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Unfortunately, The 2024 Republican Race Has Begun

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/05/unfortunately-2024-republican-race-has-begun

Anyody surprised at the current 2024 clown show needs to revisit the 2016 primary and you will find that all 16 GOP contenders had platforms identical to Trump’s…they lost because they didn’t have as much theatrical expertise as Trump.

Trump is a GOP anomaly only in the sense that he amped up the GOP vigilantes more than previous GOP POTUS’ did.

From the article:
“which candidates will gain favor among the rank-and-file conservatives among white evangelical Christians (who gave Trump 76 percent of their votes and accounted for 45 percent of his vote total)”

One problem is that the term ‘fundamentalist’, 'evangelical, and such is auto added by every writer to the term 'white Christian". As if only Christians of black or brown outer skin color can be liberal, moderate, centrist, Heck, I know liberal Christians who voted for Trump because he said he was against abortion and they believed him - although he lied and they probably really knew it.

If democrats are not smart enough to stop critic Christians - well - there is a new political party starting up and maybe they will listen and accept us.

The ugliness of the 2024 GOP slate of potential criminal candidates is staggering.