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'Unihabitable': UN Report says Total Destruction of Gaza Nearly Complete


'Unihabitable': UN Report says Total Destruction of Gaza Nearly Complete

Jon Queally, staff writer

Citing a series of vicious military attacks in recent years coupled with severe shortages of water, medical supplies, and shelter created by an internationally-backed blockade, a new report issued by the United Nations warns that if current trends continue the Gaza Strip will be virtually "uninhabitable" within five years.


Gaza is Buchenwald South, and we know where Israel is in that equation.


United Nations warns that if current trends continue the Gaza Strip will be virtually "uninhabitable" within five years.

I thought that was the plan?


So quite disgusting. When people are done wrong, paradoxically, they are not the last to do it to others, but the first. When will the Israelis be accountable for this shame? Only when the US withdraws it's support, it seems, which is another shame.


Blumenthal starts by devastating the mainstream myth about why Israel invaded in the first place. The Israeli rationale, with de facto endorsement by New York Times reporters, is that on June 12, 2014 “Hamas” kidnapped and murdered 3 Jewish teens in the West Bank and then launched thousands of rockets from Gaza as part of an effort to “kill Jews” and “destroy Israel.” Israel was forced to invade to protect itself. As Blumenthal writes, “The violence in Gaza has become a ritual that has confounded many outsiders, leading to the rise of simplistic explanations for the bloodshed as the product of religious extremism, endemic anti-Semitism and intractable conflict.”

Instead, Blumenthal calmly provides an accurate timeline with facts. The West Bank kidnappers were a rogue mini-faction with no real connection to Hamas; the Hamas rockets did not start until Israel arrested hundreds of its members and an airstrike killed seven of them. Most revealing, before the Israeli land invasion, Hamas pleaded for a cease-fire, offered a ten-year truce, and issued a list of modest humanitarian demands aimed simply at lifting the suffocating siege.

But Israel wanted war. ......

Article about how mainstream media ignoring Max Blumenthal and his new book "51 Day War"

Why the mainstream media is still ignoring Max Blumenthal’s excellent book on Gaza - See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/08/mainstream-blumenthals-excellent#sthash.9G2gr8Es.HETRueyo.dpuf

And, here is a video of a recent presentation on the book

C SPAN Book Discussion: The 51 day war


And all of these events - leading to and including the Gaza atrocities were pursuant to preventing a Hamas/Fatah unity government scheduled to begin in June.


That's really an ignorant statement.


UN says: "Uninhabitable." Israel and the great majority of US Jews says: "Mission accomplished."


Bibi declaring the internet to be an existential threat in 1, 2, 3...


Very true! I've been saying basically the same thing for awhile now -- that Netanyahu is behaving like Hitler, and Israel has become 1940s Germany.


Quite right, Israel won't build a Buchenwald. It has a number of Warsaw ghettos though, and I think they'd not object to a Dachau.

The warmongering state in the Mideast that is being appeased by the world is Israel.


No, it's not. It's a realistic appraisal of what Israel is doing -- just b/c the Jews are the 'guy in the sky['s]' 'chosen race' does not mean they have the right, or the justification to murder at will!


I was adopted at 3 months of age, and later I found out that my biological mother's family name was Sukowski; while I have no way of knowing for sure, I think it is probably quite likely I was born Jewish. That said, I honestly cannot understand how a people who suffered so horrendously at the hand of that megalomaniac (Hitler) could ever willingly repeat his actions! I think Siouxrose could be right that it is beyond time to return to the feminine [as in the Goddess] b/c all I see from those who worship the male deity is judgement, anger and hate.

p/s I love your name for him: Nutty-Yah-hoooo heart_eyes


So mote it powerfully be!


Sorry, you pick the ghetto or the concentration camp for a parallel. The rest of the comment stands.


The world should BDS every one of these greedy, criminal, governments and nations until they feel it and come to heel.
* BDS is working! Israel is starting to squeak and beg their big buddies to support them. BDS the buddies, too!
* The only thing these bastards react to is an empty wallet, so hit 'em in the back pocket, where it hurts!


Unfortunately, even Bernie Sanders goes along with the line that Israel is only defending itself when it bombards the people of Gaza.


That photograph of the grandfather and children could have been taken 47 years ago. In 1968 I was in Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights, and the 360 km2 of the Gaza Strip were uninhabitable then.


Then it really must really be hell now with all the recent military distruction and the continuous blockade.


Take the U S out of the equation in Israel and its ship would sink with the wind knocked out of its sails. Were Israel to be left without US aid (money, munitions, and weapons), it would cease to be a force in the Middle East. The Israeli threats would be silenced and maybe a modicum of peace would result. What a concept.

The Israeli brutality is akin to that exercised by the U S throughout the world.