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Unicorns, Gnomes, and Plea to the Press on Covering Trump


Unicorns, Gnomes, and Plea to the Press on Covering Trump

Cynthia Kaufman

On January 11 finally Trump held his much awaited press conference. And it was a terrifying success. The press faithfully covered a wild and strange show. But we don't need to be told about the show that was performed. What we needed was a consistent grounding in reality.


In other words, the truth still matters. And that should go not only when it comes to Trump but also those of us on the left side of the political spectrum who strongly oppose Trump. It matters that Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary because the voters preferred her giving her about 400 more pledged delegates. The DNC did not choose her. Most DNC members certainly preferred her but the decision was made by the voters. If the people to the left of center can't agree on whether the Democratic primary was reasonably fair or the outcome was determined by DNC that is cause for concern.


You don't care about truth Lrx. Maybe on ACD you seem to, but that's about it.


Hillary should have been disqualified because of her collusion with the DNC to sabotage Bernie's campaign!!! Fuck Russia! Why didn't the media blow up over American election fraud????


Well, Miss/Mrs. Kaufman and fellow denial fans...the sad truth is that the article and its essential basis, that "Trump Voters" are simply 'believers in illusions' has become, sadly the 'final word'. And yet that's exactly the opposite of what really went down.

I'm an old school liberal, did not/do not support trump and his terrifying insanity, but the DENIAL being employed and worse...enjoyed.. with missionary zeal by the 'left' is sickening, I've spoken to enough trump 'supporters' to see that THEY TOO were unsure and even 'stuck' voting for a man they saw....right...through.

Why then did they vote for him? Because the new left has become truly terrifying in its fanatical 'do gooderism' totalitarian mindset. MANY obviously were willing to vote for 'insanity' rather than vote for fake diversity which in actuality now INCLUDES a straight up 'ministry of truth', the END of the 2nd amendment in california and had hillary been elected....the end of the 2nd nationwide and 'all for YOUR own good' to protect you from yourself.....gall!

I mean the almost literal 'white man's burden' patronizing control doctrine of the new left is worse than corruption and many other political evils to many citizens. The 'lifestyle taxes' the PC insanity and censorship, the denial of the paternalistic nightmare that is new left 'Total Interference In YOUR Life For Your Own Good Though' nightmare and that the new left remains in complete denial of their 'liberals burden' mentality is terrifying, More terrifying than 'uncertainty' in voting for trump.

The new left hypocrisy was/is simply too staggering and rabid for half the population to accommodate. They would rather just roll the dice and come what may then simply 'allow' a guaranteed...I repeat...guaranteed...destruction of what remains of individual choice and autonomy.

A good way to explain this to deep-in-denial new left fanatics goes like this:

You don't like republicans telling women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies? Well, then HOW is it that you use identical tactics of legal harassment and 'regulating citizens out of their rights' with regard to PC (the 1st amendment really) and the 2nd amendment? Identical tactics. Complicate the right to individual choices to an extent that it is basically no longer possible to utilize said Civil Liberties or Human Rights or Civil Rights.

Its that simple: You Don't Care About OTHERS Rights, WHY Should Others Then Care About Yours?

And the above article is another piece of sneering, arrogant hypocritical contempt for the truth of the matter and the reality of actual 'diversity'. You just keep pretending to possess a copyright on the 'truth' while in full and now locked in denial regarding the reality of why people "support" trump.

The new left is terrifying. They have in 8 years and especially in the last two months become a totalitarian minded overreaction to the 'right' and are advocating everything from censorship to straight-up sabotage without the class to even acknowledge that obama created a nearly militarized police state replete with mass surveillance etc... sad endless et cetera...

Denial and lies won't 'unite' anyone nor is it a truth based solution.