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Unhinged Mike Pence Warns of 'New Holocaust' as Team Trump Tries to Rally EU Leaders for War With Iran


Unhinged Mike Pence Warns of 'New Holocaust' as Team Trump Tries to Rally EU Leaders for War With Iran

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Speaking at a U.S.-led conference about the Middle East in Warsaw, Poland on Thursday, Vice President piled on the potent anti-Iran sentiment surrounding the conference by demanding that European Union (EU) allies withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump ditched last year, and accused Iran of plotting a "new Holocaust."

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We get what we deserve. No accountability for 60 years probably more but …
Liars have been rewarded for their lies for the same amount of time. Pence Lies during the tobacco scandals of knowing but lying. Oil knowing but lying. Paying off politicians should GD be illegal but it isn’t. This is worldwide that we the people are being used as tiolet wipe or maybe they call us their serfdom.

We need to impeach Trump et al and the neocons democrats that help push the lies. Blue Dogs, Corporate Dems of whatever different name they have now to keep we the people confused.

We deregulated the media thru programming and ownership rules that we no longer have a national press that represents we the people. Thanks for your help with that Clinton.


Germany and France refused to join this war mongering circle jerk charade. And a former US ambassador to Sweden, Azita Raji, also dismissed the event saying “conducting a lacklustre and rambling conference on the Middle East shows that it is amateur hour at the White House and is ultimately another blow to US prestige and leadership”.


As the United States works openly to subvert and overthrow yet another democratically elected government in Venezuela, supplies covert arms to the opposition and supports the illegitimate usuper, all the while conducting ongoing wars, attacks, and arms sales in at least 7 countries, it simultaneously accuses Iran of being “the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Trump supporters will claim that Trump wants only peace, and point to his great accomplishments like making peace with North Korea (currently building at least 16 missile launch sites) Syria (still there, despite blather about withdrawing) Still in Iraq (“We’ve got that big, beautiful base there, it’s wonderful, why leave”?) and Afghanistan. Selling more arms to Saudi Arabia to continue its aggression. “The leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world”? Winner and still champion, the United States Of America.

Our economy is based on war and arms, and has been since at least the days of FDR. Don’t start new wars, and the war machine stagnates and doesn’t grow. No new jobs. Stop the wars and the Boeings and General Electrics and all the rest fail, and then the country fails, because all we can build is war…

Well, don’t worry. We’re safe here: No one would dare attack us. For those that would sneak in and harm us piecemeal, we’ll just spend another $20 billion on a wall to keep them out. See? All better, and you can go to work today in the arms plant with a clear conscience knowing that you are Making America Great Again.


Congresswoman Omar was correct, Jewish donations are controlling the Congress and Netanyahu wants America to go to war with Iran so that Israel can continue to abuse the Palestinians without interference.

It was Israel that pushed us into an unnecessary war with Iraq and now they are doing it again.

There were 15 Saudis behind the 911 attack and not 1 Iraqi or 1 Iranian yet we are Best friends with the Saudis and enemies of Iran??


We need to assemble a nationwide support group to lobby any country willing to listen, that the vast majority of the American people do not want to interfere in Iran. And that the group wishes to encourage any country willing, to support the sovereignty of Iran. And that a large segment of America would be behind them.
Send this to Trump and ASSoctiates first.
If this administration pulls this off I pledge to be as disruptive as I physically can be. ONE MORE OF THESE POWER PLAYS IS TEN TOO MANY.


Whether one believes that karma is fact or fiction, it would seem to be true because of what Amerika has done in the past. Because if true, Amerika certainly deserves Trump and Pence!


A reminder to the duopoly: Your string of defeats in the MidEast is stunning.

Libya (now anarchic)
Iraq (couldn’t handle ISIS, Iranian militias came in to defeat them)
Afghanistan (17 years and clearly the Taliban are winning)
Syria (chalk one up for Putin)
Yemen (the KSA, with our support, couldn’t defeat the ragtag Houthis)

But by all means, get involved in another embarrassment. This time the US won’t put boots on the ground – the body count broadcast on the nightly news would be bad for the already low support for this bullshit. I’m already boiling mad about the civilians we’re about to bomb.

And with oil prices certain to shoot upward, chalk up another win for Putin.


Of course we are, because we installed a “leader” in that country decades ago, and as a result the people of Iran and their religious leaders overthrew the government in complete defiance of the U.S. and its right to determine their form of government.

This is not a new story. Iran is rich in oil which is rightfully ours, as is all oil anywhere, and won’t turn it over to us. That makes them our enemy.


Cheerleader Mike Pence Inciting Others To Hate and Kill.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


Of course Iran has vast oil reserves, like Venezuela and Iraq but that has nothing to do with it! When asked why he robs banks Willie Sutton replied: " because that is where the money is". That statement also applies to Amerikan foreign policies: WHY DID WE ROB AND ATTACK IRAQ, AND POTENTIALLY VENEZUELA AS WELL AS IRAN? BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE OIL IS!


They are not defeats because they accomplished everything they really set out to do.
The region is destabilized and a handful of American psychopaths got immensely richer.
As a bonus they got to murder tons of brown people.
Any officially stated goals are pure rhetoric.


And Venezuela has more oil than any other country, including Saudi Arabia and iran.


These people - Pence, Pompeo, Bolton & Trump should be locked away in some institution with no keys to let them out. They are a menace to society and the world and they certainly don’t represent a true democracy.


Sorry - there is no good there.


It not just Pence that is unhinged. The Minister of Defense in the United Kingdom indicated that rather then using sanctions against Russia and China , the UK Has to push back with HARD military power even as he called for more Military spending. What he means is to start shooting in order to deal with what he called “Russian Provocations”.

The USA knows full well that Russia will not sit idly by if Iran attacked by the West. Russia knows full well that they can not just sit out such an event.


Got that upside down, asshole. Substitute the good ole “U.S.A” for Iran in that statement, you fucking warmongering pinhead. --Jeeez…do I detest this administration.


Here is an article which explains why we have no democracy and those elected do whatever they want: https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/02/08/why-ann-coulter-has-power-u-s-politics-are-authoritarian-by-design/

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Thanks for that link. I didn’t realize it existed on-line.


Normally I’d agree with you, and we certainly concur on destabilizing the region being a major goal.

However, insofar as world opinion goes, we are becoming a pariah state.
And the fortunes of Russia and China have improved to the point that they don’t fear us at all.
The result is the upcoming demise of the petrodollar, which will be an economic disaster.

So yes, we’ve done a great job of destabilizing a region. But global interests have parted company with ours. That’s a defeat on the world stage.