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Unhinged? Unlikely

Unhinged? Unlikely

Peter Dreier

Some reporters, bloggers, and pundits think that during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Judge Brett Kavanaugh just “lost it” and became "unhinged."

Thank you Mr. Dreier, I was abused as a child by adults and later as an adult by institutions, many women survivors of sex crimes have mental trauma, identify as part of the disabled minority and are very sick of reporters with either male or non-disabled privilege deflecting attention from male privilege by using ablelist, mentalist, sanist, (terms in the disability rights social justice community) language to gain more non-disabled privilege… I don’t know how many more women survivors of rape are going to be force electro-shocked before the mainstream realizes how offensive it is to conflate bigotry with disability, by and by those professionals who do are often the same folk who later spurt ‘accommodation’ or ‘sympathy’ for the offender to gain more non-disabled privilege and further dictate the lives of innocent trauma survivors… they were using their ‘outrage’ as cover for more power over…
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When I look at O’Kavanaugh, I see a mean drunk. That pasty, bloated, choleric face and righteous, whiny vituperation… The man is still a drinker. He may not binge like he did in high school and college and probably for a long time after, but he still drinks (“I still like beer”), and when he does, he is still, today and tomorrow, Bart O’Kavanaugh from the book “Wasted,” by Mark Judge.


A natural response to unresolvable rage…

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This whole obscene circus is all the proof anyone should need that this country remains very much a regressive, minsogynst, sexist, good old boy patriarchal culture. As a woman, I am appalled that it is the year 2018 going on 1718 in this country. This is the real meaning of the Republican party’s family values bullshit.


“Forty-eight of the 49 Democrats have already indicated that they will oppose Kavanaugh… . .Forty-eight of 51 Senate Republicans have signaled their intention to support Kavanaugh. . . . Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkoswki of Alaska are still publicly undecided.”

The author treats this like a good thing. To me it is f-ing pathetic. If Kavanaugh withdraws his nomination, that would be, overall, neutral (a positive result would be removal from his current position as well, disbarred, blacklisted, etc.)

And by the way, does anyone really believe Collins and Murkowski are undecided, instead of just pretending to weigh the testimony so they don’t seem like total scum when they come out and admit that it doesn’t bother them if a serial lying belligerent thug with a history of sex abuse is appointed to SCOTUS?


I would beg to differ with Mr. Drier. Just because an entire political premise is unhinged does not mean that otherwise “unhinged” premise of viciousness in interlocuction centered on the judiciary is any less so. This is an unhinging of collapsing empire with all of the distorted presumptions that entails.
On the economic side, the Keiser Report provides a counterpoint to themes on CD today. Connecting the dots and strengthening community is increasingly important.


Beautiful analysis in this article. Much has been said about him loosing it etc. Not at all. He was putting up a performance. Not a doubt about that for me. He was appealing to his base. There is no dignity, integrity, much less neutrality in this person. Aside from the investigations, his demeanor alone in the last hearing disqualified him to be a ‘supreme.’


Thanks smalltide, and welcome. Super appreciate your focus on ableism, victim-blaming, and both individual and institutional brutality in service to (among other things) male privilege.

The whole culture is becoming more and more overtly (not hidden) bullying. It’s hard for anyone to get a word in edgewise. Thanks for adding your words experience and perspective.


i read that comment Rainbow Serpent, and thought it was one of the most incisive comments i’ve read here ever. i copy-and-pasted it into another document so i can think about it some more. Thanks!

jn –

and sadly, the US has the power to influence other countries re rights of women
and reproductive freedom and Trump has shown us that with Gag rules –
Plus the power the US over the United Nations which also has a great deal to
do with empowering women – or not.

With all women involved, the smallest contribution of $5 or even less can add up
to a huge fund for a NEW ERA campaign.

Plus, as often as we can to support opposition candidates.

Also to find ways to support women of other nations – and vice versa.
The rising women of the US should not be strangers to women elsewhere in the world.

We also need to concentrate on ways to have leverage over elected officials which have
nothing to do with the vote or the actual will of the people because the vote provides NO
leverage over these officials and the will of the people continues to be ignored by both parties.

I’d also like to see every one against Kavanaugh knocking down this BS right wing propaganda
that "The Country is being ripped apart here."

Quite to the contrary, it is women rising to end the oppression of women and the White Male
Supremacist War on women and to shut down “White Male Supremacist” control of our
government – in order to turn this world right side up again and end male violence.

Our Founders didn’t create a democracy here – they actually created an “Elite-Patriarchy” –
And it is the supporting pillars of Elite-Patriarchy which are under attack for equality for all.

This is a faceoff as well with “Christian-Evangelists” and every source of propaganda by the
right wing which attempts to teach intolerance and hatred for women based in an alleged
god who hates women …??? And make no mistake that Kavanaugh is part
of that movement.

Women are the majority of the population, easily meaning we can be 57% of the population
when we are not being murdered by males. Elite males understand this very well and they
are therefore doing everything they can to encourage attacks on females – and Trump has
made that clear in the GOP refusal to renew the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT.

What is that about other than seeking to encourage males to do violence to women --???

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If it was pretense, imo, it was very believable -

I did note that the GOP Senators were trying to egg Kavanaugh on to be “angry.”

But it flared up as Leahy questioned him – a challenge to his script which sent his
speech scrambling, shrieking and he didn’t regain himself until a long while after.

But – I’m certainly having flashbacks of the faces of both Kavanaugh and Graham –
and neither of these men should be in government service.


Yes. He, on orders from Trump, who despite the critique of him from the Center and the Left, is the most political savvy politician on the scene right now, was appealing to Trump’s base.

Trump won the GOP nomination and continues to have a strong, motivated, loyal following because he understands the base that the GOP politics of the last half century created. The establishment Center (and those on the Left catering to it or deluded by it) think the man is a moron.

Well maybe he is when it comes to governing along the lines the Center wants. But he isn’t when it comes to keeping his base fully committed. Unlike Hillary’s base that had near half of them despising her, Trump’s base adores him. Leaders of the party may have a problem with him, but if you listen to the base half the time they are upset with the established leaders. That’s why they deserted them in 2016 for Trump.

Trump knows they are angry. Trump knows they don’t like moderation and see it as ‘wishy washy.’ Trump knows they see someone like him yelling, insulting, and accusing the opposition of ‘fake news’ to be strong.

The GOP base is angry. They have a right to be. (Unfortunately their anger is not directed at the real culprits hurting them: the big Corporations and 1%.) They are eating up Kavanuagh’s performance.

They have been totally convinced none of the sexual assault charges are legit or true. They are convinced they are ‘smears’ orchestrated by corrupt Democrats simply to keep a ‘good man’ off the Court because he will do God’s will on the Court and end abortion and gay marriage. They are thrilled he ‘stood up’ to these ‘slime, libtards.’

This is a win/win for Trump. If Kavanaugh doesn’t get approved the base will be so angry and motivated they’ll come out in droves in November. If Kavanaugh does get approved the base will be elated that they won and come out in droves in November.

The media, Centrists, and many Leftists are living in the same bubble they were in the months between Trump winning the nomination and then winning the election. They were convinced then that he was such a clown and horrid that so many felt like that about him that there was no way he could win.

They of course were in shock when they were wrong. That’s what happens when you believe your own propaganda.

Since he’s become president the bubble hasn’t ever been burst. They still can’t believe his base is still there. They have now started calling them insane. But the base is still there and they are motivated.

It is entirely possible that they all will be in shock when their blue wave they think is inevitable (just how big) just might not happen.

Cultural liberals are convinced this latest outrage with Trump is universal. They are upset. They are very upset. But they are wrong. It is not universal. They are super motivated- but the ‘they’ are the ones who already were committed to voting Blue. These folk would have voted Blue if none of the outrage after outrage had been fed to them by the Democratic machine. They just now are convinced that everyone is convinced.

They are wrong. The vast non-voting population is not motivated by these outrages against the other side. They can only be motivated by having a positive program offered to them. They aren’t stupid. They know that if Kavanaugh is denied the Court that Trump will appoint someone else of his convictions.

Kavanaugh was not unhinged. Those who were against him came away being more convinced to be against him. But those who are for Trump came away thrilled with him and they are praying for him.

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Because protests are so effective. Give me a call when you are done protesting and want to step up your game by actually getting out the vote.

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Trump’s base would have to be mindless troglodytes to not see the fallacy of Kavanaugh…oh wait.


I’m talking with one right now on FB messager. She is not a mindless troglodytes. She’s a loving, intelligent woman who also is an Evangelical whose own life story is one of being rescued from destruction by her faith. That has made her socially conservative and she believes deeply that Kavanaugh is a good man unfairly smeared because she hopes for him to overturn abortion and LGBT rights.

You realize that Trump supporters think the same thing about people like you?

Thanks for voicing what I thought, also.
Pure acting that was coached and premeditated.
It did show us one thing, though…he’s a really really lousy actor.

I certainly don’t believe it. And I’m sick of hearing them described as “moderate.” There’s nothing moderate about them, especially Collins, who talks out of both sides of her mouth. She will, in the end, do what she always does and, like the true Goper she is, vote for confirmation.

It’s breathtaking what Gopers are willing to do to put this belligerent, frightening, and yes, unhinged man on the Supreme Court.


Agreed. Are you the Lisa Simeone that used to be on WBJC?

Yes. Though WBJC was over 35 years ago. Since then I’ve worked at WETA, NPR, and many different freelance gigs.