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Unhinged Mike Pence Warns of 'New Holocaust' as Team Trump Tries to Rally EU Leaders for War With Iran


Talk about controlling the discussion! General,Smedley Butler was the recipient of two medals of honor, but very seldom has been discussed, if at all in the MSM. Unlike Patton and so many other Generals who are household heroes.


It should be obvious to anyone of good conscience and wisdom paying even the least attention, and getting even the least amount of truth from the corrupted/bought-out media, rather than the “alternative facts” from the trump regime, pence, bolton, abrams and other’s, that the warmonger “Triumvirate of Evil” in the world - “the leading state sponsor’s of terrorism in the world”, are the US, the Saudis, and the Israelis,. All those criminal states want war against Iran for various depraved and greed or ideology driven false and mental rationales.

The EU and all other nations that still have any wisdom must step-up and demand an end to this growing madness by trump & co fomenting war against Iran that will have unknown consequences…once that door is opened the deaths of millions is likely assured.

We have seen this movie pushing war for manufactured lies and propaganda from the same players before in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and others. Their actions are madness, driven by insane people & regimes, that will not end well!

"We have met the enemy and he is US" !


The Adults in the EU will laugh this off as insane . The ones already predisposed to anti-democratic oligarchy will follow the leader. I guess we’ll see which is which


I saw an interview Maduro gave the BBC. Some of the things he was saying about the US many might consider over the top. But Pence and the others lay it out for all to see. Maduro was pretty much right on.


In this instance, however, we got what Putin Put-on us, no?


Pence speaking in front of a wall that says “Peace and Security in the Middle East”. Now THAT is irony. What a piece of shit he is. I’m sure he is one of the people who believe in the Second Coming being presaged by a war in that region and the U.S. has certainly done everything it could to promote our “interests” in the region while sucking up to warmongering NutandYahoo. “Bibi” showed his real intention with this latest talk about war with Iran and BTW, it wasn’t “mistranslated”. That asshole said exactly what he meant. He has even mentioned the possibility of a unilateral attack on Iran by Israel.
Pence is a Christo-fascist who doesn’t know crap about the true teachings of his supposed Savior. With Trumpo the Klown we have a jerkoff who can’t keep his thoughts straight. If he is impeached or forced to resign we will be stuck with this cold-hearted, Dominionist who will do everything he can to promote the most regressive aspects of his BuyBull and the oligarchs who pull the strings of this treasonous Rethug Party. My only relief with a Pence presidency is that I doubt if he could hold the Trump Cult together with his lack of media skills and pathological lying like the Orange Pustule. However, that is cold comfort when you consider what Pence will push for if he has that power. On SNL Alec Baldwin as Trump introduced him as “Mike Pence - my impeachment insurance”. I fervently wish for Trump’s impeachment, removal from office and prosecution by the SDNY. I also wish that Pence is found guilty of collusion crimes and removed. It would be unprecedented but necessary to try and bring back a semblance of decent government and justice for these warpigs.


You all should lay off Mr. Pence. He is a man of god. He has a book, he will point to this or that page, written by god, and let you know that whatever he is doing is sanctioned by god. If it isn’t, he prays, and asks for forgiveness. Yes, he is a monster, but a man of god, so he’s got his bases covered. He can be “pro life” but call for a murderous foreign policy, and there is no cognitive dissonance there. Surely there is no difference between being “pro-life” and being simply anti-abortion.


His impeachment insurance is a curious concept, almost as if he knew from the beginning that he’d be in trouble for the duration of the duration.

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Maybe if you say often enough, and get it repeated often enough, that “Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world” some people will think that maybe there is some merit in the statement. I assume that’s the neocons’ goal. But who is this propaganda serving? Certainly not the American people. In Pence’s case it may be, in his fact-free faith-based knowledge base, he thinks it will hasten the return of Jesus, or perhaps he likes serving God’s chosen people. In any case, he’s a a parody for the rest of us – enjoy it, if you can.

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We already have several Holocausts going on: The Jewish Holocaust against Palestinians, the western Holocaust against Muslims, the conservative Holocaust against liberals, the Holocaust of the rich perpetrated against the poor, the Holocaust of conservative law enforcement against people of color, the Holocaust of drug companies selling addictive drugs, the Holocaust of cigarette and e cigarette companies against their addicted costumers. Iran is not the aggressor, Israel and her scumbag enablers are the aggressor. Mike Pence is not qualified to be in a leadership position and Israel is not a moral nation.


I don’t know how anyone can make a supposition that people like Mike Pence (Or Huckabee, or any of them) actually believe in a god or in the Head Christian, Jesus.

Based on their actions and their lifestyles, it is obvious that they are using the ignorance and superstition of something like 75% of the country to exercise control and consolidate power. This tactic is as old as the first witch doctor/medicine man. No one seeking the kind of power that Pence is after and using these methods could do that if he believed that a just god was waiting to punish him for eternity. These are truly godless people, and not in the way that a humanitarian atheist is godless. They know that their chance at power and riches is here and now, and not in some illusory paradise after they’re dead.

While I realize that Pence’s support comes from less than the entirety of those who profess to believe in a god, the power of religion over the mostly mindless cannot be challenged. Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of the faithful like the unseen, unknowable wrath of the imaginary god. People like Pence and his ilk are fully cognizant of the power that religion holds over the flock and are not afraid to use it, but have no fear of it themselves.


911 was caused by our own Govt to get the oil at all costs. Not a conspiracy theory anymore. It’s a fact!

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Animosity toward Iran has nothing to do with 9-11 no matter what you believe about it. The problems with Iran go back at least to the 70s.


Perhaps you meant to write, ‘The Goon, the Bad, and the Ugly’?


All true, but i suppose the question is whether the US army really serves America’s interests or just the interest of a small number of wealthy individuals living in America, whose fortunes are not really dependent upon America’s viability.
The collapse of the dollar was an inevitability the moment it became a fiat currency (fiat currencies have a 100% failure rate), it was always just a question of when.
I dare say they have run that particular scheme far past its projected lifespan as it is.
There is nothing stopping America’s oligarchs from becoming another nation’s oligarchs, and their spoils would remain intact.
Wealth, and thus power, is no longer constrained by borders as it once was.


Now that the FBI has publicly acknowledged that they, the justice dept. and other cabinet members were actively discussing removing our Turd-Flower POS-POTUS from office, the rest of the world should back off from embracing or being bullied into signing onto any ill-considered threats of regime change or war. Especially against countries who pose not threat to them or the U.S., who have no history of belligerence, invading their neighbors, or war crimes. The U.S. has been waging war on Venezuela for over 20 yrs. Our history of using Iraq and Saddam to wage war (complete with supplying them with chemical weapons) against both Iran and the Kurds should be evidence enough to avoid any entanglements with an unstable and soon to be discredited and deposed megalomaniac. The arc of history is long, and the Europeans should have enough sense to want to be on the right side of it.


That’s better.


Trump is not the POTUS, that should be changed to the treasonous, ally of Russia. Of all the people Trump demonizes, never has he to my knowledge, demonized or been pejorative to PUTIN.


“We get what we deserve.”

But did WE really? Yes, our government has behaved atrociously in/towards other nations - yet ALL of WE the PEOPLE really are not aware of even the basic details. WE were lulled by “individualism, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” meme, dumbed down with “reality shows”, divided by the dog whistles. Our educational system is being “privatized”, or homeskooled or monetized by the corporations. Our 24/7 " corporate news" cycle is mostly pablum or info-tainment. The repeal of the “Fairness Doctrine” along with deregulation and the push of propaganda has left many Americans confused, confounded and tribal! FACTS, science, obvious reality - these are things that many willfully deny!

Yes, WE should all be angry at the lies, tragic ignorance on full display along with the xenophobia - yet WE must also roll up our sleeves to work to reunite and heal with our fellow citizens and then work to remove these lying, selfish, know nothing, barbarians back behind the gates where they belong!

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Oh, and this cretin thinks himself a “christian”. More proof that the Christ has been made the new devil

No, you can’t make this dangerous shit up. No way. All they have to offer is war, bloodshed on foreign and domestic soil, growing inequality for the rest of us, destruction of our eco-systems and for what? For power and for money.

A feeling, a foreboding if you will that follows me, is that the indigenes are getting the results of their Ghost dances.

These madmen clearly have a death wish but I only wish they would confine it to them selves as our world would sigh relief if they were to depart as soon as possible.

The US and Israel share this propensity for militarism. Birds of a feather.

Perfect, It reminds me of the line from Moby Dick, “Better a sober cannibal than a drunken christian”.