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UnFounding Father


UnFounding Father

Tom Engelhardt

Why we need to stare at you know who.

"It was, in other words, the perfect moment for a billionaire salesman-cum-conman-cum-reality-TV-sensation to descend that escalator." (Photo: Getty)


Engelhardt mentions the inequality gap. I just saw the other day that Russia and US are tied for the largest inequality gap among first world nations. I suppose it’s logical that the US is headed toward a democracy quite like Russia’s. I have no doubt that Trump and his appointees are crafting ways to money launder the oligarchic wealth of these 2 nations plus a few more. The new republican tax bill will help with this also. All these new conservative judges will do the same. Luckily we are a good Christian nation. Otherwise things would look pretty bleak.


Hi Tom - another Tom here… Awesome piece of writing. I too have felt that the most important thing is too keep staring, until it has become absolutely clear that this is just plain an utterly imappropriate individual to have in the White House, someone who has no qualifications whatsoever to be there. Makes no sense at all. I will offer, however, that these are awfully big sentences you wrote. Pretty big. Big sentences. Lots of words. Hard to follow. Maybe pretty complicated for the ‘common man’ - the folks who (allegedly) put the Trump onto office. Just a thought. :rofl:


Thoughtful analysis and what led up to where the media “spectacle” takes over and becomes entrenched in American consciousness in place of serious discussions on how to actually improve our present dystopic situation. Trump is the end result of a slide away from what used to make this country a decent place to live, at least for working and middle classes. The unthinkable has now been infused as political rot permeating every decent social system we once had in an ever devolving decay of community living. Trump didn’t come out of a vacuum he’s the resulting personification of pervasive rot, propped up by the band of useful idiots in Congress and the conservatives of the Supreme Court. Getting rid of Trump only replaces him with more rot, we need to scrap most of the entire system. Trouble is the planet may not live long enough to allow it.


Well said, Tom; and very true!


Amerika’s fascism now has it’s fascist leader.


And then there is the violence in everything Trump says and does. Almost unnoticed by the general public, the past ten months have seen a major ramping up of murder by the US military. With “his generals” in charge, indiscriminate air strikes were unleashed on ISIS-held territory, all for the benefit of the vicious regimes in Tehran, Bagdad and Damascus. Meanwhile, the US Navy and Air Force continue to facilitate the genocide in Yemen, while lower level killing is expanded in Africa. He has praised dictators who specialize in torture and murder, from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia. In approving such crimes, Trump is only following up on his predecessors, but with his own special twist of denial of all knowledge or responsibility for anything.

Thus far, we can be thankful that his hateful rhetoric has not led to widespread murder here at home, but then again Trump has not felt cornered enough to ask his well-armed followers to defend him from, say, impeachment or an invocation of the 25th amendment. Since he carried a majority of all white voters and an overwhelming majority of those who own guns or wear a uniform, there is great potential for mass disorder if Trump ever tweets out an SOS to his lunatic followers.


Got to disagree a little. Most of Trump’s followers are cowards. There are a few who might be willing to shed blood for him, but most would cower at the thought of a confrontation with folks that are simularily armed in equal numbers.


I think part of what Englehardt is saying is that Trump is our own ugly baby–in that respect, he could be considered well qualified to lead a nation that has lost its compass.


The 21st Century could make the war-torn 20th look like a sort of picnic, for all the species and the planet.