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Unholy Trinity: Trumpism, Racism and Profits


Unholy Trinity: Trumpism, Racism and Profits

Tim Koechlin

The Trump administration has been guided and energized by two defining projects: (1) the further enrichment of the 1% and (2) the vilification, disempowerment and dehumanization of people of color. Indeed, these are among the Trump Administration’s most important “accomplishments.”


Wouldn’t it be ironic, if another billionaire was responsible for ending 45?


“Why do [Trump’s working class voters]they vote for candidates who reliably undermine their economic well-being?”

That question has been studied using surveys and the answer is clear. They feel that programs to help people toward the bottom of the economic latter mainly help blacks. Trump’s white working class voters need to feel they are least doing better than blacks. They want to feel some group is below them. Even it if means voting against their own economic interest it is more important to them to vote against the economic interest of blacks. They feel that leaves them above blacks which is what they are trying to hang on to. They don’t have much status but they have that.


Will we have a rerun of racism and profits after people of color become the ruling majority in America?

Unless there is system change, wouldn’t it be racist to think that only white people could be our oligarchy overlords?

Does direct democracy really work? A review of the empirical …



Nah, they are stupid. It’s that simple.


“the hard times suffered by struggling whites on “underserving” people of color – is as old as America”

So why is the title “Trumpism, Racism and Profits.” rather than “Capitalism racism and profits” ?


I volunteer. I, a billionaire not to make billions, but to not waste billions on specific state highway projects. Ted Wheeler dealer wheeler city centerer idealizing self-driving Robotaxi nonsense, pretense lauditors laughing all the way to the bank…


More on Blaming: Thought you might be interested: https://thenarwhal.ca/grieving-with-the-worlds-whale/

I’d be delighted that the Trudeau government is spending $170 million to help these orcas if I didn’t suspect their endgame was to keep them alive just long enough for a future federal government to preside over their extinction.

The southern residents feed almost exclusively on Chinook salmon. For years, the federal and provincial governments have failed to take heed of warnings and [expert recommendations] on how to restore wild salmon populations.

The threats continue to pile up: [The Narwhal recently reported] that a provincial audit showed waste being dumped by fish processing facilities is “lethal to fish.” B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman has called the permitting of these facilities “outdated.”

Meanwhile, this spring the B.C. government announced [confusing new fish farm rules] that [ask First Nations to decide] what to do about the whole issue of fish farms on wild salmon migration routes. In a startling coincidence, the new rules won’t come into effect until after the next provincial election.

South of the border, the spotlight is on the Snake River dam — an anachronism that is now ineffective as an energy producer, but still does a world-class job of preventing salmon from reaching their spawning beds. But the Washington government would rather shoot sea lions — which makes sense, because no matter how well a sea lion can be trained, you still can’t get one to vote.


Sadly, an excellent article.