but she seems to have a particularly decisive edge compared to previous elections. Even groups of women who generally favor republicans, namely college educated white women, are more inclined to favor Clinton. This pattern generally holds even in polls that don’t favor clinton.

What makes you think he doesn’t give a damn?
Because he also rejects evil Clinton as well as evil Trump, both of whom represent the evil Duopoly Party, which is owned by the evil oligarchy?

You should give a damn about that.

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And yet, the reason why they favor Clinton and not Jill Stein is because most voters are sheeple, who lack critical thinking abilities and are so easily led to the slaughter every four years by the MSM propaganda, officially approved by the oligarchy.

Actually Hillary’s policies are indeed Republican policies, except the ones Bernie had put into the platform.
Of course, Hillary’s actions over the past 30 years proves she is a Republican at heart and has sold her soul to the Devil for the benefit of the oligarchy.
But who cares? Hillary talks just like a progressive, and that is what is important! /s
The stoopid sheeple fall for it every time.

That’s strange, the word “all” does not appear anywhere in his comment.
Strawman argue much?

It’s partially that voters are not always the brightest bunch. Democracy is a popularity contest, after all. Why else would so many of them embrace the tea party, except for them being easily misled by koch?

But to say that women actually are wrong in their collective judgement that Trump would be worse for them, I think, is itself wrong. If we assume that words matter, then Trump’s rhetoric is one issue. Trump has positioned himself against abortion, while Clinton has endorsed it as a right. That’s another. Planned Parenthood is an extension of that issue. Then we have the fact that even if Clinton is more to the right than some progressives would like, she is still to the left of Trump on issues of taxation, obamacare, the minimum wage, safety regulations, etc.

As far as stein is concerned, even if we assume that it is better to support stein and privately the majority of Americans preferred her, they face a kind of prisoner’s delimma. They can’t trust enough of the fellow voters to vote for stein in order to elect her, and in such a case, all those votes for stein instead of Clinton may merely increase the chance of Trump winning, the worst outcome in their view. So, they all vote for clinton.

You may see this as a sick, twisted setup for society. I simply see it as reality.

What makes you think he doesn’t give a damn?

Because the way this poser is making a point ultimately in support of Trump, that’s how. He makes these women out to be hypocrites who have every damn reason to consider the clucking misogynist jerk Trump an immediate danger. The jerk has called for women who get abortions to be prosecuted (but of course the misogynist jerk backed off that one). The jerk has been pandering to the fucking fundamentalist Christian right wing jerks on this issue.

Because he also rejects evil Clinton as well as evil Trump, both of
whom represent the evil Duopoly Party, which is owned by the evil

You should give a damn about that.

Oh spare me. Like I need to hear that from you. You know that I have attacked both Clintons, and every other DLC corporate servicing Democrat here in these forums for years.

You’ll find not a single comment I’ve made supporting Clinton, or a single comment that makes me someone that needs to hear anything about oligarchy. Not news to me there buddy.

And for Trump. I get so sick of supposed “leftists” who rush to that jerk’s defense.

Have I ever defended Clinton? No.

Have I ever defended Trump? No

Have I attacked both according to the same principles? Yes.